From Land Ownership to Landed Commons


From Land Ownership to Landed Commons

Social Innovation in the Commoning of Scarce Land Resources

9781035319671 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Frank Moulaert, Emeritus Professor of Spatial Planning, P&D Research Unit, Faculty of Engineering, KU Leuven, Pieter Van den Broeck, Professor of Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, P&D Research Unit, Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium, Pavlos-Μarinos Delladetsimas, Department of Geography, Harokopio University, Greece and Liana Simmons, Political Scientist and Food Activist, Italy
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03531 967 1 Extent: 336 pp
This book offers a comprehensive survey of the history of thought and practice of commoning of land from a social innovation perspective. Presenting refreshing theoretical and historical perspectives and examining three case-studies in great depth, it explores how social relations, ethics, and agencies affect the building and development – but also the decline – of Landed Commons.

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This book offers a comprehensive survey of the history of thought and practice of commoning of scarce land resources. Presenting a refreshing theoretical and historical perspective, it explores how social relations, ethics, and agencies have affected the building and development – but also the decline – of Landed Commons. Bringing together expert contributors from across the globe and investigating in depth three case studies, the book addresses how people have acquired or lost their rights to use land, the institutionalization processes that have shaped or destroyed these rights, and how Landed Commons can be built, developed, and sustained in a socially innovative way. Using concepts from the Théorie des Cités, it demonstrates how mutual aid-based action research can be seen as the way forward for communities to build and maintain equitable and sustainable human–land relations in Landed Commons.

Academics, researchers, and students in regulation and governance, politics and public policy, human geography, social work, law, and economics will benefit from this in-depth exploration of the human relevance of commoning in contemporary neoliberal times. Commoning activists, government officials, and practitioners will equally find this to be an invaluable read.
Critical Acclaim
‘This magisterial work will surely become a landmark in the scholarship of Landed Commons. It deftly synthesizes a vast literature while opening up fresh vistas of understanding, balancing general lessons with complicated details. The result is a rich, broad-spectrum portrait of Commons that includes a history of land ownership, contemporary case studies, and attention to the micro-social dynamics of commoning, as well as critical lessons (and limitations) of Ostrom’s Commons research, anarchism, political ecology, and Marxism. Highly recommended!’
– David Bollier, Schumacher Center for a New Economics, US

‘How is the commons of the Commons related to the commons of the common good? Focusing on the Landed Commons, this book provides enlightening and original answers to this fundamental question. In addition to a helpful critical discussion of concepts and literature, and a positive proposal for a new direction combining justification theory, interactionism and social psychology, the book is particularly noteworthy for the in-depth fieldwork carried out through action research for social innovation in a wide range of commoning domains. By building bridges between analytical frameworks and tried-and-tested practices of commoning, the book offers an indispensable guide for those interested not only in theoretical debates and analytical frameworks, but also in how best to collectively conduct and govern a commoning activity.’
– Laurent Thévenot, School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, France

‘At a time when the contradiction between land stewardship and land speculation in public policy is at the centre of heated debates, this book offers both key international historical insights as well as Belgium-based case studies to all those interested in changing the historical course of land ownership and in building Landed Commons through an institutionalist pathway.’
– Chiara Tornaghi, Coventry University, UK
Contributors include: Annelies Beyens, Matthias Bussels, Pavlos-Μarinos Delladetsimas, Ide Hiergens, Annette Kuhk, Bernhard Leubolt, Marie Mistiaen, Frank Moulaert, Constanza Parra, Sofia Saavedra Bruno, Kaat Segers, Liana Simmons, Pieter Van den Broeck, Nele Verdonck, Guy Vloebergh

Foreword xiv
Bob Jessop
Acknowledgements xvii
List of abbreviations xx
1 Introducing Landed Commons: Building Solidarity
Relations for the Common Right to Land 1
Frank Moulaert, Pieter Van den Broeck, Bernhard
Leubolt, Pavlos-Μarinos Delladetsimas, Liana Simmons
2 Historical Origins of Property Regimes and Landed
Commons: Classical Thoughts and Common Practices 21
Pavlos-Μarinos Delladetsimas, Pieter Van den Broeck,
Frank Moulaert
3 From Marxism to Contemporary Institutionalisms in
Landed Commons 48
Pavlos-Μarinos Delladetsimas, Ide Hiergens, Pieter Van
den Broeck, Frank Moulaert
4 Beyond Dualities In Understanding The Commons:
Debates And Practices 84
Frank Moulaert, Pavlos-Μarinos Delladetsimas, Ide
Hiergens, Liana Simmons
5 Social Relations in Commoning: Towards a Socially
Innovative Perspective to Action Research in Building
Landed Commons 129
Frank Moulaert, Liana Simmons, Constanza Parra
6 From the ThŽorie Des CitŽs to the Practice of Landed Commons 158
Sofia Saavedra Bruno, Matthias Bussels, Pieter Van den
Broeck, Constanza Parra, Frank Moulaert
7 ThŽorie des CitŽs+ in Case Study Analysis 186
Frank Moulaert, Matthias Bussels, Pieter Van den
Broeck, Sofia Saavedra Bruno
8 Building a Landed Commons: Reclaiming space through
slow paths 204
Sofia Saavedra Bruno, Matthias Bussels, Constanza
Parra, Frank Moulaert, Pieter Van den Broeck
9 Building a Landed Commons: Collective Practices for
Organic Food Production 229
Annette Kuhk, Annelies Beyens, Kaat Segers
10 Building a Successful Landed Commons in Contemporary
Flanders: Collectief Goed’s Housing Model 256
Nele Verdonck, Marie Mistiaen, Guy Vloebergh
11 Commoning as Action Research: Concluding Observations 283
Frank Moulaert, Liana Simmons, Pavlos-Marinos
Delladetsimas, Pieter Van den Broeck
Appendix 1 Tips and Tricks on How to Handle Day-To-Day
Action Research 297
Frank Moulaert, Matthias Bussels, Pieter Van den Broeck, Sofia
Saavedra Bruno
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