Handbook of Manufacturing Industries in the World Economy


Handbook of Manufacturing Industries in the World Economy

9781781003923 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by John R. Bryson, Professor of Enterprise and Economic Geography, Department of Strategy and International Business, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK, Jennifer Clark, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Director, Center for Urban Innovation, Georgia Institute of Technology and Vida Vanchan, Professor of Geography and Planning, Geography and Planning Department, Buffalo State, The State University of New York, SUNY, US
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78100 392 3 Extent: 544 pp
This interdisciplinary volume provides a critical and multi-disciplinary review of current manufacturing processes, practices, and policies, and broadens our understanding of production and innovation in the world economy. Chapters highlight how firms and industries modify existing processes to produce for established and emerging markets through dynamic and design-driven strategies. This approach allows readers to view transformations in production systems and processes across sectors, technologies and industries. Contributors include scholars ranging from engineering to policy to economic geography. The evidence demonstrates that manufacturing continues to matter in the world economy.

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Critical Acclaim
Critical Acclaim
‘In Handbook of Manufacturing Industries in the World Economy, editors Bryson, Clark, and Vanchan offer up a welcome addition to the manufacturing literature replete with valuable contributions from immensely competent researchers . . . The strengths of the Handbook are immediately apparent, and include the fact that contributions are provided by seasoned scholars, active scholars in mid-career, and budding scholars alike. The editors have thus ensured that the Handbook is well grounded while remaining topically fresh.’
– Economic Geography

‘. . . this book attempts to answer the following: what is the role of Asia in driving innovation in a global economy, and what is going on if Asia is not just imitating and using Western technology? With solid data collected from China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Korea, the empirical chapters in this book eloquently address this question from their own viewpoints and evidences. . . . it is always challenging to organize a diverse set of papers into a logically coherent volume. Yet the editors handle this task effectively through the careful organization of chapters. . . . The book’s coherence and organization are further assured by the contributors who are all experienced researchers from different disciplines and world regions.’
– Economic Geography

‘As industry practitioners know well from experience, generalization is hard to come by. Whether it''s manufacturing, services, or something in between, it''s the details that seem to matter most when it comes to determining outcomes. The value in this book is enormous because details tell the stories across a diverse set of industries. I applaud the editors and authors on their substantial achievement. Manufacturing and related supply chains are dynamic, and this book is rich with information that offers deeper understanding about the processes involved.’
– Frank Giarratani, Center for Industry Studies, University of Pittsburgh, US

‘This book represents a major contribution to our thinking about modern manufacturing industries – and is not just timely, it is long overdue! The authors have done an outstanding job in bringing to bear a range of multi-disciplinary perspectives on a domain which all too often suffers from rather narrow disciplinary analyses. Ranging from engineering to social science and drawing on examples from the US, Europe and Asia, the book provides not only a wealth of fact and illustration but a rich landscape to inform those charged with industrial policy and manufacturing strategies.’
– From the foreword by Sir Mike Gregory, University of Cambridge, UK

Manufacturing Matters: Space, Place, Time and Production
Jennifer Clark, John R. Bryson and Vida Vanchan

1. Manufacturing Management in Theory and Practice
Paul L. Forrester

2. Manufacturing and Labor
Sally Weller

3. How Does Financialization Affect Manufacturing Investment? Preliminary Evidence from the US and UK
Susan Christopherson

4. Manufacturing Logistics
Peter V. Hall

5. Reshoring and the ‘Manufacturing Moment’
Margaret Cowell and John Provo

6. Relocation of Production Activities and Underlying Social Dynamics: An Analytical Framework based on a Canadian Perspective
Patrice Jalette

7. Tool-less Manufacture: Digital Fabrication, 3D Printing and the Third Industrial Revolution
Michael Ward

8. Engineering and Manufacturing: Concurrent Maturation of xRL
Ben Wang, William C. Kessler and Andrew Dugenske

9. Energy and Manufacturing: Technology and Policy Transformations and Challenges
Marilyn A. Brown and Gyungwon Kim

10. Design and Manufacturing: The Competitiveness of American, European and Chinese Industrial Design Companies
Vida Vanchan and John R. Bryson

11. Intellectual Property and Patents: Knowledge Creation and Diffusion
Dieter F. Kogler

12. Manufacturing Textile Futures: Innovation, Adaptation and the UK Textiles Industry
Megan Ronayne

13. Finding a Future for the US Furniture Industry
Susan Walcott

14. New Geographies of Advanced Manufacturing: The Case of Machine Tools
Ronald V. Kalafsky

15. Farm Machinery: A Changing Path to Feed the World
Dawn M. Drake

16. Hidden in Plain Sight: The North American Optics and Photonics Industry
Jennifer Clark

17. Traditional and Emerging Markets in the Global Steel Supply Chain
Carey Durkin Treado

18. Intermediate Manufacturing: Profit, Dependency and Value Attainment in Supply Chains
Rachel Mulhall

19. Aerospace Manufacturing: Past, Present and Future
Colin G. Drury

20. Manufacturing Stoke: Emergence, Transformation and Consolidation in the Surfboard Industry
Andrew Warren and Chris Gibson

21. Migrant Manufacturing: Translocal Production and the Establishment of a Polish Bakery in Birmingham, UK
Catherine Harris

22. Skoda Auto: The Transformation from a Domestic to a Tier Two Lead Firm
Petr Pavlínek

23. Samsung: Restructuring, Innovation, and Global Networks
Sam Ock Park

24. Stability Amid Industrial Change: The Geography of U.S. Deindustrialization since 1980
Marc Doussard and Greg Schrock

25. Searching for Advanced Manufacturing in the United Kingdom and United States: Definitions, Measurement and Public Policy
Finbarr Livesey

26. National Manufacturing Policy, Local Real Estate Markets, and the Missing Region: Prospects for Urban Industrial Development in the US
Laura Wolf-Powers

27. The City and Industry: Deurbanizing Manufacturing in New York City?
Lynn McCormick

28. Manufacturing in the Knowledge Economy: Innovation in Low-tech Industries
Teis Hansen and Lars Winther

29. Crafting a Comeback: Cultivating an Innovative Ecosystem in Mature Regions
Maryann Feldman and Lauren Lanahan

30. From Skill Mismatch to Reinterpretation: Challenges and Solutions for Manufacturing Worker Retention and Recruitment
Nichola J. Lowe

Regeneration Economies: Manufacturing as the Next Industrial Revolution
Jennifer Clark, John R. Bryson and Vida Vanchan


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