Networks, Governance and Economic Development


Networks, Governance and Economic Development

Bridging Disciplinary Frontiers

9781847202710 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Mari Jose Aranguren Querejeta, Head of Clusters, Regional Development and Innovation, Orkestra (Basque Institute of Competitiveness), Spain and Lecturer, ESTE, University of Deusto, Spain, Cristina Iturrioz Landart, Vice-Dean, ESTE, University of Deusto, Spain and James R. Wilson, Orkestra – Basque Institute of Competitiveness, Spain and Deusto Business School, Spain
Publication Date: 2008 ISBN: 978 1 84720 271 0 Extent: 288 pp
This compact and authoritative book brings together the topical themes of networks and governance to advance understanding of the determinants of local economic development in the context of increasingly global relationships.

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This compact and authoritative book brings together the topical themes of networks and governance to advance understanding of the determinants of local economic development in the context of increasingly global relationships.

Analyzing the governance of networks is critical in understanding how individual localities are able to promote development and consolidate positions within global production systems. In addressing such issues, this book accomplishes a significant bridging of disciplinary boundaries, incorporating different theoretical and empirical perspectives on the meanings and roles of territory, economic development and different forms of networks and governance.

Networks, Governance and Economic Development brings together the analysis of leading researchers in their fields, following their interactions at a European Science Foundation exploratory workshop. The chapters will be an invaluable resource to researchers working in the fields of regional economic development, economic geography and economic policy as well as postgraduate students taking modules that specialize in aspects of the above themes.
Critical Acclaim
‘This innovative volume explores the role of networks and variation in their forms of governance in delivering successful local and regional economic development. Written by experts from different disciplines, it offers a judicious mix of general theoretical reflections and specific case studies of different places, sectors, and scales. The result is an important contribution to an emerging research agenda on networked governance and the governance of networks and their influence on competitiveness in and across different scales of economic activities.’
– Bob Jessop, Lancaster University, UK

‘Networks, Governance and Economic Development represents one of the most authoritative compilations on the role of networks. The editors have brought together an impressive group of scholars who, from different disciplinary approaches, provide a fantastic overview of the key aspects in the governance of networks and on how they affect local economic development.’
– Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, London School of Economics, UK
Contributors: C.A. Amonarriz, B. Andreosso-O’Callaghan, M.J. Aranguren Querejeta, M.L. Aranguren, D. Bailey, C. Baron, M. Bellandi, K. Colletis-Wahl, J. Corpataux, O. Crevoisier, L. De Propris, C. Iturrioz Landart, B. Johannisson, L. Kebir, H. Lenihan, A. Lorentzen, S. Menghinello, B. Pecqueur, V. Peyrache-Gadeau, R. Sugden, R. te Velde, J.R. Wilson

Mari Jose Aranguren Querejeta and Roger Sugden

1. Networks, Governance and Economic Development: An Introduction
Mari Jose Aranguren Querejeta, Cristina Iturrioz Landart and James R. Wilson

2. The Territorial Economy: A General Approach in Order to Understand and Deal with Globalization
Kristian Colletis-Wahl, José Corpataux, Olivier Crevoisier, Leïla Kebir, Bernard Pecqueur and Véronique Peyrache-Gadeau

3. Territorial Dynamics: Towards a New Model of Development Facing Globalization
Bernard Pecqueur

4. The Scales of Innovation Spaces
Anne Lorentzen

5. Regional Development as Entrepreneurial Networking: From Rational Choice to Self-Organizing
Bengt Johannisson

6. Multinational Networks of Local Production Systems: A Basis for Analysis and Policy
Lisa De Propris, Stefano Menghinello and Roger Sugden
7. Does Cluster Policy Really Enhance Networking and Increase Competitiveness?
Mari Jose Aranguren Querejeta, Cristina Aragón Amonarriz, Miren Larrea Aranguren and Cristina Iturrioz Landart

8. Policy on Business Networking in Ireland: A Review and Prospects for Evaluation
Helena Lenihan and Roger Sugden

9. The Governance of Networks in the Shannon Region of Ireland
Helena Lenihan and B. Andreosso-O’Callaghan

10. Water Governance and Urban Local Development: An Analysis of Water Services in Sub-Saharan African Cities
Catherine Baron

11. The Governance of Clusters: Progressive Reactions to International Competitive Challenges
Marco Bellandi

12. The Dialectics of Network Governance: A Story from the Front
Robbin te Velde

13. International Networking in Research and Learning: Reflections on the Impacts of Different Governance Processes
David Bailey, Lisa De Propris, Roger Sugden and James R. Wilson

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