Handbook on the Changing Geographies of the State


Handbook on the Changing Geographies of the State

New Spaces of Geopolitics

9781802206456 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Sami Moisio, Professor of Spatial Planning and Policy, Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki, Finland, Natalie Koch, Associate Professor of Geography, Department of Geography, Syracuse University, US, Andrew E.G. Jonas, Professor of Human Geography, Department of Geography, Geology and Environment, University of Hull, Christopher Lizotte, Lecturer in Human Geography, Oxford Brookes University, UK and Juho Luukkonen, University Lecturer in Geography, Department of Geography and Geosciences, University of Helsinki, Finland
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 80220 645 6 Extent: 512 pp
This authoritative Handbook presents a comprehensive analysis of the spatial transformation of the state; a pivotal process of globalization. It explores the state as an ongoing project that is always changing, illuminating the new spaces of geopolitics that arise from these political, social, cultural, and environmental negotiations.

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This authoritative Handbook presents a comprehensive analysis of the spatial transformation of the state; a pivotal process of globalization. It explores the state as an ongoing project that is always changing, illuminating the new spaces of geopolitics that arise from these political, social, cultural, and environmental negotiations.

Drawing together a diverse set of expert contributors, this book showcases compelling scholarship on the changing geographies of the state. Chapters examine the state from a range of theoretical angles and analyse a variety of relevant themes, including feminist geographies, the relationship between state and environment, urbanization, security geographies, nation-building, and geographical political economies. The book considers the state as spatial in both form and outlook, illustrating how it occupies existing and constantly changing political geographic conditions, and how it is maintained by the practices of categorizing and managing territory.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, this Handbook will be a valuable resource for academics and students across a range of subjects, including human geography, international relations, political science, spatial planning, and urban studies. The key case studies explored will also provide valuable examples for scholars and policy makers seeking a better understanding of the broad scope of geopolitics in a globalizing world.
Critical Acclaim
‘It is an excellent collection of contributions, drawing together many parallel streams and deserves to be on the reading agenda of researchers and students alike.’
– David Newman, Geography Research Forum

‘The Handbook on the Changing Geographies of the State, with a comprehensive geographical scope, and with academic powerhouses such as John Agnew and Jason Dittmer, immediately positions itself as a collection demanding attention.’
– Franck Billé, Eurasian Geography and Economics

‘This Handbook introduces readers to key ideas and issues related to geography and state power in the twenty-first century. A compelling collection, it investigates the production and transformation of the state, focusing on the spatial practices and expressions of political power over time. The volume brings together an extraordinary group of contributors, presenting researchers and students with a rich compendium of expert knowledge on the state as a form of social and political organization that remains vital to understand and interrogate in these turbulent times.’
– Katharyne Mitchell, University of California, Santa Cruz, US
Contributors: J. Agnew, B. Belina, H. Cairo, I. Calzada, A. Clarke-Sather, K. Coddington, K.R. Cox, K. Culcasi, D. Cuomo, A. Curley, M. Davidson, M.J. DeBoom, C. Devadoss, Y. Dierwechter, J. Dittmer, F. Douzet, B. Forest, C. Fricke, E. Gualini, S. Hitztaler, A. Jeffrey, A.E.G. Jonas, R. Jones, M. Kenney-Lazar, N. Koch, Y. Li, M. Lister, C. Lizotte, J. Luukkonen, V. Massaro, S. Moisio, S. Moser, L. Muscarà, C. Nagel, N. Nguyen, K. Olesen, S. Ortmann, G. Parker, T. Perreault, T. Petzold, R. Prince, J. Ríos Sierra, A. Rizzo, E. Street, V.-P. Tynkkynen, D. Wachsmuth, M. Wargent, M. Whitehead, F. Wu, H. Ylöstalo

Preface xx

1 Changing geographies of the state: themes, challenges and futures 1
Sami Moisio, Andrew E.G. Jonas, Natalie Koch, Christopher Lizotte and Juho Luukkonen

