Biotechnology and Innovation Systems


Biotechnology and Innovation Systems

The Role of Public Policy

9781781001387 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Bo Göransson, Research Policy Group, School of Economics and Management, and Carl Magnus Pålsson, Research Policy Institute, Lund University, Sweden
Publication Date: February 2012 ISBN: 978 1 78100 138 7 Extent: 424 pp
This book explores how policies targeting public research institutions, such as universities, contribute to the appropriation of biotechnology through national innovation systems.

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This book explores how policies targeting public research institutions, such as universities, contribute to the appropriation of biotechnology through national innovation systems.

Around the world, biotechnology has become a driving force for dramatic change in systems and policies intended to spur innovation. The leading contributors expertly construct a detailed picture of policy approaches that support biotechnology and how such approaches work under different economic and social conditions. They also provide an insight into the role of universities in this process.

Researchers, academics, students, policy advisors, decision-makers and other professionals involved in the fields of biotechnology, innovation systems, higher education and development will find this book an invaluable resource.
Contributors: A. Adamsone-Fiskovica, I. Bortagaray, T.N. Ca, J.E. Cassiolato, L.V. Chuong, A.M. da Graça Mondjana, B.D. Diyamett, S.G. Antunes de Souza, B. Göransson, B. Gregersen, J. Kristapsons, R. Lindner, A. Lulle, P. Macucule, N.P. Mai, E. Mneney, L.F. Montalvo Arriete, B.L.M. Mwamila, L. Neves, J. Núñez Jover, C.M. Pålsson, I. Pérez Ones, T.T. Phuong, M.S. Rapini, T. Reiss, C.M. Ribeiro, G. Sagieva, U. Schmoch, J. Sutz, E. Tjunina, L. Van Chuong, H. Wang, Z. Yuan, G.F. Zucoloto

1. Strategies for Appropriation of Biotechnology
Bo Göransson and Carl Magnus Pålsson

2. The Recent Evolution of the Biotech Local Innovation System of Minas Gerais: University, Local Firms and Transnational Corporations
José Eduardo Cassiolato, Graziela Ferrero Zucoloto, Márcia Siqueira Rapini and Sara Gonçalves Antunes de Souza

3. Linkages between Bio-Innovation, Knowledge Production and Policy in Uruguay
Isabel Bortagaray, Isarelis Pérez Ones and Judith Sutz

4. Biotechnology, University and Scientific and Technological Policy in Cuba: A Look at Progress and Challenges
Jorge Núñez Jover, Isarelis Pérez Ones and Luis Félix Montalvo Arriete

5. The Role of Product Development Partnerships for the Appropriation of Knowledge and Innovation in Biotechnology in Tanzania
Emmarold Mneney, Bitrina D. Diyamett and Burton L.M. Mwamila

6. Biotechnology in Mozambique: Present Situation and Future Trends
Luis Neves, Paula Macucule, Carlos Miguel Ribeiro and Ana Maria da Graça Mondjana

7. Appropriation of Technology in Universities: The Case of Biotechnology Transfer in Vietnam
Tran Ngoc Ca, Nguyen Phuong Mai, Tran Thi Phuong and Le Van Chuong

8. Biotechnology Transfer and Application in China: Background and Case Study
Wang Haiyan and Zhou Yuan

9. Biotechnology in Europe: Background Information on Biotechnology Industry Characteristics and Policy Environment in Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Russia and Sweden
Thomas Reiss, Ralf Lindner and Ulrich Schmoch

10. Biotechnology in Denmark and Sweden
Carl Magnus Pålsson and Birgitte Gregersen

11. Biotechnology Appropriation in a Small Country: From Historical Legacies to Contemporary Challenges in Latvia
Anda Adamsone-Fiskovica, Janis Kristapsons, Aija Lulle and Erika Tjunina

12. Biotechnology in Germany
Thomas Reiss, Ralf Lindner and Ulrich Schmoch

13. Biotechnology: National Policy and Development Priorities in Russia
Galina Sagieva

14. Implications for Public Policy and Industry Development
Bo Göransson and Carl-Magnus Pålsson

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