Global Production Networks and Rural Development


Global Production Networks and Rural Development

Southeast Asia as a Fruit Supplier to China

9781800883871 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Bill Pritchard, School of Geosciences, University of Sydney, Australia
Publication Date: June 2021 ISBN: 978 1 80088 387 1 Extent: 192 pp
Bill Pritchard provides an important update on how current trade methodologies are implemented as China becomes one of the world’s largest fresh fruit importers from countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Bill Pritchard provides an important update on how current trade methodologies are implemented as China becomes one of the world’s largest fresh fruit importers from countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The book also looks at their distinctive trade aspects and what can be learnt from alternative practices carried out in other countries through the use of global production networks. An in-depth analysis provides the reader with a welcome insight into existing processes from production through to export, often through informal routes, with a marketing structure providing more power to the distributors and brokers and mixed effects on the farmers. Using empirical evidence from four countries, this book explores what could, and should, be implemented in this under-researched topic to aid rural development.

This will be an invaluable resource for researchers of human geography, international trade and Asian studies, particularly those with a focus on Southeast Asia and China.
Critical Acclaim
‘This edited volume brings together a set of timely and much needed research contributions on the pattern, nature and dynamics of the exports of fresh fruit from Southeast Asian countries to China. A palette of detailed case studies jointly develop our understanding of the emerging regional organization of agricultural trade flows directed to the food market in China by revealing new and different forms of inter-firm relationships and regulatory measures compared to similar but well-researched production networks that connect the Global South to the Global North.’
– Niels Fold, University of Copenhagan, Denmark

‘This book addresses a variety of case studies of South Asian regions, which are still under researched in comparison to their economic importance. The Australian economic geographer Bill Pritchard and his eleven Asian co-authors combine existing theories with their own regional perspectives on the fast emerging fruit value chains between South Asia and China. This is also very interesting from a general analytical perspective as it broadens the view on otherwise often overlooked dynamics and challenges which help our understanding of current value chain dynamics.’
– Peter Dannenberg, University of Cologne, Germany
Contributors include: K. Bannalath, W.W. Htun, W. Jitpong, A. Kmonpetch, K. Kubo, V. Nolintha, B. Pritchard, S. Sakata, F. Takanashi, N. Tantrakoonsab, W. Tantrakoonsab, C. Yang

1 Fresh fruit exports from mainland Southeast Asian
countries to China: background context and key questions
for research and policy 1
Bill Pritchard
2 Laotian borderland fruit production for the Chinese
market: a case study on watermelon in Luangnamtha Province 26
Khammerng Bannalath and Vanthana Nolintha
3 Myanmar’s mango export to China and Singapore:
implications for export destination diversification 42
Koji Kubo and Wah Wah Htun
4 Myanmar’s watermelon exports to China: impacts of
unofficial investment by Chinese on the diffusion of
a horticultural crop 62
Koji Kubo
5 Thai exports of durian to China: the expanding role of
Chinese entrepreneurs 81
Nattapon Tantrakoonsab and Wannarat Tantrakoonsab
6 Thai exports of longan to China: implications of Chinese
investment on Thai stakeholders 105
Aungkana Kmonpetch and Waranya Jitpong
7 The interlinkage of the Vietnamese horticultural sector
with the Chinese market: the case of watermelons 120
Fumie Takanashi
8 The changing dragon fruit value chain in Vietnam: the
increased presence of the Chinese in the chain 138
Shozo Sakata
9 The distribution of imported fresh fruits from Southeast
Asia in China 154
Chun Yang


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