Encyclopedia of International Strategic Management


Encyclopedia of International Strategic Management

9781800884038 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Christian Geisler Asmussen, Department of Strategy and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Niron Hashai, Arison School of Business, Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), Israel and Alliance Manchester Business School, UK and Dana Minbaeva, King’s Business School, King’s College London, UK and Department of Strategy and Innovation, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80088 403 8 Extent: 430 pp
This dynamic Encyclopedia presents succinct definitions, explanations and compact reviews of a comprehensive range of topics in the continually evolving field of International Strategic Management (ISM). A diverse and international collective of eminent scholars and thought leaders leverage their research expertise to present concise reviews of the state of the art of research in ISM, exploring the manifold aspects of firms’ global strategies.

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Critical Acclaim
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This dynamic Encyclopedia presents succinct definitions, explanations and compact reviews of a comprehensive range of topics in the continually evolving field of International Strategic Management (ISM).

A diverse and international collective of eminent scholars and thought leaders leverage their research expertise to present concise reviews of the state-of-the-art of research in ISM, exploring the manifold aspects of firms’ global strategies. With more than 90 carefully selected entries, spanning from asset recombination to foreign ownership, and from global mergers and acquisitions to the Uppsala Model, the Encyclopedia captures the breadth and depth of the multifunctional and multidisciplinary field of ISM.

Offering clear definitions of the key concepts and theories in ISM, this cutting-edge Encyclopedia will be an invaluable reference tool for doctoral students and scholars of international business, strategic management, and economics and finance. Its practical insights will also benefit practitioners, managers and policy makers in management fields.

Key Features:

• 95 concise and fully cross-referenced entries
• Examines the key actors within and around the multinational firm
• Discusses linkages and distinctions between key concepts and theories
• Analyzes the challenges faced by multinational firms in designing and implementing strategies in the global economy
Critical Acclaim
‘This Encyclopaedia is a comprehensive guide to the field of international strategic management. It examines international strategic management through a vast range of insightful, concise analyses of the key issues. The volume meets the multidisciplinary and multilevel challenges of the field, and it covers the matrix of relevant phenomena and disciplinary approaches with great style. The Encyclopaedia is centred on the multinational enterprise but goes much deeper and wider into international business environments, external beyond-the-firm impacts, international management and decision processes and the cultural differences that make this such a fascinating field. The excellent search features enable readers and researchers to focus on their interests and its content is up to date and relevant. This volume is highly recommended and will aid both researchers and practitioners as they further refine theory and practice.’
– Peter J. Buckley, Alliance Manchester Business School, UK

‘In their Encyclopedia of International Strategic Management, Asmussen, Hashai and Minbaeva, have assembled some of today''s best thinkers to tackle some of the most current, if not challenging, issues in the study of multinational organizations. Comprehensive, well written and documented, entries offer authoritative reviews of the topics at hand while identifying new research frontiers. The Encyclopedia is a rich and much needed reference for serious scholars.’
– Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, US

