Handbook of African Economic Development


Handbook of African Economic Development

9781800885790 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Pádraig Carmody, Professor in Geography, Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and Senior Research Associate, School of Tourism and Hospitality, University of Johannesburg, South Africa and James T. Murphy, Professor and Director, Graduate School of Geography, Clark University, US
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80088 579 0 Extent: 606 pp
The Handbook of African Economic Development explores the diverse nature of economic advancement in Africa, spanning from pre-colonial times to the present day. Expansive in scope, it offers both orthodox and heterodox perspectives on the subject, and what it means for the continent.

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The Handbook of African Economic Development explores the diverse nature of economic advancement in Africa, spanning from pre-colonial times to the present day. Expansive in scope, it offers both orthodox and heterodox perspectives on the subject, and what it means for the continent.

Going beyond traditional metanarratives, this dynamic Handbook provides a historically grounded, data-informed analysis of African economic development, taking into account external pressures and internal structural inequalities. Contributors map out the key debates surrounding the topic before assessing historical contexts, the effect of global networks, current industries and institutions, and both rural and urban developments. The Handbook contends with the future of economic development in Africa, particularly in the context of climate change, continuing decolonisation and Africapitalism.

With a global team of authors providing a range of perspectives, this unique Handbook will prove crucial reading for students and scholars of African studies, development studies, geography and economics. It will also prove to be a fascinating read for anyone interested in non-conventional, postcolonial approaches to these disciplines.
Critical Acclaim
‘Portrayals of African economic development have undergone a significant shift. No longer viewed as a continent of “basket case” economies, Africa has in recent years begun to be recognized as a continent of diverse economies and growth strategies—as well as successes. This comprehensive book offers a heterodox updating of the very different experiences of African countries on their path to economic development. The book covers a wealth of topics beyond the standard focus on trade and debt. Monetary policy, the role of extractive industries, gender, race, migration and diasporas, as well as chapters on economic sectors offer the reader a broad and complex view of African economic development. The book''s depth combined with accessibility makes it a good source for all types of readers—academics, students, and laypeople.’
– Stephanie Seguino, University of Vermont, US

‘This Handbook takes a fresh approach to African economic development. It covers a rich array of topics, including macroeconomic and industrial policy, rural livelihoods, urbanisation and climate change. It is original and important in framing “development” as historically contingent, shaped by politics and subject to evolving theoretical fads.’
– Nicoli Nattrass, University of Cape Town, South Africa

1 Introduction to the Handbook of African Economic Development 2
Pádraig Carmody and James T. Murphy
2 Development theories, perspectives, and debates with a focus on Africa 14
Pádraig Carmody and James T. Murphy
3 African economic development: challenges and successes (a look at the data) 30
James T. Murphy and Pádraig Carmody

4 Pre-colonial African economies 42
Erik Green
5 Economic development during the height of colonialism, c. 1920‒1960 56
Ellen Hillbom
6 Social and economic development in Africa: early years of political
independence 72
Vusi Gumede

7 China and the BRI(C)S in Africa: making sense of the complexities of
capabilities asymmetries 86
Obert Hodzi
8 Monetary policy and macroeconomic management in Africa 99
Christopher Adam
9 Trade and development in Africa 117
Rick Rowden
10 Foreign investment and aid in Africa: history, trends, theories, and prospects 132
Pádraig Carmody and James T. Murphy
11 Global and regional value chains in sub-Saharan Africa: governance of
social standards 152
Stephanie Barrientos and Shane Godfrey
12 Migration/diasporas 167
Abel Chikanda

13 Policy and performance in African agriculture since independence:
critical reflections 184
Howard Stein
14 Extractive industries in Africa 199
Pius Siakwah
15 Manufacturing in Africa 218
Carol Newman
16 Financial and other services sectors in Africa 233
Joshua Y. Abor, Baah A. Kusi, Lordina Amoah, and Elikplimi K. Agbloyor

17 Governance and politics 252
Pierre Englebert and Kari Siegenthaler
18 Property and land tenure 268
Sandra F. Joireman
19 Gender and development 282
Vera Acheampong and Abena D. Oduro
20 Race, capitalism, and development 298
Luísa Calvete Portela Barbosa

21 Livelihoods, poverty, and development 314
Thanyani Madzivhandila and Francis Owusu
22 Smallholder agriculture and agrarian livelihoods 329
Agnes Andersson and Selorm Kobla Kugbega
23 Rural labor, depeasantization, and deagrarianization 344
Deborah Fahy Bryceson
24 Pastoral livelihoods in Africa 358
Edna Wangui
25 Fisheries 374
Mafaniso Hara and Fiona Nunan
26 Forestry 389
Charlotte Hall, Emilie Vansant, Bowy den Braber, Rasmus Skov Olesen, and
Laura Vang Rasmussen

27 Urban transition and economic development in Africa 404
Ian E.A. Yeboah
28 Urban livelihoods 418
David Simon and Katherine V. Gough
29 Informality 434
Richard Grant
30 Infrastructure challenges: thinking infrastructure differently for more
hopeful African futures 447
Idalina Baptista
31 New city building in urban Africa 461
Martin Murray and Taru
32 Africa’s middle classes: between relative prosperity and persistent precarity 477
Manja Andreasen

33 Climate change and Africa 493
Camilla Toulmin, Florence Crick, and Binyam Gebreyes
34 Political economy of climate change adaptation in Africa 512
Julie A. Silva, L. Jen Shaffer, and Robin Leichenko
35 Political ecologies of development 527
Anesu Makina and Mary Lawhon

36 Africapitalism 542
Stefan Ouma
37 The decolonial turn in development in Africa 556
Busani Mpofu and Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni
38 Epilogue 573
James T. Murphy and Pádraig Carmody
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