Handbook on Green Infrastructure


Handbook on Green Infrastructure

Planning, Design and Implementation

9781783473991 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Danielle Sinnett, Nick Smith, University of the West of England, UK and Sarah Burgess, Community and Planning Lead, Plan C Australia
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78347 399 1 Extent: 496 pp
Green infrastructure is widely recognised as a valuable resource in our towns and cities and it is therefore crucial to understand, create, protect and manage this resource. This Handbook sets the context for green infrastructure as a means to make urban environments more resilient, sustainable, liveable and equitable. It then provides a comprehensive and authoritative account for those seeking to achieve sustainable green infrastructure in urban environments of how to plan, design and implement green infrastructure at different spatial scales.

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Green infrastructure encompasses many features in the built environment. It is widely recognised as a valuable resource in our towns and cities and it is therefore crucial to understand, create, protect and manage this resource. This Handbook sets the context for green infrastructure as a means to make urban environments more resilient, sustainable, liveable and equitable.

Including state-of-the-art reviews that summarise the existing knowledge as well as research findings, this Handbook provides current evidence for the beneficial impact of green infrastructure on health, environmental quality and the economy. It discusses the planning and design of green infrastructure as a strategic network down to the individual features in a neighbourhood and looks at the process of green infrastructure implementation, emphasising the importance of collaboration across multiple professions and sectors. This comprehensive volume operates at multiple spatial scales, from strategic networks at the regional level to individual features in neighbourhoods, with international case studies used throughout to illustrate key examples of good practice.

This collection of expert contributions will be invaluable to students and academics in the fields of planning, urban studies and geography. Practitioners and policy-makers will also find the policy discussion and examples enlightening.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Handbook on Green Infrastructure, edited by Danielle Sinnett, Nick Smith, and Sarah Burgess, is a strong contribution to the practice of, and research into, GI.’
– Leah Hollstein, Journal of Urban Affairs

‘It is all too easy for the vogue term “green infrastructure” to be waved around by local authorities and developers like a totem of environmental awareness, while simply meaning “greenspace” or “storm water management”. This book provides a welcome corrective, demonstrating the need to plan the natural environment of cities as integral to their effective social, economic, ecological and aesthetic function. The impressive range of topics includes green infrastructure and health, air quality, biodiversity, water and recreation, and the book shows through policy discussion and case study how principles can be converted into practice. It will be an essential source for students, researchers and practitioners.’
– Hugh Barton, University of the West of England, UK

‘Green infrastructure is an essential feature of social, economic and environmental planning for all places. This important and very comprehensive book will be essential reading for all those involved in its provision and promotion. It offers an exceptionally informative contextual review and it is exemplified throughout by a series of domestic and international case studies at a variety of scales. Its methodological discussion and examples will be of considerable value to all those engaged in the delivery of green infrastructure.’
– Janice Morphet, University College London, UK

‘As a Handbook, this book is clearly pitched to offer an extensive academic primer on the subject. In parallel it provides a valuable point of in-depth reference for planning, landscape and urban design professionals engaged in developing policy and preparing environmental frameworks and masterplans. It is less of a design manual to guide more detailed technical design and construction. Encouraged, no doubt, by its team of three academic editors, based at the University of the West of England, it is well researched and extensively referenced. And it is of a length that provides the opportunity to explore each topic in good depth. . . The Handbook on Green Infrastructure makes a useful contribution to changing the way we think about, value and plan green infrastructure in the future.’
– Peter Neal, Town & Country Planning

Contributors: J.H. Amorim, A. Barker, S. Burgess, T. Butlin, T. Butterworth, C. Calfapietra, L. Chawla, N. Collomb, A. Coombs, E. Costa Pinto, C. Dair, V. Derr, K.J. Doick, G. Everett, T. Ferguson, P. Freer-Smith, S. Gill, C. Gonçalves, C. Greed, S. Grimmond, S. Kotthaus, J. Lamond, E. Lawson, F. Lemes De Oliveira, M. Lindsey, S. Manley, J. Marques-Da-Cruz, I. Mell, A.I. Miranda, A.J. Moffat, P. Nolan, C. Olver, S. Payne, A. Quintas, A. Rigolon, S. Rolls, M. Short, P. Silva, E. Silveirinha De Oliveira, D. Sinnett, N. Smith, T. Sunderland, M.J. Tallis, P.Toscano, C. Ward Thompson, K. Williams, J. Wilson


1. Green Infrastructure and Health
Eva Silveirinha De Oliveira and Catharine Ward Thompson

2. The Impacts of Green Infrastructure on Air Quality and Temperature
Matthew J. Tallis, Jorge Humberto Amorim,, Carlo Calfapietra, Peter Freer-Smith, Sue Grimmond, Simone Kotthaus, Fabiano Lemes De Oliveira, Ana Isabel Miranda and Piero Toscano

3. Green Infrastructure and Urban Water Management
Glyn Everett, Emily Lawson and Jessica Lamond

4. Putting Economic Values on Green Infrastructure Improvements
Tim Sunderland, Sophie Rolls and Tom Butterworth

5. Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity in the City: Principles and Design
Danielle Sinnett

6. Green Infrastructure Planning: Policy and Objectives
Ian Mell

7. Planning Green Infrastructure at a Strategic Level: Experience from the Mersey Forest
Susannah Gill, Paul Nolan, Tom Butlin, Tom Ferguson and Clare Olver

8. Delivering Green Infrastructure Through Strategic Development: Some Reflections from Cambridge, UK and Cambridge, USA
Nick Smith

9. Planning Green Infrastructure from a Landscape Perspective
Carla Gonçalves and Paulo Silva

10. Planning for Urban Green Infrastructure in Metropolitan Landscapes
Andreia Quintas

11. Ensuring Green Infrastructure for All
Clara Greed

12. Multifunctional Green Infrastructure: A Typology
Sarah Burgess

13. Towards Inclusive Green Infrastructure
Sandra Manley

14. The Influences of Neighbourhood Design and Quality on Residents’ Use of Public Open Space
Danielle Sinnett, Katie Williams, Morag Lindsey and Carol Dair

15. Green Grounds for Play and Learning: An Intergenerational Model for Joint Design and Use of School and Park Systems
Alessandro Rigolon, Victoria Derr, and Louise Chawla

16. The Contribution of Green Infrastructure to a Sense of Place in Historic Urban Environments
Michael Short

17. Landscape, Beyond Green and Grey Infrastructure
João Marques-Da-Cruz and Eduardo Costa Pinto

18. The Governance and Management of Public Green Spaces
Nicole Collomb

19. Community Involvement in Green Infrastructure
Annie Coombs

20. Implementing Green Infrastructure Through Residential Development in the UK
Sarah Payne and Adam Barker

21. Green Infrastructure and Regeneration of Brownfield Land
Andy J. Moffat

22. Monitoring and Evaluation of Green Infrastructure. A Logic Model and Ecosystem Services Approach
Kieron J. Doick and Jeffrey Wilson

23. The Future of Green Infrastructure
Andy J. Moffat, Danielle Sinnett, Nick Smith and Sarah Burgess

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