Handbook of Research on Gender and Marketing


Handbook of Research on Gender and Marketing

9781788115377 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Susan Dobscha, Professor of Marketing, Bentley University, US
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78811 537 7 Extent: 352 pp
Susan Dobscha and the authors in this Handbook provide a primer and resource for scholars and practitioners keen to develop or enhance their understanding of how gender permeates marketing decisions, consumer experiences, public policy initiatives, and market practices.

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Susan Dobscha and the contributors in this Handbook provide a primer and resource for scholars and practitioners keen to develop or enhance their understanding of how gender permeates marketing decisions, consumer experiences, public policy initiatives, and market practices.

This Handbook’s main objective is to provide a roadmap through the complicated terrain of gender as it pertains to marketing and consumer behavior. The book also emphasizes that the study of gender is not restricted to certain theories, methods, or approaches. The unifying conclusion is that the study of gender is an important topic that has not received the attention it deserves within the marketing discipline; and attention to gender is crucial now more than ever.

This book will give marketing scholars the guidance they need to incorporate the topic of gender into their research by highlighting the current conversations that are taking place in the field of marketing, and more importantly, by illuminating the gap in which more scholarship is necessary to increase our understanding of gender complexities.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book constitutes an indispensable reading for those approaching gender from the marketing and consumer behavior disciplines with a more holistic perspective.’
– Amparo Cervera-Taulet, International Review on Public & Nonprofit Marketing

‘The Handbook of Research on Gender and Marketing is a timely volume that effectively updates and extends conversations on feminism, gender, gendered marketspaces, and the practices of consumers therein. Appropriately, this volume challenges some taken for granted understandings that may be hampering our understanding of gender(s), and some taboos that can prevent us from discussing critical issues that matter to people of varied genders. I encourage scholars in this arena to take the time to read this volume cover to cover.’
– Eileen M. Fischer, York University, Canada

‘Being a woman who has now lived through several versions of feminism, gender studies and marketing, I am very happy to see that scholars continue to re-think and expand their notions of how gender affects marketing – and life generally. This has been a long, difficult and at times also fun and gratifying road to be on. The eclectic mix of topics and perspectives in the present volume help us get a better grasp of the "now" of gender.’
– Elizabeth C. Hirschman, The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, US
Contributors: J. Brace-Govan, J. Coffin, C. Coleman, S. Dobscha, J. Drenten, S. Dunnett, C.A. Eichert, S. Ferguson, L. Gurrieri, R.L. Harrison, W. Hein, G.H. Knudsen, J. Littlefield, P. Maclaran, A.-I. Nolke, S. O’Donohoe, J. Ostberg, N.J. Pendarvis, A.S. Rome, M. Sanghvi, K.C. Sredl, L. Steinfield, L. Stevens, L. Walther, M. Zawisza, L.T. Zayer


Susan Dobscha
1. A Psychological Perspective on Gendered Advertising: Content, Effectiveness, and Effects
Magdalena Zawisza

2. Video Gaming As A Gendered Pursuit
Jenna Drenten, Robert L. Harrison and Nicholas J. Pendarvis

3. Gender East and West: Transnational Gender Theory and Global Marketing Research
Katherine C. Sredl

4. Gender and Sexed Bodies: Embodiment, Corporeality, Physical Mastery and the Gaze
Jan Brace-Govan and Shelagh Ferguson

5. The hashtaggable body: Negotiating gender performance in social media
Lauren Gurrieri and Jenna Drenten

6. Patriarchal Myths Debunked: Applying a Dialectic of Extremes to Women’s Erotic Consumption
Luciana Walther

7. Critical consumers – discourses of women, sexuality, and objectification
Gry Hongsmark Knudsen

8. The TCR Perspective of Gender: Moving from Critical Theory to an Activism-Praxis Orientation
Laurel Steinfield, Jon Littlefield, Wendy Hein, Catherine Coleman and Linda Tuncay Zayer

9. No More Mister Mom: Masculinity And Consumption
Jacob Ostberg

10. Thinking Through Feminist Theorising: Poststructuralist Feminism, Ecofeminism, and Intersectionality
Pauline Maclaran and Lorna Stevens

11. Rethinking Feminist Waves
Alexandra S. Rome, Stephanie O’Donohoe and Susan Dunnett

12. Toward (and Beyond) LGBTQ+ Studies in Marketing and Consumer Research
Jack Coffin, Christian A. Eichert and Ana-Isabel Nolke

13. Gender and Intersectionality in Political Marketing
Minita Sanghvi


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