Elgar Encyclopedia of Consumer Behavior


Elgar Encyclopedia of Consumer Behavior

9781803926261 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Johanna F. Gollnhofer, Associate Professor of Marketing, Institute for Marketing & Customer Insight, University of St. Gallen, Reto Hofstetter, Professor of Marketing, Institute of Marketing and Analytics (IMA), University of Lucerne and Torsten Tomczak, Professor of Marketing, Institute for Mobility, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
Publication Date: June 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 626 1 Extent: c 330 pp
Modern commercial landscapes are characterized by rapidly evolving markets, and this authoritative Encyclopedia acts as an essential navigational guide to such changeable consumer environments.

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Modern commercial landscapes are characterized by rapidly evolving markets, and this authoritative Encyclopedia acts as an essential navigational guide to such changeable consumer environments.

This Encyclopedia provides an overview of crucial subjects within the study of consumer behavior, leading to a clear understanding of the terms that inform both research and practice. Contributors articulate the importance of examining a diversity of perspectives when studying consumer behavior, alongside essential consideration of a broad range of factors which may affect it, including cultural, social, ethical and technological concerns. Developing topics such as artificial intelligence and sustainable consumerism are analyzed to offer a fully updated picture of consumer behavior.

Acting as both an academic launchpad and a research aid, the Elgar Encyclopedia of Consumer Behavior is vital for students and academics of marketing, business research methods and those studying consumer psychology and trends.

Key Features:
● More than 90 concise entries that drive both theory and practice
● Includes important related terms within each entry to help further independent analysis
● Delves into possibilities for further research within burgeoning topic areas such as augmented reality marketing and mass customization to fully capture the contemporary relevance of consumer behavior studies
Critical Acclaim
‘The Elgar Encyclopedia of Consumer Behavior is an exemplary work. It includes not only time-honored theories but also the rapidly evolving landscape of consumer behavior. As a consumer researcher, I am particularly impressed by the comprehensive coverage of contemporary terms and concepts on technology. An invaluable resource for anyone who touches on the field of consumer behavior and consumption!’
– Bernd Schmitt, Columbia University, US

