Research Handbook of Global Families


Research Handbook of Global Families

Implications for Theory and Practice

9781788112864 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Yvonne Kallane, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Notre Dame, