Handbook on Climate Change and Environmental Governance in China


Handbook on Climate Change and Environmental Governance in China

9781035316342 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Xiaowei Zang, Chair Professor of Social Sciences, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, City University of Hong Kong and Xiaoling Zhang, Professor, Department of Real Estate and Construction, Faculty of Architecture, University of Hong Kong
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03531 634 2 Extent: 436 pp
This timely Handbook explores climate challenges and environmental governance in China. Bringing together established scholars and emerging research stars, it systematically examines the evolution of Chinese climate policies and institutions and the challenges, successes, failures and dilemmas that have arisen from this.

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This timely Handbook explores climate challenges and environmental governance in China. Bringing together established scholars and emerging researchers, it systematically examines the historical evolution of Chinese climate policies and institutions and the successes, failures and dilemmas that have arisen from this.

Combining theoretical insight with cutting-edge empirical findings, this Handbook focuses on the role of politics in environmental governance. Contributing authors use innovative methodologies to analyse the diverse climate adaptation strategies, priorities and efforts of institutions across China, from central and local government, to citizen and societal organisations. They cover key topics including clean energy transitions, the green economy, climate finance, and environmental data collection. Ultimately, the Handbook provides a detailed overview of the significant progress China has made in environmental policymaking and implementation whilst highlighting the need for continued efforts towards a sustainable development path for the future.

The Handbook on Climate Change and Environmental Governance in China is an invaluable resource for students and scholars of Asian politics and environmental regulation and governance. It is also a useful guide for policy researchers seeking an insight into the Chinese climate policy landscape.
Critical Acclaim
‘This volume offers a unique collection of research on the burgeoning field of environmental and climate governance in China. The chapters are highly informative and reflexive, and provide a wide view of environmental issues and related patterns of governance in the PRC. The Handbook also showcases the vibrancy of the international research community in this area, with a leading contribution by Chinese scholars. It will be an asset for all scholars and students with an interest in China and the environment.’
– Richard Balme, Sciences Po, Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics, France

‘This compelling Handbook reveals China''s intricate journey towards sustainable development and climate resilience from multiple perspectives, highlighting innovative governance and the critical path towards environmental sustainability. A must-read for anyone seeking to understand China''s dynamic interplay between environmental challenges and governance in a global context.’
– Xuepeng Qian, Sophia University, Japan

‘Xiaowei Zang and Xiaoling Zhang''s Handbook on Climate Change and Environmental Governance in China offers a crucial, comprehensive exploration of China''s efforts to confront climate challenges. Its insightful blend of theory and empirical research not only enriches the academic landscape but also serves as a pivotal guide for policymakers navigating the complexities of environmental governance.’
– Yang Fu, Shenzhen University, China

‘This edited book provides timely discussion on climate change and environmental governance in China. It examines environmental policymaking and implementation at national and subnational levels, explores the role of non-state actors, and discusses China''s efforts towards sustainable development and the green economy since 2002.’
– Liyin Shen, Hangzhou City University, China

‘Edited by two leading scholars in environmental governance, the Handbook includes in-depth analyses by seasoned and emergent scholars worldwide. By treating readers to comprehensive overviews of critical topics ranging from ecological civilization to climate change mitigation and adaptation, the volume is indispensable for understanding China’s role in global environmental and climate change governance.’
– Shui-Yan Tang, University of Southern California, US

‘This Handbook is an essential read for anyone interested in sustainable development and the green economy in China. Using innovative research methods, this Handbook provides a much needed update on climate change and environmental governance and offers an insightful analysis into state-society relations in China.’
– Genia Kostka, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
List of contributors viii
Acknowledgements xiv
List of abbreviations xv

1 Introduction: Climate change and environmental governance in China 3
Xiaowei Zang and Xiaoling Zhang
2 Historical materialist policy analysis to study the state of climate
adaptation policymaking in China 19
Julia Teebken
3 From political incentive to blame avoidance: Revisiting the 20-year
trajectory of China’s environmental politics 42
Ran Ran
4 From “people conquering nature” to “ecological civilization”:
A corpus-based study of the shifts and continuities in climate discourses
in China 55
Lucy Xia Zhao and Xiaowei Zang
5 The key to sustainability science: From “homo economicus man” to
“eco economic man” 73
Xiaoling Zhang and Yali Huang

6 Rethinking China’s clean energy transitions: Eco-security and
authoritarian sustainability 87
Geoffrey C. Chen
7 Environmental accidents and environmental legislation in China 103
Xiaowei Zang
8 Effects of government expenditure for environmental protection on SO 2
pollution in China 119
Lei Jiang and Shixiong He
9 Unwilling or unable? Encouraging the environmental leadership
behaviors of public administrators in China 139
Xuejiao Niu

vi Handbook on climate change and environmental governance in China
10 Environmental regulation and haze pollution: Neighbor-companion or
neighbor-beggar? 158
Qian Zhou, Shihu Zhong, and Tao Shi, with Xiaoling Zhang
11 Strengthening environmental governance in the food sector: Learning
from China’s progress in dairy safety 179
Jonathan Schwestka and Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira
12 Representations of dual carbon goals in English-language news
reporting by China’s official media 200
Guofeng Wang, Can Cui, and Yingzi Qu

13 Pursuing sustainable urbanization with the decoupled
urbanization-emission nexus: Evidence from Chinese provinces 222
Li He
14 Central policy change and decoupling urbanization from emission in China 246
Xiaowei Zang
15 Revisiting the myth of energy efficiency in China 259
Ruohan Zhong and Chu Wei
16 Contradiction and routine in “new enclosure competition”: Land
governance in wind power facilities in China 278
Shengwen Tseng and Chunkuei Lai
17 Climate change and Chinese green bonds 291
Jeanne Le Galcher Baron, Enrico Dalla Riva, and Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira
18 Governance of green bonds in China 305
Jiun-Da Lin

19 Does the market tell the truth? The role of third-party organizations in
environmental data collection in China 323
Xuejiao Niu and Jie Gao
20 Third-party monitoring and environmental data manipulation: The case
of air quality control in Chinese cities 345
Chengwei Wang and Liang Ma
21 Corporate property rights and environmental NGOs’ participation in
environmental conflict 359
Ying Yin and Xuejiao Niu
22 Environmental feedback mechanisms and state responsiveness 374
Hedda Flatø

23 Science diplomacy for low-carbon transition: Assessing China’s
engagement with ASEAN 395
Lunting Wu and Andrea Valente
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