Research Handbook of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Value Creation


Research Handbook of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Value Creation

9781035323654 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Shumaila Yousafzai, Graduate School of Business, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan and Cardiff University, UK, Colette Henry, Head of Department of Business Studies, Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT), Ireland and Griffith University Australia, Monique Boddington, University of Cambridge, UK, Shandana Sheikh, Avicenna Medical and Dental College, Pakistan and Alain Fayolle, Entrepreneurship Professor, IDRAC Business School, France and Visiting Professor, Turku School of Economics, Finland
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 03532 365 4 Extent: 392 pp
This Research Handbook highlights the importance of women as agents of change, acknowledging women entrepreneurs’ efforts and supporting their value-creation activities. With important implications for policymaking, contributing authors direct attention to and provide evidence for the positive contribution of women entrepreneurs to the economy, regardless of their businesses’ size and formal status.

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This Research Handbook highlights the importance of women as agents of change, acknowledging women entrepreneurs’ efforts and supporting their value-creation activities. With important implications for policymaking, contributing authors direct attention to and provide evidence for the positive contribution of women entrepreneurs to the economy, regardless of their businesses’ size and formal status.

Challenging the underperformance hypothesis associated with women entrepreneurs, chapters present evidence that women do not underperform in their businesses, but that they add value even in constrained environments. This intends to shift the focus of research from questions like ‘what do entrepreneurs do?’ to ‘how do they do it?’, focusing on the unique ways in which each woman entrepreneur creates value, and ‘for whom do they do it?’, looking at the multiple value outcomes women entrepreneurs create and the beneficiaries of that value.

With a global perspective on women’s entrepreneurship and their value creation, this Research Handbook will be vital reading for researchers of entrepreneurship, as well as government agencies and policymakers interested in promoting entrepreneurial activity.
Critical Acclaim
‘An ideal textbook for Entrepreneurial curriculums, Research Handbook of Women''s Entrepreneurship and Value Creation is especially recommended for corporate, college, and university library Contemporary Business, Entrepreneurship, and Economics collections.’
– Midwest Book Review

‘This rich and inspiring book provides a collection of chapters that offer a very timely and critical reminder of the value created through women’s entrepreneurship. Under the guidance of Yousafzai, Henry, Boddington, Sheikh and Fayolle, the reader is encouraged to really reflect on what influences and constrains the growth of women’s entrepreneurship. At the same time, we are introduced to real insight into how women’s entrepreneurship plays out and is practiced in a variety of different and very interesting contexts. I am confident that this Research Handbook will be valued by many communities across the world and will provide the foundation for furthering real knowledge and understanding. I applaud the authors and editors for their exceptional and inspiring work.’
– Sarah Jack, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

''The holistic perspective on value creation through women’s entrepreneurship that this comprehensive book spotlights, has been long overdue. Perceptive multi-level organization of the collection brings fine-grained insights on how women’s entrepreneurial activity can create value at four different levels – the individual, business, household and societal levels. A must-read for challenging underperformance notions of women entrepreneurs and enlightened evidence-based policymaking.''
–Anne de Bruin, Massey University, New Zealand

‘The Research Handbook of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Value Creation is a long overdue and much welcome addition to our growing body of work on women’s entrepreneurship. The chapters included in this book provide a global perspective on the ways in which women-owned firms contribute value above and beyond commonly cited financial measures. Together, authors representing a diverse array of geographic regions show us how women entrepreneurs create not only economic value but also social value for their countries, communities, families, and for other women through their leadership and example.’
– Susan Coleman, University of Hartford, US
Contributors: Leona Achtenhagen, Ruta Aidis, Gry Agnete Alsos, Doaa Althalathini, Frances Amatucci, Nadia Arshad, Sadia Arshad, Mary Barrett, Naomi Birdthistle, Hans Bressers, Klavs Ciprikis, Thomas M. Cooney, Jiska de Groot, Robyn Eversole, Sylvia K. Gavigan, Vinita Godinho, Konjit Hailu Gudeta, Atsede Tesfaye Hailemariam, Angela Hamouda, Musarrat Jabeen, Siavash Aein Jamshid, Kate Johnston, Anne Kamau, Shova Thapa Karki, Abigail Knox, Brigitte Kroon, Milka Kwiatek, Zara Lasater, Hans Lundberg, Vahid Makizadeh, Winnie Mitullah, Nthabiseng Mohlakoana, Roshni Narendran, Marzieh Nasiri, Rebecca Nevins, Nadeera Ranabahu, Annie Roos, Caren Scheepers, Debbie Sparks, Ethne Swartz, Sanaa Talha, Hayfaa Tlaiss, Marloes van Engen, Maria Villares-Varela, Renuka Vyas, Mirela Xheneti, Khizran Zehra


