Handbook of Business and Public Policy


Handbook of Business and Public Policy

9781788979115 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Aynsley Kellow, Professor Emeritus of Government, School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania, Australia, Tony Porter, Professor, Department of Political Science, McMaster University, Canada and Karsten Ronit, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78897 911 5 Extent: 416 pp
This comprehensive Handbook provides an analysis of the key issues, accomplishments, and challenges of research and practices related to the interactions between business and public policy.

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This comprehensive Handbook provides an analysis of the key issues, accomplishments, and challenges of research and practices related to the interactions between business and public policy.

International expert contributors explore how the organizational structures of government and business have changed as the world has become more globalized, and as researchers have accumulated insights into why and how public policy is influenced by, and in turn influences, business. Examining how businesses themselves have increasingly contributed to the making and implementation of policy, chapters illuminate the most significant debates as well as the theoretical and empirical developments in these areas. This approach enables a comparison of the similarities and differences across the field of business and public policy as a whole.

Identifying new directions and research questions in this rapidly evolving field, this Handbook will be a useful resource for academics and students of business and public policy, as well as related areas including corporate governance, political economy and international business. Practitioners and policy makers will also benefit from its illumination of the complex relationship between business and public policy.
Critical Acclaim
‘I recommend this volume to anyone interested not just in the immediate topic but in the broader ramifications of what has been called: “globalization”.’
– From the Foreword by Philippe C. Schmitter, European University Institute, Italy

‘The editors have assembled an impressive global team to offer rich and insightful analyses of the dynamic relationship between business and politics. Covering a wide range of topics, the volume combines historical analysis with contemporary debates, featuring top scholars in the field. This excellent contribution addresses the increasingly complex global policy and regulatory landscape and presents a compelling agenda for future research.’
– Susan K. Sell, Australian National University, Australia
Contributors: R. Bourke, P.G. Cerny, L. Curran, P. Emmenegger, K. Farnsworth, H.B. Feigenbaum, D. Fuchs, S.M. Hilgers, R. Hoppe, A. Kellow, L. Latulippe, B. Lennartz, S. Markowski, C. May, G. McCann, I. McMenamin, V. Muzaka, C. Pforr, T. Porter, N. Proulx, K. Ronit, P. Schmitter, A. Sheluchin, D.F. Unterwege, J. Vapnek, T. Wang, A. Wigger, M. Wilder, R. Wylie

Foreword xi
Preface xii
1 Business and public policy: introducing the field 1
Aynsley Kellow, Tony Porter and Karsten Ronit
2 Corporations in governance: what do they want and how do
they get it? 24
Doris Fuchs and Benedikt Lennartz
3 Three circles: firms and parties from the twentieth to the
twenty-first century 42
Iain McMenamin
4 Investor-state dispute settlement: challenging private governance 57
Christopher May
5 Competition laws and their enforcement in the US and Europe:
origins, evolution and contestation 75
Angela Wigger
6 Business and consumer policy 90
Karsten Ronit
7 Understanding and influencing trade policy 106
Louise Curran
8 Making global public policy: business and global patent
protection standards 122
Valbona Muzaka
9 Business and public policy: training policy 138
Patrick Emmenegger and Daniel Franz Unterweger
10 Unravelling the relationship between tax policy and business:
theory, evidence and facts 154
Lyne Latulippe and Nicolas Proulx
11 Business and monetary policy 175
Sven M. Hilgers
12 Business and politics in an age of intangibles and financialization 191
Philip G. Cerny
13 Defence policy making: a case study of defence industry
engagement in Australia 213
Stefan Markowski, Rob Bourke and Robert Wylie
14 Business, science and technology governance: from layering,
conversion and drift to responsible research and innovation? 230
Robert Hoppe
15 Migration policy 258
Gerard McCann
16 Business and the (corporate) welfare state 276
Kevin Farnsworth
17 Hollywood’s changing business model and the future of
cultural diversity 295
Harvey B. Feigenbaum
18 Industrial policy 306
Matt Wilder
19 Food and agriculture policy 322
Jessica Vapnek and Tiffany Wang
20 Business and energy and environmental policy 340
Aynsley Kellow
21 Business and financial regulation 358
Anwar Sheluchin and Tony Porter
22 Tourism and public policy 375
Christof Pforr

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