Reconsidering EU Citizenship


Reconsidering EU Citizenship

Contradictions and Constraints

9781788113533 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Sandra Seubert, Department of Political Science, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Oliver Eberl, Goethe Universität, Germany and the late Frans van Waarden, formerly Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78811 353 3 Extent: 296 pp
25 years after the introduction of EU citizenship this book reconsiders its contradictions and constraints as well as promises and prospects. Analyzing a disputed concept and evaluating its implementation and social effects Reconsidering EU Citizenship contributes to the lively debate on European and transnational citizenship. It offers new insights for the ongoing theoretical debates on the future of EU citizenship – a future that will be determined by the transformative path the EU is going to take vis à vis the centrifugal forces of the current economic and political crisis.

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Twenty-five years after the introduction of European citizenship, it seems as though the EU has overreached itself. In its current state the EU provokes much negative political reaction among its citizens. Conversely, interest in European issues has increased during the crisis, pro-European social movements have emerged and new debates on reforms of the Union’s architecture are flaring up. Through updated and integrated multidisciplinary research this book reconsiders the contradictions and constraints, as well as the promises and prospects, for the future of EU citizenship.

With chapters from leading researchers in the field, Reconsidering EU Citizenship is an innovative contribution to the lively debate on European and transnational citizenship. Bringing together policy research and reflections from political theory, this book offers an up-to-date critique of the current state of EU citizenship as well as new insights for its future.

As citizenship rights issues become more prominent on the EU policy-making agenda, Reconsidering EU Citizenship will be an invaluable resource to students of EU policy as well as policy-makers and practitioners in the field.
Contributors: F. Cheneval, H. Dean, O. Eberl, M. Ferrin, V. Hloušek, M. Hoogenboom, J. Komárek, V. Koska, M. Prak, S. Seubert, C. Strünck, P. van Parijs, F. Van Waarden

Introduction: Reconsidering European Citizenship
Sandra Seubert and Oliver Eberl

PART I: Models and Constructions of EU citizenship
1. EU citizenship and the puzzle of a European Political Union
Sandra Seubert

2. The historical origins of local-national citizenship combinations in Western Europe and the implications for EU citizenship
Marcel Hoogenboom and Maarten Prak

3. EU citizens’ duties: Preventing barriers to the exercise of citizens’ rights
Jan Komárek

PART II: Contradictions and Constraints of EU citizenship
4. Market or polis? Sources of different rights and conflicting social logics in the dynamics of European integration
Frans van Waarden

5. EU citizenship and ‘work’: Tensions between formal and substantive equality
Hartley Dean

6. A ‘Rights Revolution’ in Europe? The ambiguous relation between rights and citizenship
Christoph Strünck

7. Shifting borders and contested identities: The quest for republican EU citizenship and polity
Vít Hloušek and Viktor Koska

PART III: Prospects for EU Citizenship
8. EU citizenship: Integrating multi-layered identities?
Francis Cheneval and Mónica Ferrín

9. EU citizenship and prospects for cosmopolitanism
Sandra Seubert

10. Transnational European civic solidarity
Oliver Eberl

11. Justifying Europe
Phillippe van Parijs

Conclusion: From Protection to Empowerment
Sandra Seubert


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