Research Handbook on Climate Change and Agricultural Law


Research Handbook on Climate Change and Agricultural Law

9781784710637 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Mary Jane Angelo, Professor of Law and Director, Environmental and Land Use Law Program, University of Florida, Fredric G. Levin College of Law, US and Anél du Plessis, Law Faculty Trust Chair, Department of Mercantile Law, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78471 063 7 Extent: 488 pp
Bringing together scholars from across the globe, this timely book astutely untangles the climate-food web and critically explores the nexus between climate change, agriculture and law, upon which food security and climate resilient development depends.

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Bringing together scholars from across the globe, this timely book astutely untangles the climate-food web and critically explores the nexus between climate change, agriculture and law, upon which food security and climate resilient development depends.

Focusing through the lens of various domestic and international legal systems, this book addresses conceptual notions such as ‘systems thinking’ and climate change governance, as well as practical matters such as payments for ecosystem services and government subsidies for biofuels. Concerning itself with the vulnerability and resilience of both people and agro-ecosystems, it shows how climate action can yield high returns for agriculture as the primary source of economic activity for poor populations. Far reaching, this book also explores under-researched areas, including the linkages between invasive species law, climate change and agricultural law and the underlying dynamics of agroecosystem vulnerability. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses in existing agricultural laws and policies, it assesses new and innovative tools for addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation in the agricultural sector, before laying out a future research agenda.

Scholars in the fields of climate change law, land use and agricultural law will find this key publication essential reading, as will practitioners desiring a deeper understanding of the agriculture and climate change nexus.
Critical Acclaim
‘How often do you come across a book that you find yourself drawing upon for key insights even before you can finish reading it? This is one of those books. Between its covers, there is a wealth of well-presented information and analysis on a wide range of tightly defined topics within its subject area.. . . Its 15 chapters are consistently well presented and their contents provide both a sound appreciation of their subject and valuable insights for practitioners engaged in addressing the challenges of responding to Earth’ s changing climate.’
– Bob Speirs, Australasian Journal of Environmental Management

‘This Research Handbook brings together a range of eminent scholars from across disciplines and across the globe to provide an insightful contribution to the ongoing debate on the complex interaction between climate and agriculture. In particular, while there is full recognition of the inherent difficulties in developing adaptation and mitigation strategies, there is also a most welcome willingness to make concrete suggestions as to the way forward.’
– Michael N. Cardwell, University of Leeds, UK

‘This book is a useful introduction to the research which is being undertaken in the area of climate change and agricultural law.’
– University of Western Australia Law Review

‘The authors and editors have produced a thought-provoking collection of essays which advance the study of how food security might be delivered in response to our changing climate.’
– Peter J. Gregory, Food Security
Contributors: R.W. Adler, M.J. Angelo, R.M. Bratspies, A. Cosby, A. Du Plessis, L.H. Gunderson, C. Häberli, K.H. Hirokawa, A. Kennedy, R. Kibugi, E. Le Gal, P. Martin, M. Nowlin, A. Odoemene, J.P. Pietrafesa’, P.A. Pietrafesa, J.B. Ruhl, S. Sauer, E. Spiegel, J. Verschuuren


1. Untangling the climate-food web: achieving food security and agricultural climate-resilience
Mary Jane Angelo

2. Climate change and agriculture under the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change and related documents
Jonathan Verschuuren

3. Resilience and transformation of agro-ecosystems in a changing climate
Lance H. Gunderson

4. Climate change, complexity, agriculture and challenged governance
Paul Martin

5. Climate change and water law in agriculture
Robert W. Adler

6. Climate change and invasive species law in agriculture: a southern hemisphere view of key legal and institutional issues in Australia
Elodie Le Gal

7. Genetically modified food crops in an era of climate change: an answer in search of a problem
Rebecca M. Bratspies

8. Adapting agriculture through land use controls
Keith H. Hirokawa

9. Much ado about methane: intensive animal agriculture and greenhouse gas emissions
Michelle Nowlin and Emily Spiegel

10. Adaptation of agricultural trade and investment rules to climate change
Christian Häberli

11. Agriculture and payments for ecosystem services in the era of climate change
J.B. Ruhl

12. Climate change and agrofuels: Brazilian ethanol and the Cerrado biome
Sérgio Sauer, José Paulo Pietrafesa and Pedro Araujo Pietrafesa

13. Adaptation to climate change in smallholder agriculture in Kenya: the role of law
Robert Kibugi

14. Agricultural land use conflict in the context of climate change: an Australian case study
Amanda Kennedy and Amy Cosby

15. Climate change and land grabbing
Akachi Odoemene


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