Transnational Corporations and International Production


Transnational Corporations and International Production

Concepts, Theories and Effects, Third Edition

3rd edition

9781788117159 Edward Elgar Publishing
Grazia Ietto-Gillies, Emeritus Professor of Applied Economics, London South Bank University and Visiting Professor, Birkbeck University of London, UK
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78811 715 9 Extent: 360 pp
Thoroughly updated and substantially extended, this internationally successful text explores transnational corporations (TNCs), their activities and effects, as well as the theories developed to explain them. Invaluable for courses as well as researchers in international business, international economics, globalization, international relations, economic geography and history of economic thought on the TNCs.

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Critical Acclaim
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Thoroughly updated and substantially extended, this internationally successful text explores transnational corporations (TNCs), their activities and effects, as well as the theories developed to explain them.

Key features of this edition:

• A unique critical analysis of all the theories of TNCs in their historical development with insightful and original commentaries on each of them, now extended to cover network theory and dynamic capabilities theory

• Clear exposition of concepts on the evolution and the activities of TNCs

• Analysis of effects of TNCs’ activities on: innovation; labour; trade; balance of payments and the fiscal revenue of countries

• A unique contribution to the history of economic thought on the TNC

• Summary boxes as well as suggestions for further reading within each chapter give opportunities for discussion and extended learning.

Ideal for advanced bachelors, masters and doctorates courses in international business, economics, international relations, globalization and economic geography as well as the history of economic thought, Transnational Corporations and International Production is an essential text for appreciating the evolution, explanations and impact of TNCs in a globalized world.

Critical Acclaim
‘Grazia Ietto-Gillies’ book – now in its 3rd edition – has a well-earned cult following. There is no other book that provides such a comprehensive, detailed and updated overview of theoretical approaches to the study of transnational corporations (TNCs) as the main actors in globalisation processes. As for the previous editions, Ietto-Gillies’ book remains unique for its exhaustive coverage of the major theories of TNCs, and for following a history of economic thought perspective surprisingly seldom applied to this topical field of research. Achievements and gaps of the theoretical body of literature looking at determinants and impacts of TNC behaviours and strategies, in a comparative perspective, are subject to an extraordinarily thoughtful and original analysis. I recommend the book highly for students at all levels of higher education; it should be considered necessary for any scholar seeking to advance our knowledge on one of the most important drivers of modern societies world-wide.’
– Simona Iammarino, London School of Economics, UK

‘This book deals with the important issue of integrating the study of the transnational corporation into economics. Ietto-Gillies places the different theories on the TNC into their wider theoretical and historical contexts and offers the reader an excellent opportunity to get a deeper understanding of not only the circumstances under which a theory has developed but also which issues are addressed by the theory – and which issues are not addressed. The book contains brilliant analyses and comparisons of basic theories within the field and is an inspiring source for every scholar within the international business field.’
– Mats Forsgren, Uppsala University, Sweden

‘Grazia Ietto-Gillies'' book remains the best introduction that we have to theories of international business. It offers an especially comprehensive guide to the origin and evolution of theories of transnational corporations grounded in Economics or Strategy. The latest edition relates to all the major contemporary debates in the field.’
– John Cantwell, Rutgers University, US

Acclaim for the first edition:

‘A most imaginative and carefully crafted textbook on the determinants and effects of MNE activity. A really excellent introduction to the subject. It deserves to be widely read by both undergraduates and graduate students taking courses in international economics and business.’
– John H. Dunning, University of Reading, UK and Rutgers University, US
Contents: Introduction PART I EVOLUTION AND CONCEPTS 1. Evolution and and growth 2. Modalities of TNCs’ operations PART II PRE-WWII APPROACHES TO INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT Introduction to Part II 3. Marxist approaches 4. Foreign investment within the neoclassical paradigm PART III MODERN THEORIES Introduction to Part III 5. Hymer’s seminal work 6. The product life cycle and international production 7. Oligopolistic reactions and the geographical pattern of FDI 8. Currency areas and internationalization 9. Internalization and the transnational corporation 10. Dunning’s eclectic framework 11. Stages in the internationalization process: the Uppsala Model 12. Evolutionary theories of the TNC 13. New trade theories and the activities of TNCs 14. Transnational monopoly capitalism 15. Nation-states and TNCs’ strategic behaviour 16. The transnational corporation as a network 17. Bundle of resources, dynamic capabilities and the TNC 18. Theories of the TNC and the XXI century PART IV EFFECTS Introduction to Part IV 19. Boundaries in the assessment of effects 20. Innovation and the TNCs 21. Effects on Labour 22. Effects on Trade 23. Wider effects from the balance of payments to fiscal revenues References Index
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