Handbook on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

9781803926711 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by David J. Gunkel, Professor of Communication, Northern Illinois University, US, and Professor of Applied Ethics, Łazarski University, Poland
Publication Date: July 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 671 1 Extent: 336 pp
This engaging Handbook identifies and critically examines the moral opportunities and challenges typically attributed to artificial intelligence. It provides a comprehensive overview and examination of the most pressing and urgent problems with this technology by drawing on a wide range of analytical methods, traditions, and approaches.

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This engaging Handbook critically examines the moral opportunities and challenges surrounding artificial intelligence. It provides a comprehensive overview of the most pressing problems concerning this technology by drawing on a wide range of analytical methods, traditions and approaches.

Advocating for a diversification of the study of ethics and AI, this Handbook covers the foundations of the field before delving into the challenges of responsibility, justice and authority in an AI-centred landscape. Chapter authors champion typically underrepresented or marginal traditions, including continental philosophy, indigenous cosmologies, queer studies, post-colonial theories, African philosophies, disability studies, and feminist ethics. Balancing legal and moral philosophies, the Handbook surveys the transformative present of AI, while also reckoning with the ethics of an increasingly inscrutable future.

The Handbook on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence is a crucial reference point for students and scholars of AI ethics, philosophy, technology and sociology. It will also appeal to legal practitioners, policy analysts, and regulators looking for a fundamental resource in AI ethics.

Introduction to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence 1
David J. Gunkel
1 What Is This Thing Called the Ethics of AI and What Calls for It? 13
Sven Nyholm
2 AI Ethics before Frankenstein: Mary Shelley, Enlightenment Political
Thought, and the Problem of Bad Education 27
Eileen M. Hunt
3 Faith, Technology and the Ethics of AI 37
Joshua Smith
4 What are Responsible AI researchers really arguing about? 49
Rebecca L. Johnson
5 Responding to the (techno) Responsibility Gap(s) 68
Cindy Friedman
6 Trolleyology: Algorithmic Ethics for Killer Robots 83
Elke Schwarz
7 AI Ethics and Machine Ethics 97
John-Stewart Gordon
8 From Ethics to Law: Why, When, and How to Regulate AI 113
Simon Chesterman
9 AI, Design, and More-than-Human Justice 128
Joshua C. Gellers
10 Anthropomorphism and its Discontents 143
Eleanor Sandry
11 A Relational Approach to Moral Standing for Robots and AI 156
Nancy S. Jecker
12 AI Ethics, Aesthetics, Art and Artistry 172
Eduardo Navas
13 AI and the Environment 186
Justin Donhauser
14 Uses and Abuses of AI Ethics 204
Lily Eva Frank and Michał Klincewicz
15 The (Un)bearable Whiteness of AI Ethics 217
Syed Mustafa Ali, Paragi Be‡ta, Angela C. Daly, Adela Gjorgjioska, Luke
Hespanhol, Xaroula Kerasidou, Soraya Kouadri MostŽfaoui, Oluyinka
Oyeniji, and Ana Tomicic
16 Ethics beyond Ethics: AI, Power, and Colonialism 231
Min-Sun Kim
17 Disabling AI: Biases and Values Embedded in Artificial Intelligence 245
Damien Patrick Williams
18 The AI Imaginary: AI, Ethics and Communication 261
Alberto Romele
19 Feminist Ethics and AI: A Subfield of Feminist Philosophy of Technology 273
Janina Loh
20 Buddhism and the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence 288
Soraj Hongladarom
21 Queering the ethics of AI 301
Eduard Fosch-Villaronga, Gianclaudio Malgieri
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