Research Handbook on Sustainable Project Management

9781800885448 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Gilbert Silvius, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Netherlands, and University of Johannesburg, South Africa and Martina Huemann, Professor of Major Infrastructure and Project Hub lead, Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, University College London, UK, and Professor, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Publication Date: July 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80088 544 8 Extent: 500 pp
This Research Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the role of project management in sustainable development. Examining how to successfully integrate sustainability into the processes and practices involved, it highlights the significant development in sustainable project management whilst exploring potential future directions for the field.

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This Research Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the role of project management in sustainable development. Examining how to successfully integrate sustainability into the processes and practices involved, it highlights the significant development in sustainable project management whilst exploring potential future directions for the field.

Through investigating how projects are linked to societal development and change, the Research Handbook identifies how they can both consider and contribute to sustainability. Using diverse case studies, leading project management scholars address key challenges in the field, such as how to align an organisation’s sustainability ambition, strategy and project impact. Ultimately, this Research Handbook advances and deepens understandings of both the theoretical background and the most effective practical approaches to sustainable project management.

Presenting a broad and nuanced view of what it means to be sustainable, this Research Handbook is a vital resource for students and scholars of project management, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility. It is also a useful guide for project management and governance professionals seeking a cutting-edge understanding of the future of their field.
Critical Acclaim
‘From theoretical foundations to practical implementation, the Research Handbook on Sustainable Project Management is a groundbreaking work, covering diverse perspectives, methods, and real-world case studies. Essential reading for project managers, scholars, and policymakers navigating the complexities of sustainability in project management. I’ll be referring to this often in my work.’
– Jennifer Tharp, Project Management Institute, US

‘The sustainability transition now underway requires innumerable projects, of all shapes and sizes. This comprehensive Handbook illuminates the many ways in which sustainability can be infused into all these endeavors. Readers will gain a profound understanding of how projects hold the key to tackling the world’s grand challenges.’
– Dror Etzion, University of Vermont, US

‘The Research Handbook on Sustainable Project Management is an invaluable resource, offering profound insights and practical guidance for integrating sustainability into project management. It is an essential read for anyone committed to advancing the field and achieving meaningful progress in sustainable practices.’
– Zhifu Mi, University College London, UK
Foreword xxi
Prof. Dr. Mladen Vukomanović
Preface xxiii
1 Introduction: shaping society through sustainable project management 1
Gilbert Silvius and Martina Huemann
2 Underpinning theoretical lenses in sustainable project management 14
Luca Sabini and Lauri Vuorinen
3 Sustainability: the power of non-linear thinking 29
Isabel Canto de Loura
4 Managing projects for sustainable innovation 50
Florian Findler and André Martinuzzi
5 Governance for sustainable project management 70
Christine Unterhitzenberger
6 Sustainable project management and its governance in the context of
the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 85
Shankar Sankaran, Ralf Müller and Nathalie Drouin
7 The dark side of projects: corruption, sexism, modern slavery, money
laundering, inefficient use of resources, and waste of existing assets 99
Giorgio Locatelli, Tristano Sainati and Benito Mignacca
8 Fostering project social sustainability through stakeholder inclusion 117
Francesco Di Maddaloni and Kate Davis
9 Projects as dynamic learning episodes for sustainable development.
A strategic and innovation perspective 135
Lynn A. Keeys
10 The role of responsibility in sustainable project management 161
Karen M. Thompson and Nigel L. Williams
11 Sustainability’s impact on project management practices 187
Gilbert Silvius and Ron Schipper
12 Integrating circular economy and project management: a conceptual framework 205
Vladimir Obradović, Marija Todorović and Jelena Cvijović
13 Exploring the key sustainability factors on project success 226
Mauro L. Martens and Marly M. Carvalho
14 Project stakeholder orientation principles for managing projects sustainably 242
Pernille Eskerod and Martina Huemann
15 The human factor in sustainable project management 255
Gilbert Silvius and Carl Marnewick
16 Utilising project management to optimise project sustainability. A pilot
study of an international project manager’s perspective on practices,
challenges, and opportunities in delivering sustainable construction projects 267
Ruth Borg, Rebecca Dalli Gonzi and Simon Paul Borg
17 Approaches to sustainability decision making in product development
projects and portfolios 290
Miia Martinsuo
18 From the iron triangle to the ‘iron pentagon’. Prioritising environmental
and social issues in project management – lessons learned from
Amsterdam’s North-South metro line 308
Lara K. Mottee
19 Sustainable sport, swift, strong and striving. What can contribute to
implementing sustainability in sport event projects? 325
Wenche Aarseth, Ole-Anders Seines, Erlend Westgård Schjem and Martin Svean
20 Engineering service providers in the lead to implement sustainable
project management 343
Marian Bosch-Rekveldt, Gerrit Wijnands and Hans Bakker
21 Learning processes in Swedish sustainability projects. A case study 361
Jeaneth Johansson, Alexandra Isaksson and Ossi Pesämaa
22 Reconceptualising megaproject success. Strategic insights from the
Sustainable Development Goals 377
Giorgio Locatelli and Juliano Denicol
23 Strange bedfellows? Project management and societal grand challenges 392
Lavagnon A. Ika and Lauchlan T. Munro
24 Achieving sustainable societal impact through projects and project
management 411
Reinhard Wagner
25 Eliminating modern slavery through project management 426
Naomi Brookes, Gloria Oliomogbe and Elaine Falconer
26 Climate action as an extreme case of project portfolio management.
Navigating global ambitions amid ambiguous sustainability transitions 438
Satu Teerikangas, Joana Geraldi, Christian Thuesen and Katariina Koistinen
27 Circular economy approaches in complex projects 460
Tuomas Ahola and Miia Martinsuo
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