‘This Encyclopedia is a must-have reference source for scholars and practitioners who work in the field of global strategy and management. With a stellar team of contributors, it provides informed and updated descriptions of key terms, theoretical frameworks, and implications that help navigate through the growing and sometimes disjointed literature in this area.’
– Tatiana Kostova, University of South Carolina, US
Contributors include: Ruth V. Aguilera, Joao Albino-Pimentel, Tina C. Ambos, Ulf Andersson, Daniel S. Andrews, Christian Geisler Asmussen, Ari Van Assche, Helena Barnard, Wilhelm, Barner-Rasmussen, Esther Roca Batllori, René Belderbos, Gabriel R.G. Benito, Heather Berry, Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, Chris Brewster, Gianni De Bruyn, Peter J. Buckley, Amanda Bullough, Paula Caligiuri, Davide Castellani, Yian Chen, Helen De Cieri, Joseph A Clougherty, David G. Collings, Kieran M. Conroy, Rick Cotton, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Vasileios Davvetas, Benoit Decreton, Timothy Devinney, Mihaela Dimitrova, Jonathan Doh, Peter W. Dorfman, Douglas Dow, Yves Doz, Lorraine Eden, Carolyn P. Egri, Peter Enderwick, Juliane Engsig, Stav Fainshmidt, Carl F. Fey, Igor Filatotchev, Mats Forsgren, Andrea Fosfuri, Nicolai J Foss, Ruosu Gao, Ajai S. Gaur, Anthony Goerzen, Sabrina Goestl, Paul N. Gooderham, Mauro Guillen, Aida Hajro, Niron Hashai, Ilir Haxhi, Bersant Hobdari, Ulf Holm, Sven Horak, Thomas Hutzschenreuter, Andrew C. Inkpen, Viacheslav Iurkov, Mansour Javidan, Peter D. Ørberg Jensen, Mario Kafouros, Liena Kano, Constantine S. Katsikeas, Christian Ketels, Huda Khan, Gary Knight, Renato Kogeyama, Tatiana Kostova, Masaaki Kotabe, Medha Satish Kumar, Pankaj Kumar, Vikas Kumar, Mila B. Lazarova, Jong Min Lee, Hyun-Jung (HJ) Lee, Michal Lemanski, Orly Levy, Yi Li, Yu Li, Ted London, Sarianna Lundan, Randi Lunnan, Joe Mahoney, Kristiina Mäkelä, Eva Mavroudi, Martha Maznevski, Gerry McDermott, Chengcheng Miao, David Midgley, Dana Minbaeva, Christof Miska, Alexander Mohr, Michael Mol, Ram Mudambi, Jakob Müllner, Surender Munjal, Lilac Nachum, Anna Nadolska, Rajneesh Narula, Phillip C. Nell, Bo Bernhard Nielsen, Jennifer Oetzel, Chang Hoon Oh, Marina Papanastassiou, Ronaldo Parente, Torben Pedersen, Bent Petersen, Mark F. Peterson, Anu Phene, Rebecca Piekkari, Maurício Prado, Jonas Puck, Markus Pudelko, Larissa Rabbiosi, Miguel A. Ramos, B. Sebastian Reiche, A. Rebecca Reuber, Paul Ryan, Asmund Rygh, André Sammartino, Karin Sanders, Grazia Santangelo, Bodo Schlegelmilch, Margaret A. Shaffer, J. Myles Shaver, Günter K. Stahl, Emma Stendahl, Mary Sully de Luque, Riki Takeuchi, Stephen Tallman, Danchi Tan, Esther Tippmann, C. Annique Un, Paul M. Vaaler, Jan-Erik Vahlne, Sunil Venaik, Alain Verbeke, Davina Vora, Nigel Wadeson, Xena Welch, Juliette de Wit, Wenlong Yuan, Sri Zaheer, Shaker A. Zahra, Nan Zhou, Milda Žilinskaitė, Angelika Zimmerman

