Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in East Asia

Sectoral and Regional Dimensions

9781840648096 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Charles Harvie, Associate Professor and Director, Centre for Small Business and Regional Research, University of Wollongong, Australia and Boon-Chye Lee, former Planning & Corporate Performance Directorate, Community Services, NSW Department of Human Services, Australia
Publication Date: 2008 ISBN: 978 1 84064 809 6 Extent: 464 pp
This fourth volume in the Studies of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in East Asia series focuses on regional and sectoral dimensions in a number of regional economies and economic sectors.

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This fourth volume in the Studies of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in East Asia series focuses on regional and sectoral dimensions in a number of regional economies and economic sectors.

The contributors place special emphasis on the importance of SME networking and clustering initiatives and activities. They argue that these initiatives support and nurture the global competitiveness of local SMEs in various economic sectors across the East Asian region. The book goes on to illustrate the increasing recognition that important local, regional and sectoral dimensions of SMEs, activities require their own specific micro policy measures. This is significant as the vitality of many local regional economies depends upon the activities of these local SMEs.

The importance and inherent potential of SMEs as small but significant players in national economies and industries is increasingly recognised by policymakers and scholars around the world. Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in East Asia will therefore strongly appeal to both academics and practitioners involved with business and management, Asian studies, industrial organization and entrepreneurship.
Critical Acclaim
‘. . . this book is highly informative and a welcome contribution to the study of SMEs in East Asia.’
– Ren-Jie Hong, East Asia Integration Studies
Contributors: J. Carlsen, J. Clegg, L. Crase, S. Freeman, C. Hall, C. Harvie, Z. Hassan, M. Hayashi, A. Hodgkinson, K. Jayanthakumaran, B. Kenny, P. Lamb, B.-C. Lee, C. Lim, P. McPhee, N.O. Ndubisi, J. Olsen, E. Patullock, D.J. Pollard, P. Régnier, A. Salman Saleh, M.T. Schaper, R. Taylor, P. Tobin

1. Introduction and Overview – Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Sectoral and Regional Dimensions
Charles Harvie and Boon-Chye Lee

2. The SME Policy Framework in ASEAN and APEC: Benchmarks, Comparison and Analysis
Chris Hall

3. SME Export Competitiveness in Developing Countries through Foreign Investment and Business Linkages
Philippe Régnier

4. The Internationalization of SMEs in European Transformation Economies: Lessons for East Asia?
David J. Pollard

5. Trust, Dependency and Reciprocity: Interconnections of Key Dimensions of Guanxi
Susan Freeman and Chandler Lim

6. Export Performance in Small and Medium Enterprises: Sectoral and Regional Dimensions in NSW Australia
Ann Hodgkinson and Paul McPhee

7. Exploring the Consequences of Delayed Adoption of Electronic Commerce by Regional SMEs in Australia
Lin Crase, Peter Lamb and Evan Patullock

8. Reforming China’s Cooperative Economy: Issues and Experiences
Jenny Clegg

9. SME Development Strategy in Vietnam
Charles Harvie

10. Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: A Study of Businesses in New South Wales Australia
Jane Olsen, Boon-Chye Lee and Ann Hodgkinson

11. SME Development in Malaysia: Domestic and Global Challenges
Ali Salman Saleh and Nelson Oly Ndubisi

12. Support Mechanisms for SME Development in Indonesia: A Firm Level Survey in the Metalworking and Machinery Industry
Mitsuhiro Hayashi

13. Trade Reforms and the Survival of the Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Industries in Australia
Kankesu Jayanthakumaran

14. SME Market Entry: Barriers, Positioning and Performance in the Asia-Pacific Oil and Gas Industry
Brian Kenny and Paul Tobin

15. Strategic Competitiveness, Human Resource Strategy and Organizational Performance Linkage Amongst SMEs in the Malaysian Manufacturing Sector
Za’faran Hassan

16. The Role of Government in Fostering Sectoral SME Development: An Analysis of the Tourism Industry in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore
Michael T. Schaper, Jack Carlsen and Ruth Taylor

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