‘This new Elgar Encyclopedia of Consumer Behavior should be a great resource both for junior scholars hoping to get an overview of the field, and senior scholars looking for a quick snapshot of topics they want to learn more about. I particularly like the fact that it includes a lot of entries on very contemporary conversations that wouldn’t have been on the radar of consumer researchers as recently as a decade ago. It’s a very valuable contribution to the field.’
– Eileen Fischer, York University, Canada
Preface xii
1 Aesthetic Design 1
Jan R. Landwehr
2 Algorithm Predictability 5
Melanie Clegg
3 Algorithmic Advice 8
Benjamin von Walter
4 Algorithm Aversion 11
Anne-Kathrin Klesse, Yue
Zhang and Mirjam A. Tuk
5 Algorithmic Consumption 15
Jana Gross
6 Anthropomorphism 18
Carsten Baumgarth
7 Anti-consumption 22
Julia Gisler
8 Art Infusion 25
Carsten Baumgarth
9 Augmented Reality Marketing 28
Joachim Scholz and Andrew N. Smith
10 Behavioral Pricing 32
Felix Schakols
11 Bounded Rationality 35
Kristina Kleinlercher
12 Brand Antifragility 38
Daniel Dietrich
13 Brand Authenticity 40
Lucia Malär
14 Brand Displacement 43
Kirk Kristofferson and Lea Dunn
15 Brand Gender and Brand Equity 46
Theo Lieven
16 Brand Personality 49
Lucia Malär
17 Brand Relationships 52
Janina Rebecca Kauz
18 Brand Trust 55
Mansur Khamitov, Koushyar
Rajavi, Der-Wei Huang and
Yuly Hong
19 CASA (Computers are
Social Actors) 59
Carsten Baumgarth
20 Conspicuous Consumption 62
Perrine Desmichel and Bruno Kocher
21 Constraining Ideas 65
Reto Hofstetter
22 Consumer AI Experience 68
Stefano Puntoni, Rebecca
Walker Reczek, Markus Giesler
and Simona Botti
23 Consumer Brand Contestation 70
Daniel Dietrich
24 Consumer Co-creation 73
Daniel Wentzel
25 Consumer Creativity 76
Gry Høngsmark Knudsen,
Mario Campana, Kat Duffy and
Eric J. Arnould
26 Consumer Culture 81
Eric Arnould and Craig J Thompson
27 Consumer Downsizing 85
Lisa Eckmann
28 Consumer Fetish 89
Eric Arnould
29 Consumer Identity 93
Americus Reed II, Mark
Forehand, Stefano Puntoni and
Luk Warlop
30 Consumer Loyalty 94
Mansur Khamitov, Xin (Shane)
Wang and Matthew Thomson
31 Consumption Myth 97
Craig J. Thompson and Eric Arnould
32 Consumer Needs 101
Hélène Gorge, Nil
Özçağlar-Toulouse and Dannie
33 Consumer Patient 104
Anna Schneider-Kamp
34 Consumer Responsibilization 108
Johanna Gollnhofer
35 Consumer Socialization 110
Janina Rebecca Kauz
36 Consumer Temporality 114
Thomas Robinson
37 Consumer Tribes 118
Carlos A. Diaz Ruiz
38 Consumer–object Relations 121
Christiane Aufschnaiter
39 Consumption Communities 123
Jan-Hendrik Bucher
40 Consumption-led Market Shaping 127
Carlos A. Diaz Ruiz
41 Costly Signaling 130
Bruno Kocher and Perrine Desmichel
42 Customer Inspiration 133
Marc Linzmajer, Heiner
Evanschitzky and Thomas Rudolph
43 Customer Journeys 136
Carlos A. Diaz Ruiz
44 Default Effects 139
Alım Yılmaz, Isabelle Engeler
and Minah Jung
45 Delay Discounting 143
David J. Hardisty
46 Detached Co-involvement 147
Anna Schneider-Kamp
47 Digital Consumption 150
Christiane Aufschnaiter
48 Digital Possessions 153
Russell Belk
49 Essentialism 156
Tim Döring
50 Ethical Consumption Cap 159
Carys Egan-Wyer and Jack Coffin
51 Evaluative Conditioning 161
Jan R. Landwehr
52 Extended Self 164
Russell Belk
53 Fandom 167
Gry Høngsmark Knudsen
54 Framing 170
David J. Hardisty
55 Greenwashing 173
Lucia Gatti and Peter Seele
56 Health Capital 177
Anna Schneider-Kamp
57 Hostile Learning Environments 181
Jack S. Tillotson and Kushagra
58 Impulse Buying 185
Kristina Kleinlercher
59 Legitimacy 188
Thomas Robinson
60 Luxury Consumption 193
Nacima Ourahmoune and
Emma Samsioe
61 Market Segmentation 197
Carlos A. Diaz Ruiz
62 Mass Customization 200
Franziska Krause
63 Materiality 203
Christiane Aufschnaiter
64 Medical Consumerism 206
Anna Schneider-Kamp
65 Message Framing 210
Wibke Heidig
66 Mixed Emotions 213
Jana-Verena Gerhart and Vincent Oh
67 Multimodal Marketing
Communication 218
Stefania Farace
68 Narrative Recrafting 220
Hanne Pico Larsen, Jack
S. Tillotson and Susanne
69 Need for Uniqueness 223
Matthias Fuchs and Martin Schreier
70 Non-Fungible Tokens 226
Reto Hofstetter
71 Nostalgic Consumption 229
Christian Dam, Benjamin J.
Hartmann and Katja H. Brunk
72 Nudging 232
Julia Gisler
73 Online Reviews 234
Leif Brandes
74 Paradigms in Consumer
Behavior Research 237
Joern Redler
75 Perceived Ownership 243
Matthias Fuchs
76 Persuasion Knowledge 246
Martin Eisend
77 Platform Affordances 249
Lydia Ottlewski
78 Point-of-Purchase
Communications 252
Joern Redler
79 Processing Fluency 255
Jan R. Landwehr
80 Product Design 259
Daniel Wentzel
81 Prosumption 263
Jan-Hendrik Bucher
82 Psychological Distance 265
David Finken
83 Relationship Norms 270
Benjamin von Walter
84 Self-congruence 273
Lucia Malär
85 Self-tracking 276
Federico García Baena
86 Sharing 280
Russell Belk
87 Social Media Fatigue 283
Christopher Zerres and Thomas
88 Social Media Firestorms 286
Andrew N. Smith and Joachim Scholz
89 Social Responsibility 290
Verena E. Wieser and Andrea
90 Storied Consumer Self 294
Julius Stephan
91 Switching Behavior 297
Kristina Kleinlercher
92 Technology Acceptance
Models: TAM and UTAUT 300
Carsten Baumgarth
93 Time Poverty 304
Maria Giulia Trupia, Isabelle
Engeler and Cassie Mogilner Holmes
94 Transitional Consumer 308
Julius Stephan
95 Value Regimes 311
Johanna F. Gollnhofer and
Henri Weijo
96 Vintage Consumption 313
Christian Dam
97 Word of Mouth 316
Leif Brandes

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