Handbook of Cities and Networks


Handbook of Cities and Networks

9781788114707 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Zachary P. Neal, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Michigan State University, US and Céline Rozenblat, Professor of Urban Geography, Faculty of Geosciences and Environment,Université de Lausanne, Switzerland
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78811 470 7 Extent: 672 pp
This Handbook of Cities and Networks provides a cutting-edge overview of research on how economic, social and transportation networks affect processes both in and between cities. Exploring the ways in which cities connect and intertwine, it offers a varied set of collaborations, highlighting different theoretical, historical and methodological perspectives.

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This Handbook of Cities and Networks provides a cutting-edge overview of research on how economic, social and transportation networks affect processes both in and between cities. Exploring the ways in which cities connect and intertwine, it offers a varied set of collaborations, highlighting different theoretical, historical and methodological perspectives.
International contributions assess the state of the field of network analysis, presenting interdisciplinary insights that draw on theory from geography, economics, sociology, history, archaeology and psychology, and outlining methodological tools that include ethnographic, qualitative and quantitative approaches. Illustrating a framework for integrating the diversity of urban networks, the Handbook demonstrates that by exploring urban networks with different combinations of levels and scales, new insights and opportunities can emerge.
Featuring focused studies on specific regions and cities, this state-of-the-art Handbook is essential reading for scholars and researchers of urban studies and regional science, particularly those focusing on the transformation of cities as connected spaces through intracity and intercity networks. Its core theoretical insights will also benefit graduate students in urban studies and network analysis.
Critical Acclaim
‘If you want to understand cities – the innovation and dynamism they generate and the way they sort and segregate people by class, race and other dimensions – you have to start by understanding that cities are networks. Zachary Neal and Céline Rozenblat have done all of us who care about cities a great service by pulling together the very best and brightest thinkers on cities and networks in this terrific volume.’
– Richard Florida, University of Toronto, US and author of The Rise of the Creative Class and The New Urban Crisis
Contributors: K.F. Anderson, M. Barke, M. Barthelemy, M. Batty, M. Bartholomew, M. Beguerisse-Díaz, L.M.A. Bettencourt, M. Birkett, E. Bogumil, S.A. Burtner, R. Cachia, C. Chase-Dunn, B. Christens, R. Clark, D.G. Cooper, B. Derudder, C. Ducruet, C. Fang, J. Galaskiewicz, T. Haas, J. Hanson, S. Heroy, F. Hulot, P. Janulis, A. Jones, U. Kollamparambil, K. Kourtit, X. Li, M. Mahutga, K. Martinus, P. Matous, I. Maya-Jariego, S.S. Metcalf, A.T. Murray, Z. Neal, P. Nijkamp, M.E. Northridge, N. O’Clery, K. Pain, H.D. Palmer, F. Pan, C. Parnreiter, D. Pieber, D. Pumain, A. Quan-Haase, J. Raimbault, C. Rozenblat, S. Shi, T. Sigler, P.J. Taylor, M. van Meeteren, R. Wall, Q. Zhang

1 The levels and scales of urban networks 2
Céline Rozenblat and Zachary P. Neal
2 From networks of cities to systems of cities 16
Denise Pumain
3 Complex networks and fundamental urban processes 41
Luís M.A. Bettencourt

4 Settlement networks and sociocultural evolution 63
Elizabeth Bogumil and Christopher Chase-Dunn
5 Sizing up Roman urbanism 88
J.W. Hanson
6 Associational life in the rounding out of dynamic cities: an in-depth
methodology and application to Newcastle city-region in the nineteenth
century 107
Mike Barke and Peter J. Taylor

7 The structure of urban networks 127
Marc Barthelemy
8 Modeling the co-evolution of cities and networks 166
Juste Raimbault
9 Ties through place: socio-material network analyses in urban studies 194
Meg Bartholomew and Alasdair Jones
10 Theory and method in macro-comparative social network analysis 215
Matthew C. Mahutga and Robert Clark
11 The role of proximity and distance in inter-urban networks 239
Thomas Sigler, Kirsten Martinus and Petr Matous
12 About being in the middle: conceptions, models and theories of centrality in
urban studies 252
Michiel van Meeteren

13 The city of opportunity: designing Cities4People 273
Karima Kourtit, Peter Nijkamp and Tigran Haas
14 Community organizing and interorganizational network changes in a justice
system reform coalition in Chicago 293
Brian Christens and Daniel G. Cooper
15 Racial/ethnic residential segregation and urban spatial networks in the
United States 313
Kathryn Freeman Anderson and Joseph Galaskiewicz
16 Urban mobility and segregation examined through networked travel activity 331
Susan A. Burtner and Alan T. Murray
17 The impact of urban social life on sexual networks and health 350
Patrick Janulis and Michelle Birkett
18 Modeling dissemination of health information and beliefs in urban social
networks 350
Sara S. Metcalf, Harvey D. Palmer, Qiuyi Zhang and Mary E. Northridge
19 Conflict resolution and opinion pooling in city planning 389
Michael Batty
20 Up close and impersonal: locative media and the changing nature of the
networked individual in the city 409
Darryl A. Pieber and Anabel Quan-Haase
21 Far away ties, never so close: the geographical spread of social support
resources for mobile individuals 427
Romina Cachia and Isidro Maya-Jariego

22 Is maritime transport an urban network? The interplay between global
container flows and urban hierarchies 449
César Ducruet
23 Unravelling the forces underlying urban industrial agglomeration 472
Neave O’Clery, Samuel Heroy, François Hulot and Mariano Beguerisse-Díaz
24 Cities, networks, polycentrism: examining the place of polycentrism in
spaces of flows 493
Kathy Pain and Shuai Shi
25 Intracity and intercity networks of multinational firms, 2010–2019 511
Céline Rozenblat
26 Uneven ties! The imposition of inequality through interscalar networks 557
Ronald Wall and Umakrishnan Kollamparambil
27 Research progress of Chinese city networks 585
Fenghua Pan, Cheng Fang and Xiande Li
28 The GaWC perspective on global-scale urban networks 601
Ben Derudder and Peter J. Taylor
29 Global cities, centripetal wealth transfer and uneven development 618
Christof Parnreiter

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