Handbook on Gender and Cities


Handbook on Gender and Cities

9781786436122 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Linda Peake, Professor, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University, Canada, Anindita Datta, Professor, Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, India and Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin, Professor, Departments of Gender Studies and Geography and Planning, Queen''s University, Canada
Publication Date: October 2024 ISBN: 978 1 78643 612 2 Extent: c 512 pp
This Handbook acts as a state-of-the-art foundation for the field of gender and cities scholarship through in-depth assessments of the latest research within key areas of feminist urban academia. Multidisciplinary in its scope, editors Linda Peake, Anindita Datta and Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyan bring together over 60 feminist scholars to present contemporary research in this important field of study.

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Critical Acclaim
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This Handbook is a state-of-the-art exploration of the multidisciplinary field of gender and cities scholarship, providing in-depth assessments of the latest research within key areas of feminist urban academia. Editors Linda Peake, Anindita Datta and Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin have brought together over 60 feminist scholars to present cutting-edge insights into this important field of study.

The Handbook on Gender and Cities presents a cross-section of contemporary feminist work, spanning a range of theories and practices associated with urban space. Contributing authors explore key issues including urban policy, planning and politics; the urban economic arena; the urban environment; the urban everyday; feminist imaginaries of urban spaces and places; and feminist and decolonial urban knowledge production. The editors trace numerous crucial themes across the Handbook’s chapters, namely patriarchy, social reproduction, gendered violence, and women’s agency and the arena of the everyday. Whilst the Handbook celebrates the continually developing field of feminist urban studies, it acknowledges the volume of work still to be done and encourages future research to better accept and understand its complex and multiplicitous nature.

This forward-thinking Handbook is a vital resource for students, scholars and researchers in the fields of urban studies, geography, sociology, anthropology, women’s and gender studies and development studies. Its discussion of contemporary issues in urban settings will also appeal to professionals and practitioners working in public policy, urban design and planning.
Critical Acclaim
‘This comprehensive and authoritative state-of-the-art collection Handbook rigorously and insightfully addresses urgent questions about gender and cities in an impressive variety of contexts. Incorporating diverse and contemporary feminist theories and practices, authors critically engage with urban imaginaries, everyday lived realities, policies, planning, politics, environments, economics and knowledge production. It will benefit anyone interested in a rich, nuanced analysis of the constitutive relationship between gendered identities and urban spaces.’
– Lynda Johnston, University of Waikato, New Zealand

1 Introduction: gender and cities 1
Linda Peake, Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin and Anindita Datta
Introduction to Part I 24
2 Gender, performance and the city 28
Laura Levin
3 Feminist urban utopias and dystopias – searching for (an)other city? 38
Christine Hudson and Malin Rönnblom
4 Gendering urban public space 47
Fran Tonkiss
5 The partial street: gendering the everyday life of global precarity 56
Huda Tayob and Suzanne Hall
6 Gender and smart cities 65
Jess Hardley
7 War-torn cities: making feminist sense of urban warfare 75
Sunčana Laketa
8 Gender in a world of suburbs 85
Alison L. Bain and Julie A. Podmore
9 Urban regions and gender 95
Susanne Stenbacka and Gunnel Forsberg
Introduction to Part II 105
10 Imperatives to reintegrate global sustainable development policies on
gender and the city 110
Susan Parnell
11 Gender and urban governance 121
Jo Beall
12 Towards a feminist urban planning? 132
Yasminah Beebeejaun
13 Challenging exclusion: women, equity and urban design 142
Nicole Kalms
14 A feminist approach to making cities liveable 152
Astrid R.N. Haas
15 Gendered citizenship and the right to the city 162
Eleonore Kofman
16 Women and urban social movements 172
Anne-Marie Veillette
17 Women and urban activism 182
Matina Kapsali and Mantha Katsikana
18 “The wall came to me”: resisting everyday settler-colonial spatial violence 192
Nayrouz Abu Hatoum
Introduction to Part III 203
19 Feminist urban political ecology 206
Carolyn Prouse and Mohammed Rafi Arefin
20 Theorizing cities and women through pandemics 216
Susan Craddock
21 The feminist city and the climate emergency 226
Vanesa Castán Broto
22 Infrastructure and gender: navigating urban energy transitions 237
Rihab Khalid and Charlotte Lemanski
23 Women, water, sanitation, and waste in cities 248
Rebecca McMillan, Carrie Mitchell and Kate Parizeau
Introduction to Part IV 259
24 Women’s work as citymaking 263
Anindita Datta and Swagata Basu
25 Feminist approaches to debt in the city 274
Araby Smyth
26 From utopia to hacks and glitches: gender, digital realms and the city 284
Sophia Maalsen
27 Gendered access to land in cities 294
Paula Freire Santoro
28 Housing: recentring global feminist perspectives 303
Luisa Sotomayor
29 Women and urban transport 314
Valentina Montoya-Robledo
30 Urban migrants: a feminist lens 324
Rachel Silvey, Chloe Eunice Panganiban, Nadia Schwartz Rivero and Hannah Wu
31 Youth in the city: between precarity and futurity 334
Hilal Kara, Seemil Chaudhry and Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin
Introduction to Part V 344
32 The urban everyday: social lives and relationships 347
Poppy Budworth and Sarah Marie Hall
33 Gender and mobility: engaging women’s mobile lives 356
Paola Castañeda
34 Gender-based violence in an urban world 366
Cathy McIlwaine and Moniza Rizzini Ansari
35 Lived piety: gender and religion in the global city 376
Petra Kuppinger
36 Sexualizing urban space beyond binarisms 386
Joseli Maria Silva, Marcio Jose Ornat and Débora Lee Comasseto Machado
Introduction to Part VI 396
37 Decolonizing feminist urban research 400
Victoria Ogoegbunam Okoye
38 Indigenous feminism and urban studies 411
Heather Dorries
39 Trans urban research: comparing across las Américas 420
Wiley Sharp
40 Feminism, praxis and urban knowledge production 429
Sophie Oldfield and Anna Selmeczi
41 Feminist methodologies for critical urban research: interrogating and
reimagining epistemic justice 439
Ebru Ustundag and Damaris Rose
42 Feminist methods for urban research: the city as care machine 449
Sheryl-Ann Simpson
43 Urban ethnography and everyday life 459
Zenzele Isoke
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