Handbook on Energy and Climate Change


Handbook on Energy and Climate Change

9781782548560 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Roger Fouquet, Associate Professorial Research Fellow, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78254 856 0 Extent: 752 pp
This timely Handbook reviews many key issues in the economics of energy and climate change, raising new questions and offering solutions that might help to minimize the threat of energy-induced climate change.

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This timely Handbook reviews many key issues in the economics of energy and climate change, raising new questions and offering solutions that might help to minimize the threat of energy-induced climate change.

Constructed around the objectives of displaying some of the best of current thinking in the economics of energy and climate change, this groundbreaking volume brings together many of the world’s leading and most innovative minds in the field to cover issues related to:

• fossil fuel and electricity markets
• environment-related energy policy
• international climate agreements
• carbon mitigation policies
• low-carbon behaviour, growth and governance.

Serving as an indispensable guide to one of the fastest-growing fields of economics, this invaluable resource will strongly appeal to students, academics and policy makers interested in energy, environmental and climate change issues.
Critical Acclaim
‘With increasing focus on the negative impacts of climate change, this book addresses a gap in the field of energy and climate change economics by providing a comprehensive overview of the state of research in this area. Dividing the contents into seven distinct sections allows for easy navigation of the material and encompasses wide ranging topics from the markets for fossil fuels, to governance, to energy policy and implications.’
– The Energy Journal

‘The book represents a masterpiece in the energy and environmental economics literature and will certainly find an important place as a reference for academic debate and analysis.’
– Edmar de Almeida, IAEE’s Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy

‘. . .The volume is useful for legal and policy professionals, academics or practitioners alike, as it contains many interesting contributions on the state-of-the-art research in the economics of climate change mitigation in the energy sector. The parts of the book discussing carbon mitigation, energy efficiency and renewable energy policies, and low-carbon growth provide policy useful and novel knowledge. Advanced students might also find considerable material in this book useful for their studies on energy and climate issues.’
– Y. Yamineva, Oil, Gas & Energy Law Intelligence

978 1 78347 463 9

‘Some of us have spent our professional lives on energy and climate change but any new researcher or policy maker must find it daunting to even approach the subject. If so, this encyclopedic Handbook provides a wonderful and necessary introduction. It is creative and up to date, yet also takes the reader by the hand and introduces one topic after another while providing much of the historical context that is so necessary to a deeper understanding.’
– Thomas Sterner, Environmental Defense Fund
Contributors: J.E. Aldy, E.B. Barbier, A. Bowen, J. Chevallier, C. de Perthuis, J. Evans, N. Eyre, M. Filippini, R. Fouquet, S.A. Gabriel, A. Gago, C. Gennaioli, J.M. Gowdy, C. Haftendorn, J.D. Hamilton, M. Hanemann, I. Haščič, D.F. Hendry, C. Hepburn, B. Holtsmark, F. Holz, C. Hope, L.C. Hunt, H.D. Jacoby, M. Jefferson, N. Johnstone, J.G. Kassakian, C. Kemfert, S. Kverndokk, X. Labandeira, H. Lee, H. Llavador, G. Lovellette, R. Martin, R. McKitrick, A. Moe, M. Muûls, T. O’Garra, I. Parry, M.G. Pollitt, F. Pretis, A. Ramos, C. Robinson, J.E. Roemer, K.E. Rosendahl, R. Schmalensee, I. Shaorshadze, J. Silvestre, P. Stevens, R.S.J. Tol, R. Trotignon, M. Tsygankova, G.C. van Kooten, C. von Hirschhausen

Roger Fouquet

1. Oil Prices, Exhaustible Resources and Economic Growth
James D. Hamilton

2. Gas Markets: Past, Present and Future
Paul Stevens

3. The Likelihood and Potential Implications of a Natural Gas Cartel
Steven A. Gabriel, Arild Moe, Knut Einar Rosendahl and Marina Tsygankova

4. Global Steam Coal Markets until 2030: Perspectives on Production, Trade and Consumption under Increasing Carbon Constraints
Clemens Haftendorn, Franziska Holz, Claudia Kemfert and Christian von Hirschhausen

5. The Future of the (US) Electric Grid
Henry D. Jacoby, John G. Kassakian and Richard Schmalensee

6. Increasing the Penetration of Intermittent Renewable Energy: Innovation in Energy Storage and Grid Management
Nick Johnstone and Ivan Haščič

7. Electric Vehicles: Will Consumers Purchase Them?
Henry Lee and Grant Lovellette

8. The Contribution of Energy Efficiency Towards Meeting CO2 Targets
Joanne Evans, Massimo Filippini and Lester C. Hunt

9. Economic Analysis of Feed-in Tariffs for Generating Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources
G. Cornelis van Kooten

10. A Renewable Energy Future?
Michael Jefferson

11. Energy Policy: A Full Circle?
Colin Robinson

12. Anthropogenic Influences on Atmospheric CO2
David F. Hendry and Felix Pretis

13. International Cooperation on Climate Change: Why is there so Little Progress?
Bjart Holtsmark

14. Long Live the Kyoto Protocol!
Richard S.J. Tol

15. Designing a Bretton Woods Institution to Address Global Climate Change
Joseph E. Aldy

16. Fiscal Instruments for Climate Finance
Ian Parry

17. How High Should Climate Change Taxes Be?
Chris Hope

18. State-Contingent Pricing as a Response to Uncertainty in Climate Policy
Ross McKitrick

19. Climate Change, Buildings and Energy Prices
Alberto Gago, Michael Hanemann, Xavier Labandeira and Ana Ramos

20. Using Micro Data to Examine Causal Effects of Climate Policy
Caterina Gennaioli, Ralf Martin and Mirabelle Muûls

21. Carbon Trading: Past, Present and Future
Julien Chevallier

22. Moral Positions on Tradable Permit Markets
Snorre Kverndokk

23. The European CO2 Allowances Market: Issues in the Transition to Phase III
Christian de Perthuis and Raphaël Trotignon

24. The Role of Behavioural Economics in Energy and Climate Policy
Michael G. Pollitt and Irina Shaorshadze

25. Valuing Nature for Climate Change Policy: From Discounting the Future to Truly Social Deliberation
John M. Gowdy

26. Individual Consumers and Climate Change: Searching for a New Moral Compass
Tanya O’Garra

27. Decentralization of Governance in the Low-Carbon Transition
Nick Eyre

28. Is a Global Crisis Required to Prevent Climate Change? A Historical–Institutional Perspective
Edward B. Barbier

29. Prosperity with Growth: Economic Growth, Climate Change and Environmental Limits
Cameron Hepburn and Alex Bowen

30. Should we Sustain? And if so, Sustain What? Consumption or the Quality of Life?
Humberto Llavador, John E. Roemer and Joaquim Silvestre

31. At the Crossroads: Can China Grow in a Low-Carbon Way?
Julien Chevallier

32. Low-Carbon Economy: Dark Age or Golden Age?
Roger Fouquet

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