Research Handbook on Human Resource Management and Disruptive Technologies


Research Handbook on Human Resource Management and Disruptive Technologies

9781802209235 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Tanya Bondarouk, Professor of Human Resource Management, University of Twente and Jeroen Meijerink, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management, Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences, University of Twente, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 923 5 Extent: 330 pp
This comprehensive and judicious Research Handbook examines the fundamental influence of the emergence of contemporary disruptive technologies, including artificial intelligence, online platforms, the internet of things, and social robots, on Human Resource Management (HRM).

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This comprehensive Research Handbook examines the fundamental influence of emerging disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, online platforms, the internet of things, and social robots, on Human Resource Management (HRM).

Bringing together an array of interdisciplinary experts, this erudite Research Handbook analyses the HRM challenges posed by disruptive technologies and develops practical propositions to counteract them. It discusses the navigation of ethical dilemmas, human rights and digital governance in HRM, consumer value in the digital economy, and technology-driven changes in HRM practice. Featuring case studies on talent management in multinational enterprises, the engagement of digital generations with contemporary technologies, and the introduction of cobots in the manufacturing industry, contributors expertly explore current discussions and future directions for scholarly research.

Promoting a better understanding of critical perspectives on HRM and disruptive technologies, this Handbook will be a vital resource for students, scholars and researchers in business analytics, information systems, knowledge management, organizational innovation, technology and ICT. It will also provide valuable guidance on the effects of emerging technologies for HR and leadership practitioners.
Critical Acclaim
‘Digital HRM technologies are advancing in ever shorter cycles and ever greater leaps, leading to ever greater changes of HRM. This volume offers an overview of related current research and provides insights and inspirations for future work. It is an excellent resource for researchers interested in technology-based change of HRM.’
– Stefan Strohmeier, Saarland University, Germany
Contributors include: James Arrowsmith, Tanya Bondarouk, Robin Bauwens, Robert Jan Blomme, Antoine Bujold, Melina Bumann, Laura Cortellazzo, Martine Coun, Antonella Delle Fave, Katja Einola, Celia Fernández-Aller, Marylène Gagné, Johannes Gartner, Pierrette Howayeck, Marleen Huysman, Ali Intezari, Anne Keegan, Violetta Khoreva, Alessandra Lazazzara, Kristiina Mäkelä, Jeroen Meijerink, Xavier Parent-Rocheleau, David J. Pauleen, Pascale Peters, Philip Rogiers, Huub Ruël, Jesus Salgado Criado, Sari Salojärvi, Eusebio Scornavacca, Anastasia Sergeeva, Emanuela Shaba, Luca Solari, Melika Soleimani, Frank Stegehuis, Jennie Sumelius, Elmira van den Broek, Vlad Vaiman, Stijn Viaene, Hertta Vuorenmaa, Michael Wasserman, Max Weijers, Sharna Wiblen, Stefano Za 

1 Introduction to the Research Handbook on Human Resource
Management and Disruptive Technologies 2
Tanya Bondarouk and Jeroen Meijerink

2 Disruptive technologies or disruptive debates? On a disrupted
discussion about the future of jobs 9
Tanya Bondarouk and Huub Ruёl
3 A Self-Determination Theory Framework to Develop
Motivation-Enhancing Algorithmic Management 23
Xavier Parent-Rocheleau, Marylène Gagné and Antoine Bujold
4 Mitigating bias in AI-powered HRM 39
Melika Soleimani, James Arrowsmith, Ali Intezari and David J. Pauleen
5 Navigating through ethical dilemmas, human rights and digital
governance 51
Jesús Salgado-Criado and Celia Fernández-Aller
6 Algorithmic Management from a ‘Fault-Line’ to a Frontline
Opportunity for Trade Unions through Organizational
Learning Pragmatist Take 74
Pierrette Howayeck

7 HRM Systems and Online Labour Platforms: Survival of the
(Mis-)Fittest? 94
Anne Keegan and Jeroen Meijerink
8 Five Decades of Leadership and ‘Disruptive’ Technology:
From E-leadership and Virtual Team Leadership to Current
Conversations on Digital Leadership 105
Robin Bauwens and Laura Cortellazzo
9 Human Resource Management and Customer Value in the
Digital Economy: Advancing a Value Co-Creation Perspective 120
Jeroen Meijerink

10 Is Artificial Intelligence Disrupting Human Resource
Management? A Bibliometric Analysis 135
Stefano Za, Alessandra Lazazzara, Emanuela Shaba and Eusebio
11 Engaging Intentionally Disconnected Workers: What Can HR
Managers in Facilities with Workplace Personal Technology
Bans Do? 150
Melina Bumann and Michael Wasserman
12 What Decision-Makers Need to Know about Digitalised
Talent Management 164
Sharna Wiblen
13 The role of disruptive technologies in talent management in
Nordic multinational enterprises 175
Violetta Khoreva, Vlad Vaiman, Tanya Bondarouk and Sari Salojärvi
14 Hiring algorithms: redefining professional roles with artificial
intelligence 191
Elmira van den Broek, Anastasia Sergeeva and Marleen Huysman

15 Engagement with disruptive technology: do digital generations
matter? 205
Frank Stegehuis and Tanya Bondarouk
16 Artificial Intelligence as a Colleague: Towards the Workplace
Coexistence of People and Artificial Intelligence 222
Violetta Khoreva and Katja Einola
17 Platform work inside organisations: an exploration of tensions
in intra-organisational labour platforms 236
Philip Rogiers, Jeroen Meijerink and Stijn Viaene
18 Empowering or taking over? A job design perspective on the
effects of cobots’ introduction in the manufacturing industry 253
Emanuela Shaba, Alessandra Lazazzara, Luca Solari and Antonella
Delle Fave
19 The Accelerating Disconnection of Work from Time and
Place: New Questions for HR 269
Johannes Gartner, Kristiina Mäkelä, Jennie Sumelius and Hertta
20 Keep in touch in remote workplaces: the relationship between
collegial isolation and contextual work performance in remote
work settings and the mediating role of relatedness 282
Pascale Peters, Rob Blomme, Martine Coun and Max Weijers
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