Research Handbook on Disability and Entrepreneurship


Research Handbook on Disability and Entrepreneurship

9781035338979 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Shumaila Yousafzai, Graduate School of Business, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan and Cardiff University, UK, Wilson Ng, Professor of Entrepreneurship, IDRAC Business School, Campus de Lyon, France and Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Regent''s University London, UK, Shandana Sheikh, Avicenna Medical and Dental College, Pakistan and Thomas Coogan, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Hadyn Green Institute, Nottingham University Business School, UK
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03533 897 9 Extent: 358 pp
By exploring the economic and social value of disabled people with positive entrepreneurial traits and adaptive skills, this innovative book breaks away from normative entrepreneurial studies to recognise the overlooked value in disabled entrepreneurs.

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By exploring the economic and social value of disabled people with positive entrepreneurial traits and adaptive skills, this innovative book breaks away from normative entrepreneurial studies to recognise the overlooked value in disabled entrepreneurs.

In the study of entrepreneurship, the social tendency to disregard people with disabilities has caused a paucity of knowledge about the successful ventures of disabled people worldwide. Seeking to improve public understanding of disabled entrepreneurs, this pioneering book re-evaluates their identity, value and contribution beyond economic, cultural and geographical contexts. Chapters explore disabled entrepreneurs from non-Western economies and marginalised social segments, with a focus on emphasising the importance of disabled women entrepreneurs from developing economies as agents of change for society and the economy. Exploring the push and pull factors that exist for disabled people in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, chapters disassemble the socially institutionalised barriers to important sources of value creation by disabled entrepreneurs.

With a global scope, this book will prove invaluable for students and scholars of entrepreneurship and business management. With expert insights into innovative practices and evidence-based policymaking from a range of disabled entrepreneurs, it will be a vital resource for entrepreneurs looking to build and grow inclusive and successful ventures.
Contributors: Felix Arndt, Eric V. Bindah, Tom Boellstorff, Jock Collins, Thomas Cooney, Sara Csillag, Simon Darcy, Leila Farraj, Zsuzsanna Gyori, Anna Laura Hidegh, Se Kwang Hwang, Siavash Aein Jamshid, David Kosina, Ondřej Kročil, Vahid Makizadeh, Adel Mohebbi, Rosa M. Muñoz, Wilson Ng, Wojdan Omran-Farraj, Eric Patton, Yangerjungla Pongener, Richard Pospíšil, Nadeera Ranabahu, Alan Roulstone, Yolanda Salinero, Gary Shaheen, Shandana Sheikh, Megan Stronach, Sylvie Studente, Carmen Svastics, Farzana A. Tanima, Mirza Tihic, Yerken Turganbayev, Maria Valle Fernández, Tiansheng Yang, Xiangxin Yang, Shumaila Yousafzai

Introduction to the Research Handbook on Disability and Entrepreneurship xix
Shumaila Yousafzai, Wilson Ng, Shandana Sheikh and Thomas Coogan

1 Follow your dreams? Push and pull motivations of
entrepreneurs with disabilities in Hungary 2
Sara Csillag, Zsuzsanna Gyori, Anna Laura Hidegh and Carmen Svastics
2 “Underdog” entrepreneurs? Identifying processes of
opportunity creation among visually impaired founders of new
ventures 20
Wilson Ng
3 Creating my own job: Australian experiences of people
with disability with microenterprises, self-employment and
entrepreneurship 35
Simon Darcy, Jock Collins and Megan Stronach
4 The push and pull of entrepreneurship for individuals with
autism spectrum disorder 59
Eric Patton
5 Entrepreneurial activity among disabled entrepreneurs with
visible and invisible impairments: a literature review 77
Wilson Ng
6 Entrepreneurship and disability: research in a Spanish university 85
Rosa M. Muñoz, Yolanda Salinero and M. Valle Fernández
7 Awareness and attitudes towards social entrepreneurship
among university students and disabled people: the case of the
Czech Republic 99
Ondřej Kročil, Richard Pospíšil and David Kosina

8 Enterprising? Disabled? The status and potential for disabled
people’s microenterprise in South Korea 114
Se Kwang Hwang and Alan Roulstone
9 Designing public policy to support entrepreneurial activity
within the disabled community in Ireland 131
Thomas M. Cooney
10 How entrepreneurs with physical and mental health challenges
can benefit from an entrepreneurial ecosystems approach 143
Mirza Tihic, Gary Shaheen and Felix Arndt
11 The role of government policies in establishing a conducive
entrepreneurial environment for disabled entrepreneurs in China 160
Tiansheng Yang, Shandana Sheikh, Shumaila Yousafzai and
Xiangxin Yang
12 The need for an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem for
women with disability in Pakistan 182
Shandana Sheikh
13 Disabled women entrepreneurs and microfinance: a road less
travelled (for a reason)? 196
Nadeera Ranabahu and Farzana Aman Tanima
14 A preliminary analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the
mental wellbeing of entrepreneurship students 208
Sylvie Studente, Filia Garivaldis and Wilson Ng
15 The hidden entrepreneurs: disability and entrepreneurship in
Kazakhstan 221
Shumaila Yousafzai and Yerken Turganbayev
16 Inclusive entrepreneurship in Palestine: context and prospects
of people with disabilities 238
Wojdan Omran and Leila Farraj

17 The making of a (dis)abled entrepreneur: an entrepreneurial
identity perspective 247
Mukta Kulkarni and Yangerjungla Pongener
18 The opportunity to contribute: disability and the digital entrepreneur 262
Tom Boellstorff
19 Disabled entrepreneurs creating value in Iran’s entrepreneurial
ecosystem 279
Vahid Makizadeh, Shumaila Yousafzai, Siavash Aein Jamshid and
Adel Mohebbi
20 The contribution of disabled entrepreneurs in the Sultanate of Oman 297
Eric V. Bindah

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