Research Handbook on Housing, the Home and Society


Research Handbook on Housing, the Home and Society

9781800375963 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Keith Jacobs, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, Kathleen Flanagan, Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, Jacqueline De Vries, Researcher, School of Social Sciences and Emma MacDonald, Researcher, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania, Australia
Publication Date: August 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80037 596 3 Extent: c 648 pp
This dynamic Research Handbook explores key perspectives, topics and methodologies used to understand housing, the home and society. Pairing social theory with a broad range of case studies from the Global North and South, it offers a unique insight into the field.

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This dynamic Research Handbook explores key perspectives, topics and methodologies used to understand housing, the home and society. Pairing social theory with a broad range of case studies from the Global North and South, it offers a unique insight into the field.

Bringing together an array of esteemed academics, this Research Handbook explores housing in its broadest sense, encapsulating generations of housing knowledge, policy interventions, experiences and representations of home, practices enacted within the home, and the intersection of housing and the home with economy and society. Chapters cover insightful topics from unique angles including crime and the home, ageing in place, econometric methods in housing research, the digitisation of housing, and home and gentrification. Ultimately, this Research Handbook uses contemporary analyses to recommend future housing policy, advocating for a fairer market with greater building opportunities, fostering accepting communities and embracing digital technology.

An invaluable resource for researchers, academics and students, this Research Handbook will benefit those specialising in sociology and social policy, political science, criminology and economics. Offering practical policy recommendations, this book will also be of great interest for professionals working in governmental policy, interdisciplinary think tanks, and other national government organisations involved in social housing and urban planning.
Critical Acclaim
‘This superb volume adroitly showcases the work of leading scholars across the closely intertwined themes of housing, home and society. Its quality and range – capturing the evolution of thinking within housing studies, developments within social theory, policy and practice interventions, and the intersection of housing with the economy and with politics – makes it essential reading for students, researchers, policy makers and practitioners concerned with some of the most pressing social challenges of our time.’
– Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Heriot-Watt University, UK

‘This volume reflects upon and updates social science perspectives on housing and the home. While aware of the legacy of social theoretical inquiry in housing, the editors usefully compile a compendium of contemporary and advancing perspectives on the practices, experiences, representations and politics of housing. By collecting insights from a notable assembly of leading and emerging authors, the book ably encapsulates the current diverse breadth of theory, method and empirical attention in housing studies. It is a valuable addition to any contemporary housing bookshelf.’
– Jago Dodson, RMIT University, Australia

‘As global housing challenges become ever more urgent, this Research Handbook provides a vital source of ideas, inspirations and evidence for how alternatives may be constructed and achieved. An impressive range of disciplines and geographies offer intriguing and compelling theoretical approaches, practices and methods on the experience, representations and politics of housing, home, society, tenure and ideology.’
– John Flint, Sheffield University, UK
Contributors include: Manuel B. Aalber, Lisa Adkins, Rowland Atkinson, Omar Ben Haman, Naama Blatman, Kate Booth, Gareth Bryant, Michael Byrne, Megan Carras, David Clapham, Dave Cowan, Konrad Czechowski, Paul Dave, Jacqueline De Vries, Hazel Easthope, Gabriel Fauveaud, Dario Ferrazzi, Kathleen Flanagan, Kenneth Gibb, Satyam Goel, Ruby Grant, Rod Hick, Jennifer Hoolachan, Kath Hulse, Rob Imrie, Keith Jacobs, Bruce Judd, David Kelly, Sophie-May Kerr, Martijn Konings, Chris Leishman, Iris Levin, Gonzalo Lizarralde, Ernesto López-Morales, Braam Lowies, Kurt Lushington, Sophia Maalsen, Emma MacDonald, Tony Manzi, Kathy Mee, Daniel Meza Corvalán, Tom Moore, Michelle Norris, Natalie Osborne, Hal Pawson, Benai Pham, Emma Power, Donald Reid, Margaret Reynolds, Kim Robinson, Dallas Rogers, Sharda Rozena, Antonia Settle, Alistair Sisson, Mark Stephens, John Sylvestre, Max Travers, Laurence Troy, Kimberly Turner, Briohny Walker, Hong Zeng


Introduction to the Research Handbook on Housing, the Home and Society 1
Keith Jacobs, Kathleen Flanagan, Jacqueline De Vries and Emma MacDonald
1 Social constructionism and the material and practice turns 9
David Clapham
2 Foucauldian perspectives 24
Megan Carras
3 Postcolonizing housing 40
David Kelly
4 ‘Historical sensibility’ and its relevance for contemporary housing studies 53
Keith Jacobs
5 Economics 64
Kenneth Gibb
6 Political economy 78
Manuel B. Aalbers
7 Ethnography and housing studies 96
Max Travers
8 Home: socio-legal interventions 109
Dave Cowan
9 Econometric methods in housing research 122
Chris Leishman and Satyam Goel
10 Comparative housing research 141
Mark Stephens and Rod Hick
11 Visual methods in housing research: concepts, methods, and applications 158
John Sylvestre, Konrad Czechowski and Kimberly Turner
12 Podcasting and housing studies 178
Dallas Rogers, Thomas Moore and Benai Pham
13 Housing tenure 196
Kath Hulse and Margaret Reynolds
14 Homelessness 213
Jennifer Hoolachan
15 Invisible informal housing in the Global South 230
Gonzalo Lizarralde and Gabriel Fauveaud
16 Representing the queer rural home: lesbian homemaking in rural
Tasmania, Australia 250
Ruby Grant and Briohny Walker
17 Housing and stigma 267
Michelle Norris and Michael Byrne
18 Crime and the home 284
Dario Ferrazzi and Rowland Atkinson
19 Re-imagining the household through insurance 296
Kate Booth and Antonia Settle
20 Housing, place and design 309
Bruce Judd
21 Condominium living 327
Hazel Easthope and Sophie-May Kerr
22 Housing under occupation 346
Omar Ben Haman
23 Home in displacement: scales of home along the refugee journey 360
Iris Levin and Kim Robinson
24 Interdependent living and the re-design of domestic environments 374
Rob Imrie
25 Ageing-in-place 387
Braam Lowies and Kurt Lushington
26 I know where I’m going: historical materialist criticism and the
representation of home in British conservative romanticism 413
Paul Dave
27 Housing and fiction: representing context, contingency and conjuncture 427
Tony Manzi
28 Envisioning and (de)constructing a home: the domestic space in visual
arts in China and Hong Kong 440
Hong Zeng
29 Unruly bodies, unruly homes: how housing represents class in
Australian television 456
Donald Reid
30 The politics of housing: policy reform 474
Hal Pawson
31 The climate emergency 488
Natalie Osborne
32 The assetization of housing in Australia: recent dynamics of lock-in and
lock-out in a property-driven political economy 502
Martijn Konings, Lisa Adkins, Gareth Bryant, Sophia Maalsen and Laurence Troy
33 The digitization of housing and home 519
Sophia Maalsen
34 Gentrification 532
Sharda Rozena
35 Rethinking housing inequality and justice in a settler colonial city 548
Naama Blatman and Alistair Sisson
36 Chile’s Pobladores movement: redefining a neoliberal housing policy
from its margins 567
Daniel Meza Corvalán and Ernesto López-Morales
37 Gender, care and the home 585
Emma R. Power and Kathy Mee
Afterword 602
Kathleen Flanagan, Keith Jacobs, Jacqueline De Vries and Emma MacDonald
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