Handbook on China and Globalization


Handbook on China and Globalization

9781785366079 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Huiyao Wang, President and Lu Miao, Vice President, Center for China and Globalization, Beijing, China
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78536 607 9 Extent: 520 pp
An excellent guide for understanding the trends, challenges and opportunities facing China through globalization, this Handbook answers the pertinent questions regarding the globalization process and China’s influence on the world.

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An excellent guide for understanding the trends, challenges and opportunities facing China through globalization, this Handbook answers the pertinent questions regarding the globalization process and China’s influence on the world.

With contributions from leading experts and international researchers, each chapter covers key topics regarding China’s participation in globalization, including: China’s new role in global economic governance; outward direct investment; China’s soft power and the implications for foreign relations; global migration, diaspora and talent. An enriching range of case studies and extensive empirical research are used to explore the successes and failures of globalization in China, and to discuss the dilemmas facing decision makers in today’s globalized world. A major contribution to the field, this Handbook offers valuable insights to China’s often misunderstood globalization process.

An essential reference for academics and researchers looking for a go-to empirical resource, this Handbook provides scholars of economics, politics and East Asian studies with an exemplary selection of contemporary research on China and globalization.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook on China and Globalization is a valuable contribution to the understanding of how China has integrated and engaged with the global economy. This book could be of interest not only to academic researchers but also to practitioners who would like to learn about various aspects of China’s experiences and current situation in globalisation. Furthermore, this book could be a useful reference for large countries that are going through similar steps that China has taken towards integrating into the global economy.’
– Yixiao Zhou, Asian-Pacific Economic Literature

‘Handbook on China and Globalization is not only an excellent reference for students, professors and researchers, but also a great practical guide on commercial issues for entrepreneurs, investors, and officials. The diverse perspectives put forward in different chapters offer new ways to understand Chinese globalization, innovation, and international influence.’
– Long Yongtu, Former Vice Minister of Commerce, China

‘Handbook on China and Globalization is an excellent gateway for those wanting to explore key issues related to new modes of globalization in the 21st century. China has been one of the pivotal drivers of this new globalization process. China’s transformation into a trading powerhouse has helped to create a burgeoning middle class at home while boosting development in other emerging economies by spurring the integration of global markets and value chains. This Handbook provides an excellent overview of this historic transformation and its implications for China and the world.’
– Liu Hong, Nanyang Technological University, China
Contributors: G. Arboit, L. Baker, J. Chaisse, G. Chance, Y. Chu, T.W. Cline, E. de Diego, T. Fang, Y. Feng, B. Gao, Z. Gao, Y. He, M.-h. Huang, W. Jiang, H. Karoui, D.L.-H. Ke, W. Li, B. Liang, G.Y. Liang, L. Lo, J. Lu, L. Miao, J.O. Moeller, M. Pinho, F. Qin, G. Quinlivan, S. Shih, R. Singh, Y. Tan, F. Wang, H. Wang, L. Yan, H. Zhao, W. Zhao, Z. Zhu, D. Zweig


Huiyao Wang

1. Introduction
Lu Miao

PART I China Goes Global: Outward Direct Investment
2. China’s Outward Investment: Chinese Enterprise Globalization’s Characteristics, Trends and Challenges
Huiyao Wang

3. Chinese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Going Abroad: From Counterfeits and Copycats to Innovation Exporters
Dickie Liang-Hong Ke and Enrique de Diego

4. China’s Way to the U.S. Market: China’s Outward Direct Investment in the United States
Bo Liang, Li Yan, Gary Quinlivan, and Thomas W. Cline

5. Patterns and Characteristics of Chinese Contracts: An Empirical Study across Asia
Yi Feng, Zhijun Gao and Wanjun Jiang

6. Venturing Out into the World: China in Global Investment
Fei Qin

7. China Goes Global: Outward Investment
Guoyong Liang

PART II China’s New Role in Global Economic Governance
8. Global Governance: How Asia Shapes the World
Joergen Oerstroem Moeller

9. China’s Belt & Road Initiative: A Counterforce to Globalization Reversal
Bai Gao

10. China’s Innovation-Driven Growth and Its Emerging Impact on Global Innovation
Weilin Zhao

11. Could the People’s Currency become the Global Currency?
Giles Chance

12. China and Global Structural Change: Past, Present and Future
Manuel Pinho

13. From Management to Leadership? China’s International Policy toward Foreign Investment
Julien Chaisse and Frances Wang

14. China’s Global Power Ambition: Expectations, Opportunities, and Challenges
Zhiqun Zhu

15. Perspectives, Prospects and Challenges of Panchsheel in Asia: The India‡China Context
Rajkumar Singh

PART III China’s Soft Power and Its Implication to Foreign Relations
16. The Competition over Soft Power between China and the United States: An Analysis of How East Asians View a Rising China
Yun-han Chu, Min-hua Huang and Jie Lu

17. Six Aspects of Wangdao to Create Values: The Basic Mindset to Promote the Development of Human Civilization
Stan Shih

18. Geopolitical Shifts in the Triangle “US‡GCC‡China” Present Relations and Future Prospects
Hichem Karoui

19. The Chinese Intelligence Services in Africa
Gérald Arboit

20. China and Global Economic Governance: Does BRICS Matter?
Huanyu Zhao

PART IV China’s Global Migration: Diaspora and Talent
21. Returning to the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Shortage, Environment, and Rewards
David Zweig

22. The patterns and trends of Chinese studying abroad
Lu Miao

23. A Tale of Two Strategies: Economic Growth Strategy and Talent
Tony Fang

24. Globalization in China and Studying in North America
Wei Li, Lucio Lo, and Yining Tan

25. Management Talent—A Critical Success Factor for China’s Globalization
Leigh R. Baker

26. China and Its Participation in Global Governance in the New Era
Yafei He


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