Handbook of Teaching Public Policy


Handbook of Teaching Public Policy

9781800378100 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Emily St.Denny, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Philippe Zittoun, Research Professor of Political Science, LAET-ENTPE, University of Lyon, France and General Secretary of the International Public Policy Association
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80037 810 0 Extent: 564 pp
Pragmatic, progressive and global in its approach, this Handbook centres around the key question: How can we teach public policy? Presenting a wide variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives, it expertly examines current approaches to teaching public policy and critically reflects on potential future developments in the field.

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Pragmatic, progressive and global in its approach, this Handbook centres around the key question: how can we teach public policy? Presenting a wide variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives, it expertly examines current approaches to teaching public policy and critically reflects on potential future developments in the field.

Bringing together contributions from over sixty leading public policy scholars, chapters examine the many different orientations to teaching and learning public policy, spanning traditional, current and emerging approaches. Employing a multi-jurisdictional approach, contributors discuss key theories surrounding the policy process, analyse diverse teaching strategies, and investigate the different publics engaged in learning about public policy. Through detailed case studies, the Handbook also explores the differences in international public policy programmes, and suggests possible explanations for the plurality in content.

This forward-thinking Handbook will be an essential resource for educators in the field of public policy looking to enhance their teaching practices as well as those interested in the latest developments within the discipline. Offering a comprehensive overview of modern public policy pedagogy, it will also be of interest to academics and students.
Critical Acclaim
‘By the time we start teaching, most of us have already settled on one or two schools of policy research as our preferred framework. This marvelous collection opens the mind to the full range of approaches and provides a wealth of practical teaching exercises and resources.’
– Deborah Stone, Brandeis University, US

‘This Handbook provides a comprehensive and accessible resource for public policy faculty and instructors. Its detailed pedagogical guidance, from top policy scholars around the globe, fills an important gap in the field. It will enrich how we engage with diverse audiences in our classrooms and how we train future leaders to devise, implement, and adapt public policies. Whether you’re a brand-new instructor or have decades of teaching experience, it has something to teach us all.’
– Tanya Heikkila, University of Colorado Denver, US

‘This Handbook provides a timely, comprehensive, and inspiring guide and reflection for teaching public policy. It is an indispensable toolbox for any scholar working in the field.’
– Christoph Knill, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany

‘This volume is a tremendous resource for university and executive educators in public policy. It has the good and great of the field worldwide reflecting on their experiences of making concepts, research and theories of public policy analysis come alive in curriculum designs and classroom encounters. I found it inspiring and enriching to read personal stories by excellent colleagues that inform us about how they have learned to construct their courses and find ways of engaging public policy students.’
– Paul ''t Hart, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

‘The Handbook offers a comprehensive collection of essays on the subject of public policy. While ostensibly on “teaching”, the broad range of topics – approaches, theories, methods, audiences, and regions – covered in the book would be of interest to anyone involved in studying public policy.’
– M Ramesh, National University of Singapore
Contributors include: Caner Bakir, Azad Singh Bali, Nils C. Bandelow, Derek Beach, Marleen Brans, Paul Cairney, Isabelle Caron, David P. Carter, Sébastien Chailleux, Jill Anne Chouinard, Bruno Dente, Vincent Dubois, Anna Durnová, R. Mireille Manga Edimo, Ola G. El-Taliawi, Isabelle Engeli, Maarten A. Hajer, Patrick Hassenteufel, Eva Hejzlarová, Johanna Hornung, Michael Howlett, Rachel Laforest, Jenny M. Lewis, Evert Lindquist, Gabriela Lotta, Magdalena Mouralová, James McDavid, Norma Munoz-del-Campo, Sreeja Nair, Matthew C. Nowlin, Joseph Okeyo Obosi, Cecilia Osorio Gonnet, Raúl Pacheco-Vega, B. Guy Peters, Evangelia Petridou, Osmany Porto de Oliveira, Claudio M. Radaelli, Steven Rathgeb Smith, Christine Rothmayr Allison, Jean-François Savard, Scott Schmidt, Ilana Schröder, JoBeth S. Shafran, Markus B. Siewert, Grace Skogstad, Katherine Smith, Emily St.Denny, Jale Tosun, Annemieke van den Dool, Zeger van der Wal, Giancarlo Vecchi, R. Kent Weaver, Wesley Wehde, Christopher M. Weible, Nikolaos Zahariadis, Philippe Zittoun

