Handbook on Alternative Global Development


Handbook on Alternative Global Development

9781839109942 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Franklin Obeng-Odoom, Professor of Global Development Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 83910 994 2 Extent: 388 pp
Challenging the dominant and mainstream views in global development, this pioneering Handbook questions the entirety of the development process in order to outline holistic political economies of development, discontents, and alternatives.

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Critical Acclaim
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Challenging the dominant and mainstream views in global development, this pioneering Handbook questions the entirety of the development process in order to outline holistic political economies of development, discontents, and alternatives.

Critically engaging with key theoretical debates and constructs in development studies, the contributors assess the problem of global development and underdevelopment, and the existing problematic explanations and solutions, before outlining alternatives. Chapters explore the nature of development, engaging with, critiquing, and going beyond the dominant theoretical approaches of modernisation, dependency, neoliberalism, human development, sustainable development, and postdevelopment. The chapters further examine more recent powerful forces of change, including sustainability, self-reliance, social and solidarity economies, and ecological alternatives. The Handbook makes a convincing case for an open-ended, ongoing theorisation of development and leaves readers with a key take-away: that not only inequalities but also social stratification can be used to frame the theorising, teaching, practice, praxis, policies, politics, activism, and indeed everything in the political economy of development.

Underpinning innovative new research on development, this Handbook will prove invaluable to students and scholars of development studies, development economics, political economy, and social policy in emerging countries. Global in scope, policymakers and practitioners working in the Global South and the Global North will also find this Handbook refreshing.
Critical Acclaim
‘A strength of this Handbook is the broad spread of its chapter authors – geographically and by gender and ethnicity – as well as drawing country-specific examples of development challenges and how they have been handled. ... It provides foundational knowledge on the current state of development theory. More importantly, it forces the reader to confront and critically reflect on their own personal views. Regardless of the conclusions one draws from this Handbook, it represents a necessary next step in development theory. The Handbook is not complacent. It does not just critique the current state of development theory. Rather, it aims to inspire a mutation within development theory – to unlock and to create a new mode of development and a new identity of development theory.
– Harrison Read, Journal of Australian Political Economy
Contributors: Geraldine Asiwome Adiku, Tim Anderson, David Barkin, Milford Bateman, Walden Bello, Irene Browne, Bill Dunn, Amitava Dutt, Julia Eder, Dennis Eversberg, Heba E. Helmy, Hisayo Katsui, Odile Mackett, Giorgos Meramveliotakis, Dimitris Milonakis, Paul-Marie Moyenga, Franklin Obeng-Odoom, Cyril Obi, Nathanael Ojong, Matthias Schmelzer, Zakaria Soré, Allison Sullivan, Jayanth Tharappel

1 Broken mirrors: towards holistic political economies of development, its discontents and alternatives 2
Franklin Obeng-Odoom
2 Imperialism and postcolonialism 12
Jayanth Tharappel

3 Neoliberalism and development 39
Bill Dunn
4 Property rights 55
Giorgos Meramveliotakis and Dimitris Milonakis
5 Land reforms 75
Tim Anderson
6 Resource curse 91
Cyril Obi
7 Human capital, gender and intersectionality 107
Irene Browne and Allison Sullivan
8 International trade and economic development 123
Amitava Krishna Dutt
9 Cities and development 143
Heba E. Helmy
10 Microcredit: when market-driven social innovations go wrong 168
Milford Bateman
11 Reverse remittances 198
Geraldine Asiwome Ampah
12 The poverty of development theory: China’s Faustian bargain with global capital 215
Walden Bello

13 Sustainability and sustainable communities 233
David Barkin
14 Self-reliance and autonomous development 250
Julia Eder
15 Social and solidarity economy 273
Nathanael Ojong
16 Development and (dis)abilities 289
Hisayo Katsui
17 Black feminism and development 305
Odile Mackett
18 Burkindi: self-centred development 323
Zakaria Soré and Paul Marie Moyenga
19 Bioeconomy: a solution to the challenges of a post-fossil future? 334
Dennis Eversberg, Jana Holz and Matthias Schmelzer
20 Ecological reparations 352
Franklin Obeng-Odoom

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