Introduction to the Research Handbook of Women’s Entrepreneurship
and Value Creation 1
Shumaila Yousafzai, Colette Henry, Monique Boddington, Shandana Sheikh
and Alain Fayolle

1 Women in Ethiopia: creating value through entrepreneurship 24
Atsede Tesfaye Hailemariam, Konjit Hailu Gudeta, Brigitte Kroon
and Marloes van Engen
2 Evaluating the contribution of entrepreneurship training,
perceived emancipation and value creation for rural female
entrepreneurs in Uganda 37
Sylvia K. Gavigan, Thomas M. Cooney and Klavs Ciprikis
3 Creating value in the margins: rethinking value creation,
empowerment and women’s entrepreneurship in South
Africa’s street food sector 52
Jiska de Groot, Nthabiseng Mohlakoana, Abigail Knox, Debbie
Sparks and Hans Bressers
4 Emancipation and value share: the individual-level value
creation by women entrepreneurs in India 68
Renuka Vyas

5 Collaborative value creation in a highly adverse context:
experiences of Hazara women entrepreneurs in Balochistan 83
Khizran Zehra, Leona Achtenhagen, Sadia Arshad, and Nadia Arshad
6 Cultivating business value beyond economic measures:
narratives from Sweden 103
Annie Roos
7 Value creation in conflict zones: evidence from Afghan and
Palestinian women entrepreneurs 118
Doaa Althalathini
8 Creating blended value: Sri Lankan women
micro-entrepreneurs and their ventures 132
Nadeera Ranabahu and Mary Barrett
9 The latent entrepreneurs: inequality and enterprising women in
the lucky country 147
Zara Lasater, Vinita Godinho, Robyn Eversole and Naomi Birdthistle
10 Women entrepreneurs creating value in informal public
transport enterprises in Kenya 164
Anne Kamau and Winnie V. Mitullah

11 Becoming an entrepreneur? Early identity formation among
migrant women nascent entrepreneurs 178
Sanaa Talha and Gry Agnete Alsos
12 Migrant women entrepreneurs and value creation: narratives of
household and community contribution in the British ethnic economy 194
Milka Kwiatek and Maria Villares-Varela
13 Iranian women entrepreneurs: creating household value
through entrepreneurship 211
Vahid Makizadeh, Shumaila Yousafzai, Siavash Aein Jamshid and
Marzieh Nasiri

14 Saudi Arabian women entrepreneurs: agents of change and
value creators 235
Hayfaa Tlaiss
15 Exploring societal value creation through women’s informal
entrepreneurial activities in Nepal – a narrative approach 246
Mirela Xheneti and Shova Thapa Karki
16 Women entrepreneurs as agents of change in the Americas:
redefining the bottom line 261
Ruta Aidis
17 Women entrepreneurs creating value in a democratic South
Africa – emerging beyond the informal sector 278
Ethné Swartz, Caren Scheepers and Frances Amatucci
18 Indian transgender women creating social value through social
entrepreneurship 296
Roshni Narendran
19 Generation Y females in Ireland: an insight into this new
entrepreneurial potential for value creation 309
Angela Hamouda, Kate Johnston and Rebecca Nevins
20 Radically overperforming women entrepreneurs in Mexico
City: Alimentos Para Todos as a high impact social innovation case 327
Hans Lundberg
21 Post conflict development and value creation through
women’s entrepreneurship: evidence from Swat, Pakistan 345
Musarrat Jabeen and Shandana Sheikh

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