Introduction to the
Encyclopedia of International
Strategic Management xiii
Christian Geisler Asmussen,
Niron Hashai and Dana Minbaeva
1 Adaptation–aggregation–
arbitrage (AAA) typology 1
Bodo Schlegelmilch and Michal
2 Added distance 3
Thomas Hutzschenreuter
3 Agglomeration 5
Miguel A. Ramos and J. Myles Shaver
4 Asset recombination 8
Birgitte Grogaard
5 Base of the pyramid 11
Ted London
6 Born global firms 14
Gary Knight and Huda Khan
7 Business groups 18
Ajai S. Gaur
8 Centers of excellence 24
Mats Forsgren and Ulf Holm
9 Comparative corporate
governance 32
Ilir Haxhi and Ruth V. Aguilera
10 Comparative human
resource management 35
Chengcheng Miao and Chris
11 Cosmopolitanism 37
Orly Levy and Hyun-Jung (HJ) Lee
12 Country-of-origin effect 40
Paul N. Gooderham
13 Cultural agility 43
Paula Caligiuri
14 Deglobalization 45
Alexander Mohr
15 Diaspora 47
Helena Barnard
16 Distance 51
Heather Berry, Mauro Guillen
and Nan Zhou
17 Divestment 56
Gabriel R.G. Benito and
Viacheslav Iurkov
18 Eclectic paradigm 60
Rajneesh Narula and Jong Min Lee
19 Emerging market multinationals 64
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra and
Annique Un
20 Emerging markets 66
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra and
Annique Un
21 Expatriation 68
Riki Takeuchi
22 Firm-specific advantages 71
Alain Verbeke and Wenlong Yuan
23 Foreign entry mode 78
Christian Geisler Asmussen and
Bent Petersen
24 Foreign operation modes 87
Christian Geisler Asmussen and
Bent Petersen
25 Foreign ownership 95
Bersant Hobdari
26 Foreign subsidiary management 98
Tina C. Ambos
27 Foreign subsidiary networks 105
Ulf Andersson and Paul Ryan
28 Global boundary spanners 109
Wilhelm Barner-Rasmussen and
Kristiina Mäkelä
29 Global brands 112
Vasileios Davvetas and
Constantine S. Katsikeas
30 Global careers 115
Margaret A. Shaffer and
Mihaela Dimitrova
31 Global cities 118
Anthony Goerzen
32 The global factory 121
Peter Enderwick
33 Global leadership 123
Mansour Javidan, Rick Cotton,
Amanda Bullough, Peter W.
Dorfman, Medha Satish Kumar
and Carolyn P. Egri
34 Global mindset 127
Sabrina Goestl and Martha Maznevski
35 Global mobility and firm
innovation 130
Anu Phene
36 Global nonmarket strategy 133
Joao Albino-Pimentel, Gianni
De Bruyn and Yu Li
37 Global R&D 138
René Belderbos and Davide
38 Global supply chain management 144
Masaaki Kotabe
39 The global system view 147
Nigel Wadeson
40 Global talent management 149
David G. Collings and Kieran
M. Conroy
41 Global value chains 153
Liena Kano and Ari Van Assche
42 Global virtual teams 157
Angelika Zimmermann
43 Home and host country 161
Surender Munjal
44 HRM practice transfer 164
Kieran M. Conroy
45 Informal networks 166
Sven Horak
46 Integration–responsiveness
framework 168
Sunil Venaik, David Midgley
and Timothy Devinney
47 Intellectual property rights 174
Marina Papanastassiou
48 Internalization 177
Peter J. Buckley
49 International acquisitions 182
Xena Welch and Anna Nadolska
50 International control mechanisms 191
Emma Stendahl and Esther Tippmann
51 International coordination 194
Larissa Rabbiosi
52 International corporate
social responsibility 197
Günter K. Stahl, Christof Miska
and Mary Sully de Luque
53 International diversification 206
Stephen Tallman
54 International experience 209
A. Rebecca Reuber
55 International finance 211
Jonas Puck, Jakob Müllner and
Igor Filatotchev
56 International HRM 218
Helen De Cieri and Karin Sanders
57 International joint ventures 222
Andrew C. Inkpen
58 International modularity 225
Renato Kogeyama, Ronaldo
Parente, Gerry McDermott,
Ram Mudambi and Christian
Geisler Asmussen
59 International
non-governmental organizations 232
Jonathan Doh
60 International outsourcing 235
Michael Mol
61 International standards 237
Joseph A. Clougherty
62 International strategic alliances 240
Juliane Engsig and Bo
Bernhard Nielsen
63 International trade theory 251
Maurício Prado
64 Knowledge-based theory
of the MNE 254
Nicolai J. Foss
65 Knowledge-seeking FDI 259
Grazia Santangelo
66 Language in international business 264
Rebecca Piekkari
67 Learning in and by MNEs 269
Shaker A. Zahra
68 Legal distance 274
Stav Fainshmidt and Daniel S.
69 Liability of foreignness 276
Pankaj Kumar and Sri Zaheer
70 Location advantages 279
Sarianna Lundan
71 Metanational company 283
Yves Doz
72 Migrants and migration 285
Aida Hajro and Milda Žilinskaitė
73 Multicultural teams 288
Markus Pudelko
74 Multiculturalism 291
Davina Vora
75 Multinationality–
performance relationship 293
Yi Li, Ruosu Gao and Vikas Kumar
76 National culture 303
Mark F. Peterson, Sjoerd
Beugelsdijk and Juliette de Wit
77 National innovation systems 310
Mario Kafouros and Eva Mavroudi
78 Not-invented-here syndrome 314
Andrea Fosfuri and Esther
Roca Batllori
79 Offshoring 317
Peter D. Ørberg Jensen and
Torben Pedersen
80 Organizational culture in MNEs 322
Carl F. Fey and Yian Chen
81 Organizational legitimacy
and MNEs 327
Tatiana Kostova and Joao
82 The Penrose effect 332
Joe Mahoney and Danchi Tan
83 Political conflict 334
Jennifer Oetzel and Chang Hoon Oh
84 Porter’s diamond model 337
Christian Ketels
85 Private international law 344
Paul M. Vaaler
86 Psychic distance 348
Douglas Dow
87 Regional MNE 353
André Sammartino
88 Regional strategy 357
André Sammartino
89 Repatriation 361
B. Sebastian Reiche and Mila B.
90 State-owned enterprises 364
Randi Lunnan and Asmund Rygh
91 Strategic asset-seeking FDI 368
Grazia Santangelo
92 Structure of the MNE 373
Phillip C. Nell and Benoit Decreton
93 Temporal distance 379
Lilac Nachum
94 Transfer pricing and
cross-border arbitrage 382
Lorraine Eden
95 The Uppsala model 388
Jan-Erik Vahlne
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