How to Use Digital Learning with Confidence and Creativity

A Practical Introduction

9781035311286 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Gearóid Ó Súilleabháin, Head of the Department of Technology Enhanced Learning, Donna Lanclos, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Department of Technology Enhanced Learning and Tom Farrelly, Academic Developer and Senior Lecturer, N-TUTORR Project, Office of the Registrar, Munster Technological University, Ireland
Publication Date: June 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03531 128 6 Extent: 362 pp
How to Use Digital Learning with Confidence and Creativity is an accessible guide to key topics in the complex field of digital learning. It offers advice and insights on a range of ethical, pedagogical, ideological, and strategic challenges arising at the intersection of digital technology and teaching practice.

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How to Use Digital Learning with Confidence and Creativity is an accessible and practical guide to key topics in the field of digital learning. It offers advice and insights not just about core digital learning platforms and tools but about a range of ethical, pedagogical, ideological, and strategic challenges arising at the intersection of digital technology and teaching practice.

This How to guide will help readers develop and deepen their understanding of how to support, research and engage with learning and learners in the digital age. Divided into three key sections, it offers valuable and practical guidance and perspectives about technical tools and systems, conceptual frameworks and theoretical structures and the integration of theory, technology and practice in real world teaching and learning contexts. The book brings together contributions from experienced instructional designers, learning technologists, teacher-scholars, and educational leaders, ensuring that while the content is accessible, it is also grounded in the real and dynamic world of contemporary digital learning.

This is an invaluable resource for students and scholars of digital learning, innovation and technology in education, educational psychology and pedagogy, as well as academics and education leaders working to develop approaches to and provide strategic leadership in this complex and constantly-evolving area.
Critical Acclaim
‘How to Use Digital Learning with Confidence and Creativity brings together a broad range of perspectives on a rapidly evolving field and mixes the theoretical with the technical in a practical and accessible format for anyone interested in how to best apply technology to education.’
– Tom O’Mara, Head of Digital Education, University College Cork, Ireland

‘This book brings together an impressive collection of the best thinkers in global educational technology to provide a timely and much-needed analysis. The book establishes a conversation between technology, theory and praxis, and thus avoids the more hyperbolic utopias or dystopias regarding technology, instead focusing on thoughtful and useful implementation and considerations. An invaluable contribution for anyone interested in the intersection of education and technology.’
– Professor Martin Weller, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University, UK

‘How to Use Digital Learning with Confidence and Creativity is a comprehensive, accessible and insightful guide for anyone interested in the current and future state of education. Edited by Gearóid Ó Súilleabháin, Donna Lanclos and Tom Farrelly this book brings together a diverse and experienced group of authors who share their perspectives on various aspects of digital learning, from pedagogy and design to activism and leadership. Whether you are a novice or an expert, a teacher or a learner, a researcher or a practitioner, you will find something valuable and relevant in this edition. You will learn how to use digital tools and platforms effectively, creatively, and ethically, as well as how to challenge and transform the existing structures and practices of education. This book is not only an accessible source of information designed to provide a broad overview of the key topics in contemporary digital learning, but also a source of inspiration and empowerment for anyone who wants to make a positive difference in the world of education.’
– Clint Lalonde, Director of Open Education, BCcampus, Canada

‘This is an authoritative, interesting, and practical book containing contributions from many leaders in the field of digital learning. Keeping abreast of the constantly evolving digital learning landscape is a permanent challenge for those involved in organising and delivering digital learning and this work delivers a broad and accessible introduction to the key topics. Organised into three main sections, the reader can dip into those chapters that are of immediate relevance to their practice and then browse broader areas of interest. The clear introduction at the start of each section gives a rapid navigation tool for the subsequent chapters. This book will become a valuable reference resource in the increasingly complicated and contentious world of digital learning as well as providing inspiration and advice for making practical changes for the benefit of learners.’
– Professor Helen O’Sullivan, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Chester, UK

‘Practically oriented and highly accessible, this is a rich and rewarding collection of writing unafraid to tangle with complexity and wicked problems. Whilst the book is segmented into technology, theory, and praxis, the editors are clear that digital learning is highly intersectional and readers will be rewarded by adopting this approach. Anyone working in digital learning today will find insight, guidance, inspiration, and most of all, community within this book.’
– Anne-Marie Scott, Board Chair of the Apereo Foundation

Introduction to How to Use Digital Learning with Confidence
and Creativity 1
Gearóid Ó Súilleabháin, Donna Lanclos and Tom Farrelly
Introduction to Section I 6
Tom Farrelly
1 EdTech-topia: the land of abundance and uncertainty 9
Kerry Pinny
2 Navigating IT infrastructure for effective digital learning 17
Tadhg Leane
3 Bazaar university: an examination of procurement
processes and sales tactics 26
Autumm Caines
4 The learning management system (LMS) 33
Tom Farrelly
5 Considering authoring tools for digital learning 40
Terry Greene and JR Dingwall
6 Technologies for hybrid learning 49
Shane Cronin
7 Digital learning with ePortfolios 58
Lisa Donaldson
8 Learning analytics: a practical introduction 67
Lee O’Farrell
9 Generative AI writing technologies 74
Torrey Trust and Robert W. Maloy
10 Transformative forces: Artificial Intelligence and Machine
Learning 86
Tadhg Leane
11 Demystifying big data 94
Andrew Pope and Carolanne Mahony
12 Blockchain and the future of digital learning 101
Mubashir Husain Rehmani
13 Navigating the challenges and potential of the metaverse 107
Kerri McCrory and Harvey Norman
Introduction to Section II 115
Gearóid Ó Súilleabháin
14 Managing place and space in the context of blended and
hybrid learning 118
Keith Smyth and John Smith
15 Planning and designing for teaching and learning at scale 127
Peter Bryant
16 Optimising face-to-face through digital: how to flip the classroom 133
Darragh Coakley
17 Digital play and learning 141
Nicola Whitton
18 What should I know about instructional design models? 149
Sarah Pattison
19 How to adapt the ABC Learning Design method for your
institution 160
Clive Young and Nataša Perović
20 Re-defining modes of learning 168
Sue Beckingham
21 Quality assurance frameworks for digital education 178
Mark Brown
22 Introducing the community of inquiry 189
Dara Cassidy
23 Digital learning and accessibility 196
Roisin Garvey and Nicola Marsh
24 Learning transfer and preparing learners for future learning 203
Gearóid Ó Súilleabháin
25 The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) and digital learning 211
Leigh Graves Wolf
Introduction to Section III 219
Donna Lanclos
26 DIY digital learning 221
Lee Skallerup Bessette
27 Bypassing trends to serve the students in front of you 229
Sherri Spelic
28 Digital teaching in a datafied world 237
Bonnie Stewart
29 Academic integrity in digital learning 243
Sarah Elaine Eaton
30 Micro-credential mountains and molehills 251
Mairéad Nic Giolla Mhichíl
31 Scenario-based learning 260
Mark Brown
32 When AI in education takes off without educators 269
Jennifer Seon and Wayne Holmes
33 Open educational practices 278
Rajiv Jhangiani and Surita Jhangiani
34 Pedagogy of care 288
Maha Bali
35 Critical instructional design: resisting commodification by
investing in faculty 297
Martha Burtis and Robin DeRosa
36 Sustainability and digital learning 305
Nick Baker
37 The culture of a paradigm shift in digital learning 315
Frank Rennie
Index 323
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