1 Introduction to the Handbook of Teaching Public Policy 1
Emily St.Denny and Philippe Zittoun

2 Teaching public policy through the history of discipline, theories, and concepts 17
B. Guy Peters and Philippe Zittoun
3 Teaching public policy with cases 35
R. Kent Weaver
4 Teaching public policy by interactive pedagogy 48
Bruno Dente and Giancarlo Vecchi
5 Teaching public policy to mid-career MPA students: recalibrating the
online balance 64
Evert Lindquist

6 Theories of the policy process: Ways to think about them and strategies
for teaching with them 76
Christopher M. Weible and David P. Carter
7 Pedagogical approaches in teaching the multiple streams framework 92
Nikolaos Zahariadis, Evangelia Petridou and Annemieke van den Dool
8 Teaching an historical institutionalist approach to public policy 106
Grace Skogstad
9 Teaching punctuated equilibrium theory 120
JoBeth S. Shafran
10 Teaching pragmatist and constructivist approaches to the policy process 140
Patrick Hassenteufel and Philippe Zittoun
11 Street-level bureaucracy: teaching policy (theory) in practice 155
Vincent Dubois and Gabriela Lotta

12 Teaching quantitative methods to students of public policy 168
Matthew C. Nowlin and Wesley Wehde
13 Teaching qualitative methods in times of global pandemics and beyond 181
Anna Durnová, Eva Hejzlarová, and Magdalena Mouralová
14 Teaching comparative public policy methods 201
Isabelle Engeli and Christine Rothmayr Allison
15 Teaching Qualitative Comparative Analysis 217
Markus B. Siewert
16 Teaching process tracing methods in public policy 232
Derek Beach
17 Teaching qualitative interviewing for policy process studies 247
Sébastien Chailleux and Philippe Zittoun

18 ‘Learning how to learn’: Teaching policy analysis from the perspective
of the ‘new policy sciences’ 263
Emily St.Denny and Paul Cairney
19 Teaching policy design: themes, topics and techniques 278
Caner Bakir, Azad Singh Bali, Michael Howlett, Jenny M. Lewis and Scott Schmidt
20 Teaching discourse and dramaturgy 293
Maarten A. Hajer
21 Teaching ‘evidence-based’ policy: reflections from practice 307
Katherine Smith
22 Teaching introductory policy evaluation: a philosophical and
pedagogical dialogue across paradigms 324
Jill Anne Chouinard and James McDavid

23 Teaching public policy to undergraduate and graduate students 342
Raúl Pacheco-Vega
24 Teaching public policy in doctoral programs 361
Claudio M. Radaelli
25 Challenges of teaching public policy to practitioners: a case for andragogy 377
Jean-François Savard and Isabelle Caron
26 Teaching public policy to the public 391
Jale Tosun

27 Teaching public policy in Africa: comparing Cameroon and Kenya 406
R. Mireille Manga Edimo and Joseph Okeyo Obosi
28 Teaching public policy in Asia: is a unique identity emerging? 421
Sreeja Nair, Ola G. El-Taliawi, and Zeger van der Wal
29 Teaching public policy in Europe 433
Nils C. Bandelow, Johanna Hornung, and Ilana Schröder
30 Teaching public policy in Latin America 453
Osmany Porto de Oliveira, Cecilia Osorio Gonnet, Raúl Pacheco-Vega, and
Norma Muñoz del Campo
31 Teaching public policy in North America: adapting to uncertain times 475
Rachel Laforest and Steven Rathgeb Smith
32 Internationalising public policy teaching 491
Marleen Brans

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