Handbook on Gender, Diversity and Federalism


Handbook on Gender, Diversity and Federalism

9781788119290 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jill Vickers, (FRSC), Distinguished Research Professor and Emeritus Chancellor’s Professor in Political Science, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Joan Grace, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba and Cheryl N. Collier, Associate Professor in Political Science, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78811 929 0 Extent: 384 pp
This insightful Handbook offers a comprehensive exploration of the third generation of gender and federalism studies. In this timely and authoritative examination, feminist scholars in both the West and the global south debate the impact of state architectures on women’s movements, partisan organizations and policy advocacy using innovative discursive, institutional and intersectional approaches.

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This insightful Handbook offers a comprehensive exploration of the third generation of gender and federalism studies. Contributors explore the intersection of federalism and decolonization in global south countries, dissecting transitions between authoritarian regimes and democratic governance and mapping new issues in Western federations, such as LGBTQ rights and separatism.

Key chapters examine critical policy issues in federations, drawing on a range of disciplines to offer fresh insights into how federal practices, institutions and discourses interact with gender and other diversities including ‘race’, religion and sexual minorities. In this timely and authoritative examination, feminist scholars in both the West and the global south debate the impact of state architectures on women’s movements, partisan organizations and policy advocacy using innovative discursive, institutional, quantitative and intersectional approaches.

This Handbook will be of interest to researchers and students of gender and federalism studies; feminist political scientists; traditional federalism scholars; feminist researchers in gender-focused social science fields; mainstream and feminist policy analysts and practitioners; and comparative politics scholars.
Critical Acclaim
‘The book undoubtedly offers a solid and important academic contribution, a learning tool for students, an accessible read for nonexperts, and an important guide for legislators and policy makers. It paves the way for further research in a range of different contexts including theory building, expanded case studies, and systematic country comparison.’
– Christine Forster, Publius, The Journal of Federalism

‘This Handbook is a welcome innovation in studies about feminism and federalism. It investigates new questions and new federations. However, its main contribution is to show not only the distributive consequences that federal institutions have on gender policies and relations but also the mechanisms that make this impact possible.’
– Catalina Smulovitz, Torcuato di Tella University, Argentina

‘This Handbook is at the cutting edge of feminist political science, interrogating the complex interaction between federalism and gender in novel ways. The Handbook pushes the field of gender and federalism in two exciting new directions: first, it expands the field to take account not only of gender but also other identities that are territorially organised. Second, it moves the analysis further than the ‘usual’ western liberal cases to explore how federalism and federalization operates in the global south including Latin America, Asia and Africa. Importantly, it pays close attention to colonial/decolonial dynamics within multi-level states, to help us understand how gender and other identities are shaped by state architecture. It’s a breakthrough book that will undoubtedly reshape the field.’
– Louise Chappell, University of New South Wales, Australia

Contributors: A. Alonso, P.A. Avoine, B. Baines, C. Beer, S. Bohn, L.S. Chakraborty, C.N. Collier, P.B. Dayil, J. Fabian, K.A. Froc, J. Grace, M. Haussman, S.J. Henders, K. Jain, D. Lopreite, M. Mufti, V. Nayyar, K. Rubenstein, M. Smith, P. Smith, C. Spary, D. Stockemer, T. Verge, J. Vickers, C. Viens, L.A. White, M.J. Wigginton


Foreword xv
Carol Weissert

Preface xvii
Jill Vickers

1 Introduction to Handbook on Gender, Diversity and Federalism 1
Jill Vickers, Joan Grace and Cheryl N. Collier

2 How can comparative studies of federations be gendered? Gendering
inter-governmental relations 16
Jill Vickers
3 Does federalism support policy innovation for children and families?
Canada in comparative context 32
Linda A. White
4 Federalism, gender equality and religious rights: Canada and Nigeria 48
Peter (Jay) Smith
5 Federalism and women’s descriptive representation 63
Daniel Stockemer and Michael J. Wigginton
6 Mapping the terrain: Gender in global governance and the federal option 76
Judit Fabian
7 Comparing country-wide women’s organizations in Canada and the
United States in the age of decentralization 91
Cheryl N. Collier

8 Federalism, courts and LGBTQ policy in Canada 107
Miriam Smith
9 Reproducing the masculine, neoliberal state: Canadian federalism
doctrine and the judicial deregulation of reproductive technologies 120
Kerri A. Froc
10 Trump’s ‘principles of economic mobility’ and Medicaid: Gender, race
and federalism 135
Melissa Haussman
11 Federalism and women’s equality rights campaigns in Canada 149
Beverley Baines
12 The gendered territorial dynamics of the Spanish State of Autonomies 166
Tània Verge and Alba Alonso
13 Regendering the federal bargain in Canada 180
Joan Grace
14 Feminism and federalism in Australia: Pushing federalism beyond territory 194
Kim Rubenstein

15 The federal restriction of women’s rights: Argentina’s politics on
abortion and contraception 212
Debora Lopreite
16 National law and territorialized public policy goods: The violence
against women law in Brazil 227
Simone Bohn
17 Women’s policy agencies and federalism: INMUJERES in Mexico 245
Caroline Beer
18 Devolution and the multilevel politics of gender in Pakistan 263
Mariam Mufti
19 Gender, federalism and the state in India 279
Carole Spary
20 The political economy of gender budgeting: Empirical evidence from India 294
Lekha Chakraborty, Veena Nayyar and Komal Jain
21 Indian federalism and violence against women: A complex web of power
relationships 306
Catherine Viens and Priscyll Anctil Avoine
22 ‘Nested newness’ and the engendering of regional autonomy: Women’s
rights and equality in Hong Kong 321
Susan J. Henders
23 #Bring Back Our Girls : Girls’ education and women’s security in
northern Nigeria 338
Plangsat Bitrus Dayil and Jill Vickers

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