Philanthropy in the Muslim World


Philanthropy in the Muslim World

Majority and Minority Muslim Communities

9781035306565 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Shariq A. Siddiqui, Assistant Professor of Philanthropic Studies and Director, Muslim Philanthropy Initiative, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, Indiana University and David A. Campbell, Professor, College of Community and Public Affairs, Binghamton University (SUNY), US
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 03530 656 5 Extent: 422 pp
Philanthropy plays an essential role in Muslim practice around the world. Using a new framing, Philanthropy in the Muslim World contributes to the literature by adding Muslim-majority countries that have not been previously included in cross national philanthropy volumes as well as countries that have important Muslim minority communities.

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Philanthropy plays an essential role in Muslim practice around the world. Using a new framing, Philanthropy in the Muslim World contributes to the literature by adding Muslim-majority countries that have not been previously included in cross-national philanthropy volumes as well as countries that have important Muslim minority communities.

This book accomplishes five important tasks. First, it provides available research on different parts of the world where Muslims live and practice their faith and philanthropy. Second, it offers a cross-national understanding of philanthropy. Third, it illustrates the diversity and heterogeneity in philanthropic practice across different geographical contexts. It suggests that local culture, public policy, and regulations have an important role in defining local religious practice. Fourth, it helps us to understand how Muslims, in majority and minority contexts, seek to practice philanthropy after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 and the Global War on Terror. Fifth, it pushes back against the notion of a ‘Muslim’ and ‘non-Muslim’ world, as these terms have little basis in either critical scholarship or Qur’anic discourse.

In the academic world, the book will be important to those interested in the sociology of Islam, scholars of civil society and philanthropy, scholars interested in global philanthropy or Islam in a global context, and students in courses on Islamic faith and practice. However, this book would also be valuable for the non-scholarly educated reader including philanthropists, international NGOs, policy-makers, and practitioners who seek to understand how Muslim philanthropy can play an important role in social good interventions in different parts of the world.
Critical Acclaim
‘With this impressive volume, Siddiqui and Campbell make a much-needed contribution to the understanding of global philanthropy. Philanthropy in the Muslim World includes inspiring contributions from international scholars and thought leaders on an important and understudied topic: How is generosity practiced in Islam, across a wide range of different country contexts?’
– Pamala Wiepking, Indiana University, US and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands

‘Philanthropy in the Muslim World is a welcomed comparative volume about how giving is understood and practiced in Islam. This is a must-read for scholars and students who wish to understand the universal but also unique characteristics of giving behavior across the globe. It effectively reconsiders taken-for-granted assumptions about faith-based philanthropy and contributes a framing of Muslim philanthropy to the scholarly and policy-oriented conversations about global generosity.’
– Susan Appe, University at Albany, SUNY, USA

‘The nearly two billion Muslims in the world are not a homogenous population. Indeed, they are spread globally and live in almost every country in the world, and they practice their faith in very many different ways depending on the culture and geographical context. This book takes on the Herculean task of representing the practice of philanthropy by Muslims worldwide. It succeeds in doing so by inviting contributors from across the globe and giving them a voice in articulating the tradition of Muslim philanthropy as they know it. The diversity of viewpoints is refreshing, as not only do they come from different cultures but indeed from different disciplines. This is a must-read for those seeking to understand the contextualization of Muslim philanthropic practices based on politics, history, economics, and culture.’
– Femida Handy, University of Pennsylvania, US
Contributors: Ibrahim Abdallah, Samir Abu-Rumman, Muhammad Ali, Sumaia A. Al-kohlani, David A. Campbell, Ali Çarkoğlu, Esam Gunaid Abdo Al-Nahari, Ahmed Hamza Tijani, Samiul Hasan, Siri Hummel, Sabith Khan, Hilman Latief, Halima Mahomed, Jalal Maqableh, Zeeshan Noor, Malte Schrader, Charles Sellen, Kole Shettima, Kareman Shoair, Shariq Siddiqui, David Tittensor, Lili Wang, Rafeel Wasif, Kim Williams-Pulfer

1 Introduction to Philanthropy in the Muslim World 1
Shariq Siddiqui and David A. Campbell
2 What is Muslim philanthropy? 7
Shariq Siddiqui

3 Muslim philanthropy in Egypt 28
Kareman M. Shoair
4 Philanthropy in the Muslim world: Ghana 49
Ahmed Hamza Tijani and Ibrahim Abdallah
5 Muslim philanthropy in Nigeria 68
Kole Shettima
6 Embedded giving: Muslim philanthropy in South Africa 82
Halima Mahomed

7 Islamic philanthropy in Jordan 101
Jalal Maqableh
8 Islamic philanthropy in Kuwait 119
Samir Abu-Rumman
9 Philanthropy in Saudi Arabia 133
Esam Gunaid Abdo Al-Nahari and Mohannad Mofawaz
10 Philanthropy in the Republic of Yemen 154
Sumaia A. Al-Kohlani

11 Muslim philanthropy in France: a terra incognita to be explored 170
Charles Sellen
12 Muslim civil society and philanthropy in Germany 195
Siri Hummel and Malte Schrader
13 Religion and philanthropy in Turkey 211
Ali ‚arkoğlu

14 Muslim philanthropy and civil society in Bangladesh:
unorganized, but impactful 231
Samiul Hasan
15 Muslim philanthropy in India: the unfolding reform agenda? 252
Sabith Khan
16 Philanthropy in Pakistan 269
Muhammad Ali

17 Muslim philanthropy in China 287
Lili Wang
18 Reconsidering Muslim philanthropy and sustainable
development in Indonesia 305
Hilman Latief

19 Islam, Muslims, and philanthropy in Australia 322
David Tittensor
20 Muslim philanthropy and civil society in the Caribbean
and The Bahamas 343
Kim Williams-Pulfer
21 Muslim philanthropy in the United States 362
Shariq Siddiqui, Rafeel Wasif and Zeeshan Noor

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