Handbook of U.S. Environmental Policy


Handbook of U.S. Environmental Policy

9781788972833 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by David M. Konisky, Professor, Paul H. O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, US
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78897 283 3 Extent: 512 pp
A comprehensive analysis of diverse areas of scholarly research on U.S. environmental policy and politics, this Handbook looks at the key ideas, theoretical frameworks, empirical findings and methodological approaches to the topic. Leading environmental policy scholars emphasize areas of emerging research and opportunities for future enquiry.

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A comprehensive analysis of diverse areas of scholarly research on U.S. environmental policy and politics, this Handbook looks at the key ideas, theoretical frameworks, empirical findings and methodological approaches to the topic. Leading environmental policy scholars emphasize areas of emerging research and opportunities for future enquiry.

Separated into five distinct thematic sections, the Handbook moves from examining political institutions, to politics and behavior, policy tools and strategies, climate change, and finally ideas and challenges. Individually, each chapter provides readers with a clear synthesis of current research on a specific environmental policy topic. Together, they offer a thorough review of the current landscape of research in the field.

Environmental studies and politics scholars will find the key case studies and in-depth theoretical discussions in this Handbook of great use. It will also be interesting reading for US policy-makers and those working in the media looking for a deeper understanding of the current state of affairs.

Critical Acclaim
‘David Konisky and his co-authors have created the new standard text for U.S. environmental policy. Their ambitious book spans the breadth of environmental politics and policy-making, from institutions and policy tools to lobbying and climate change. Most important, these issues are presented by the best in the field. The authors list presents the Dream Team of today’s powerhouse environmental politics and governance scholars.’
– James Salzman, University of California, Los Angeles and University of California, Santa Barbara, US

‘A superb collection! Konisky has brought together dozens of renowned scholars to synthesize research on the topics they know best. The volume situates U.S. environmental policy in a half-century of political history, but is equally forward-looking in its treatment of current policy challenges, especially related to the transformations needed to address climate change.’
– Megan Mullin, Duke University, US

‘This extremely comprehensive collection of original and well-researched essays makes an important and much-needed contribution to our understanding of current issues in American environmental politics and policies. By bringing together the best of current research, it will become an invaluable resource for scholars and help set future research agendas.’
– David Vogel, University of California, Berkeley, US

‘This is an outstanding collection of essays by leading experts on different dimensions of U.S. environmental policy.’
– Aseem Prakash, University of Washington, US
Contributors: M. Ahluwalia, J.E. Aldy, S.E. Anderson, K. Ard, W.F. Baber, P. Bergquist, H.L. Breetz, R.J. Brulle, P.F. Cannavò, S. Carley, S.N. Chau, A. Cheon, B.J. Cook, M. Dowiatt, D.J. Fiorino, B.J. Gerber, M. Graff, L. Hsueh, S. Hughes, D. Javeline, M. Klasic, D.M. Konisky, A. Leiserowitz, A. Lin, M. Lubell, E. Maibach, D.C. Matisoff, C. McGrory Klyza, J. Meckling, M.K. Merry, M. Mildenberger, R. O''Leary, A. Osorio, K.E. Portney, S.B. Pralle, C. Provost, C. Roser-Renouf, J.P. Shimshack, L.C. Stokes, J.W. Stoutenborough, S. Tuler, T. Van de Graaf, C. Warshaw, E.P. Weber, T. Webler, N.D. Woods


1 Introduction: U.S. environmental policy research in uncertain times 1
David M. Konisky

2 Power, partisanship, and contingency: the president and U.S. environmental policy 11
Christopher McGrory Klyza
3 How the study of Congress and the environment can help us understand vexing problems of representation 25
Sarah E. Anderson (with Meghan Cook)
4 The Environmental Protection Agency: policy and administration in a turbulent setting 39
Brian J. Cook
5 U.S. natural resource agencies, management and policies 53
Edward P. Weber
6 American courts and U.S. environmental policy 67
Andrew Osorio and Rosemary O’Leary
7 Federalism and the states 79
Neal D. Woods
8 Local environmental policy in the United States 93
Sara Hughes

9 Issue framing and agenda setting 108
Sarah Pralle
10 Elections and parties in environmental politics 126
Parrish Bergquist and Christopher Warshaw
11 Interest groups in environmental policy: navigating rocky political terrain 142
Melissa K. Merry
12 Public opinion and the environment: an evolving literature 156
James W. Stoutenborough
13 Promises and challenges of citizen engagement in risk and environmental decision making 170
Seth Tuler and Thomas Webler

14 The contested politics of environmental rulemaking 187
Colin Provost and Brian J. Gerber
15 Pricing pollution through market-based instruments 202
Joseph E. Aldy
16 Regulating by performance, not prescription: the use of performance standards in environmental policy 217
Daniel J. Fiorino and Manjyot Ahluwalia
17 Information provision 231
Jay P. Shimshack
18 Calling all volunteers: industry self-regulation on the environment 243
Lily Hsueh
19 Collaborative governance: from simple partnerships to complex systems 257
Meghan Klasic and Mark Lubell

20 The dynamics of federal climate policy conflict 275
Matto Mildenberger
21 States of crisis: subnational inaction on climate change in the United States 289
Leah C. Stokes and Hanna L. Breetz
22 To engage, or not to engage? U.S. foreign policy on climate and clean energy 302
Jonas Meckling and Thijs Van de Graaf
23 Advocacy, social movements, and climate change 315
Andrew Cheon
24 Denialism: organized opposition to climate change action in the United States 328
Robert J. Brulle
25 Communication for a sustainable climate 342
Connie Roser-Renouf, Edward Maibach, and Anthony Leiserowitz
26 The unexplored politics of climate change adaptation 357
Debra Javeline and Sophia N. Chau
27 Geoengineering: imperfect yet perhaps important options for addressing climate change 373
Albert Lin

28 Political theory and environmental ethics 390
Peter F. Cannavò
29 Deliberative democracy and the environment: flipping the script to think locally and act globally? 405
Walter F. Baber
30 Environmental justice 420
Kerry Ard and Matthew Dowiatt
31 A just U.S. energy transition 434
Sanya Carley and Michelle Graff
32 Letting the fox guard the hen house? Corporate social responsibility and environmental governance 448
Daniel C. Matisoff
33 Sustainability and public policy 463
Kent E. Portney

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