Handbook of Digital Innovation


Handbook of Digital Innovation

9781803921488 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Satish Nambisan, Nancy and Joseph Keithley Professor of Technology Management, Kalle Lyytinen, The Iris S. Wolstein Professor of Management Design and Youngjin Yoo, The Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professorship in Entrepreneurship, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, US
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80392 148 8 Extent: 320 pp
Digital innovations influence every aspect of life in an increasingly digitalized world. Firms pursuing digital innovations must consider how digital technologies shape the nature, process and outcomes of innovation as well as long- and short-term social, economic and cultural consequences of their offerings. This Handbook contributes to a transdisciplinary understanding of digital innovation with a diverse set of leading scholars and their distinct perspectives. The ideas and principles advanced herein set the agenda for future transdisciplinary research on digital innovation in ways that inform not only firm-level strategies and practices but also policy decisions and science-focused investments.

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Digital innovations influence every aspect of our lives in this increasingly technological world. Firms that pursue digital innovations must think carefully about how digital technologies shape the nature, process and outcomes of innovation as well as the long- and short-term social, economic and cultural consequences of their offerings.

The Handbook contributes to building a transdisciplinary understanding of digital innovation by bringing together a diverse set of leading scholars from business, engineering, economics, science and public policy. Their distinct perspectives advance ideas and principles intended to set the agenda for future research on digital innovation in ways that inform not only firm-level strategies and practices but policy decisions and science-focused investments as well.

The first of its kind, this Handbook provides scope and depth for scholars interested in information systems and digital technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship, strategy, and digital platforms and ecosystems. In addition, it is informative and enlightening to scholars and practitioners interested in the impact of digital technologies on organizations and the broader society.
Critical Acclaim
‘The revolution in digital technologies has fueled unprecedented levels and forms of innovation spanning individuals, firms, industries, and disciplines. Satish Nambisan, Kalle Lyytinen and Youngjin Yoo call for the first transdisciplinary approach to understanding this phenomenon. This collection of cumulative knowledge and the rare opportunity for novel connections stemming from this are vitally important in order to move forward scholarly and practitioner perspectives on digital innovation.’
– Mike Fisher, Chief Technology Officer at Etsy, US
Contributors: A. Aaltonen, C. Alaimo, E. Autio, N. Berente, C. Bubel, P.N. Courant, J. Cutcher-Gershenfeld, E.L. Echeverri-Carroll, A. Gawer, T.L. Griffith, V. Grover, J. Grudin, O. Henfridsson, S.L. Jarvenpaa, J. Kallinikos, M.J. Kim, J.L. King, R.J. Kulathinal, S. Kumar, K.A. Loparo, K. Lyytinen, A. Majchrzak, A. Malhotra, M.L. Markus, S. Nambisan, W. Nan, J.V. Nickerson, A. Pedraza-Avella, L.W. Rogowski, S. Seidel, L.D.W. Thomas, C. Velu, Y. Yoo, X. Zhang


Section 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Digital Innovation: Towards a Transdisciplinary Perspective (Nambisan, Lyytinen, Yoo)

Section 2: Foundations of Digital Innovation
Introduction to Section 2 (Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld)

Chapter 2: The New Wave of Digital Innovation: The Need for a Theory of Sociotechnical Self-Orchestration (Majchrzak & Griffith)

Chapter 3: Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship in and around Institutional Voids: The Case of Fundación Cardiovascular (FCV) in Colombia (Jarvenpaa, Echeverri-Carroll, Pedraza)

Chapter 4: Theorizing the Connections between Digital Innovations and Societal Transformation: Learning from the Case of M-Pesa in Kenya (Markus & Nan)

Chapter 5: Agile Development as the Root Metaphor for Strategy in Digital Innovation (Berente)

Section 3: Digital Platforms, Ecosystems and Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Section 3 (Annabelle Gawer)
Chapter 6: Value co-creation in ecosystems: Insights and research promise from three disciplinary perspectives (Autio & Thomas)

Chapter 7: Remixing Systems: Collective design through modification (Nickerson)

Chapter 8: Scaling Digital Enterprises (Henfridsson)

Section 4: Digital Innovation, Business Models and Value Creation
Introduction to Section 4 (Varun Grover)
Chapter 9: Data and Value (Alaimo, Kallinikos, Aaltonen)

Chapter 10: Business Model Cohesiveness Scorecard: Implications of Digitization for Business Model Innovation (Velu)

Chapter 11: Automate, Informate, and Generate: Affordance Primitives of Smart Devices and the Internet of Things (Seidel & Berente)

Section 5: Digital Innovation and Future of Work
Introduction to Section 5 (Paul Courant)
Chapter 12: Prolegomena on Digital Innovation and Jobs (King & Grudin)

Chapter 13: Making the One-Sided Gig Economy Really Two-Sided: Implications for Future of Work (Malhotra)

Section 6: Digital Innovation and Application Domains
Introduction to Section 6 (Ken Loparo)
Chapter 14: The bits and bytes of biology: Digitalization fuels an emerging generative platform for biological innovation (Kulathinal, Yoo, Kumar)

Chapter 15: Innovations in Micro-robotics and their Implications in a Digital World (Rogowski, Bubel, Zhang, Kim)

Section 7: Conclusion
Chapter 16: A Transdisciplinary Research Agenda for Digital Innovation: Key Themes and Directions for Future Research (Lyytinen, Nambisan, Yoo)

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