Research Handbook on Small Business Social Responsibility


Research Handbook on Small Business Social Responsibility

Global Perspectives

9781784711818 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Laura J. Spence, School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London, Jedrzej George Frynas, Open University Business School, Milton Keynes, Judy N. Muthuri, Business School, University of Nottingham and Jyoti Navare, Department of Economics, Middlesex University Business School, UK
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78471 181 8 Extent: 448 pp
The vast majority of businesses globally are small. If business is to be socially responsible, we need to go beyond the westernised concept of ''Corporate Social Responsibility'', to develop ''Small Business Social Responsibility''. This agenda-setting Research Handbook on Small Business Social Responsibility includes leading research from around the world, including developed and developing country contexts. It provides a foundation for the further development of small business social responsibility as a scholarly subject and crucially important practice and policy field.

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Ideas like corporate social responsibility (CSR) and stakeholder value creation are becoming second nature to businesses across the globe. Addressing the weakness of current CSR research, this Research Handbook provides a unique perspective on small business social responsibility in both the developed and developing world.

Bringing together leading international experts, and including a foreword by R. Edward Freeman, this Research Handbook defines and contextualizes CSR in small businesses across the globe. It explores issues surrounding supply chains, responsible finance, and social enterprise, offering both practitioner insights and succinct case studies to go beyond the usual Western perspective and enable a globally relevant understanding of small business social responsibility.

This Research Handbook will be an invaluable tool for researchers and educators, as well as for students of business and CSR, social enterprise, development and management.
Critical Acclaim
‘The editors have assembled an internationally diverse set of contributors to provide a breakthrough comprehensive Research Handbook for scholars and students interested in the social responsibility of SMEs. For too long corporate social responsibility has only been studied from the perspective of big business in developed nations. The Research Handbook on Small Business Social Responsibility provides in-depth insights into the social responsibility of SMEs in respect to supply chains, finance, sustainability and social enterprises. The case studies offer excellent practical illustrations in different national contexts of how SMEs engage with social responsibility. This book is an essential reference for libraries and scholars of corporate social responsibility and SMEs.’
– Stella M. Nkomo, President, Africa Academy of Management and Professor, University of Pretoria, South Africa

‘A much needed book on social responsibility in the small and medium enterprise sector. Research on CSR has generally focused on large corporations in the developed countries and this edited collection represents a welcome addition that will advance scholarly work in the important area of business and social responsibility.’
– Bobby Banerjee, City, University of London, UK

‘This book is truly a “must-read”. It is a milestone text that collects and connects the central debates on the critical role of small business social responsibility (SBSR). It is a tremendous accomplishment that takes the reader on a journey to explore how SBSR is so much more than “the business case” bringing more money to shareholders. The team of editors and authors succeed in showing that SBSR is about how small business takes on the role of contributing to economic development while at the same time contributing to social and environmental improvement. This is indeed an important contribution.’
– Mette Morsing, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

‘This is exactly the kind of book, and collection of essays that we need.’
– From the Foreword by R. Edward Freeman
Contributors: A. Al Faruq, C. Ball, M. Beckmann, E. Benjamin, R.K. Blundel, G. Buchenrieder, D. Dore, R.E. Freeman, J.G. Frynas, R. Gapp, M. Gulati, M. Handley-Schachler, B. Hatipoglu, N. Hermes, P. Hind, D. Holt, S. Jeppesen, R. Lensink, D. Littlewood, P. Lund-Thomsen, F. Lyon, E. Maduekwe, A. Meesters, J.N. Muthuri, J. Navare, I. Patsch, M. Punt, S. Sahasranamam, R. Sanwal, A. Schaefer, A. Smit, V. Soundararajan, L.J. Spence, H. Stewart, S. Suresh, A.N. Tran, D. Vazquez-Brust, A.I. Wahga, A. Zeyen

Foreword – R. Edward Freeman

1. Introduction
Laura J. Spence, Jedrzej George Frynas, Judy N. Muthuri and Jyoti Navare

2. National context matters: Influence of National Business System on social enterprises in Scotland and India
Sreevas Sahasranamam and Christopher Ball

3. Industry matters: Comparative study of Vietnam’s SME managers and workers on meaning and impacts of CSR in two manufacturing sectors
Angie Ngoc Tran and Søren Jeppesen

4. Cluster matters: Corporate Social Responsibility and Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Clusters in India
Mukesh Gulati, Peter Lund-Thomsen and Sangeetha Suresh

5. Adding a small business perspective to research on working conditions in global production networks
Vivek Soundararajan

6. SME Resources and Capabilities for Sustainability Performance: A Framework for Emerging Economies
Burcin Hatipoglu

7. Small Business Social Responsibility and Sustainability Metrics: A Focus on Environmental Performance Measurement and Waste
Diego Vazquez-Brust and Laura J. Spence

8. Financial Development and the Efficiency of Microfinance Institutions
Niels Hermes, Robert Lensink and Aljar Meesters

9. Corporate sustainability and social responsibility of smallholder farmers: Implications for agriculture financing
Emmanuel Benjamin, Ebele Maduekwe, Maarten Punt and Gertrud Buchenrieder

10. Financial Aggregation of Risks for MSMEs in Developing Economies: A Conceptual Framework of Financial Aggregation and Microinsurance Effects
Jyoti Navare and Morrison Handley-Schachler

11. Exploring the Global Potential of Social Entrepreneurship and Small Business Social Responsibility for Tackling Societal Value Creation
Anica Zeyen and Markus Beckmann

12. Social Entrepreneurship and CSR Theory: Insights, Application and Value
David Littlewood and Diane Holt

13. Hybrid organisations and models of social enterprise in Ghana and Bangladesh
Fergus Lyon and Abdullah Al Faruq

14. The tree of knowledge: Sustainable management practices for a collaborative ecosystem amongst small to medium enterprises
Heather Stewart and Rod Gapp

15. Enabling Sustainability in SMEs through Action Research
Patricia Hind and Arnold Smit

16. Case Study: Scaling up social responsibility among small Foundry Clusters in India
Mukesh Gulati and Ruchita Sanwal

17. Case Study: Clustering - A Way to Create Shared Value? A Case Study of a Food and Drink Cluster Organisation in England
Darla Dore

18. Case Study: Human Capital and Environmental Engagement of SMEs in Pakistan - A Comparative Analysis of the Leather Industry
Aqueel I. Wahga, Richard K. Blundel and Anja Schaefer

19. Case Study: Incubation and Relevance of Social Businesses in Rural Nepal. A case Study of a Social Business Incubator in Jumla
Ingeborg Patsch


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