2 Introduction: conceptual points of departure 30
Sami Moisio
3 Cultural geographies of the state and nation 33
Alex Jeffrey
4 The everyday state 46
Rhys Jones
5 Feminist geographies of state power 61
Dana Cuomo and Vanessa Massaro
6 Assemblage and the changing geographies of the state 72
Jason Dittmer
7 The state and historical geographical materialism 82
Kevin R. Cox

8 Introduction: nationalism, identity and the state 93
Natalie Koch
9 The great swindle of nationalist sovereigntism: on territory, psychology, and communication technologies 96
Luca Muscarà
10 Indigenous nationalisms as profound challenges to settler colonial regimes 107
Kate Coddington
11 Orientalist-settler colonialism: foundations and practices of post-9/11 white nationalism in the United States 119
Christabel Devadoss and Karen Culcasi
12 The ‘problem’ of religion in the secular state: sectarianism and state formation in Lebanon 132
Caroline Nagel
13 Building nations/building states/building cities: concrete symbols of identity 145
Benjamin Forest and Sarah Moser

14 Introduction: geographical political economies of the state 158
Sami Moisio
15 Geoeconomics and the state 161
John Agnew
16 The geography of policy-making: mobile policy, territory and state space 173
Russell Prince
17 Neuroliberalism in the digital age: the emerging geographies of the behavioural state 185
Mark Whitehead
18 The combined ascent of the austerity state and the security state and its changing geographies 198
Bernd Belina and Tino Petzold
19 Feminist political economies of the Nordic welfare state: gendering the economy and economizing gender equality 212
Hanna Ylöstalo

20 Introduction: the state, energy and the environment 225
Natalie Koch
21 State of nature: on the co-constitution of resources, state and nation 228
Tom Perreault
22 Governmentality and the global geopolitics of consumption-based environmental accounting 240
Afton Clarke-Sather
23 Already existing dystopias: tribal sovereignty, extraction, and decolonizing the Anthropocene 251
Andrew Curley and Majerle Lister
24 Sustainability as ‘corporate social responsibility’: paradoxes of hydrocarbon development in the Russian Arctic 263
Stephanie Hitztaler and Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen
25 Sovereignty and climate necropolitics: the tragedy of the state system goes ‘green’ 276
Meredith J. DeBoom

26 Introduction: security and the state 288
Christopher Lizotte
27 Imagining the ‘outside’ danger: the critical geopolitics of security and the armed forces in Latin America (1960–2018) 291
Jerónimo Ríos Sierra and Heriberto Cairo
28 The school–security nexus and the changing geographies of the state 302
Nicole Nguyen
29 Spheres of influence 313
Stefanie Ortmann
30 Cyberspace: the new frontier of state power 325
Frédérick Douzet

31 Introduction: territory, the state and urban development 339
Andrew E.G. Jonas
32 Territory, the state and geopolitics of mega city-region development in China 343
Yi Li and Fulong Wu
33 Competitive upscaling in the state: extrospective city-regionalism 355
David Wachsmuth
34 Emerging citizenship regimes and rescaling (European) nation-states: algorithmic, liquid, metropolitan and stateless citizenship ideal types 368
Igor Calzada
35 Post-crash cities: the Great Recession, state restructuring and urban governance 384
Mark Davidson
36 ‘Urbanizations’ of green geopolitics: new state spaces in global unsustainability 398
Yonn Dierwechter

37 Introduction: spatial planning and the state 413
Juho Luukkonen
38 Private expertise and the reorganization of spatial planning in England 416
Matthew Wargent, Gavin Parker and Emma Street
39 Metropolitanization as state spatial transformation 428
Carola Fricke and Enrico Gualini
40 Transforming the geography of the welfare state through neoliberal spatial strategies: the case of Denmark 442
Kristian Olesen
41 The absolutist city developer: predatory megaprojects and the state–planning nexus in Qatar 455
Agatino Rizzo
42 State land concessions and the spatial politics of rural planning 465
Miles Kenney-Lazar


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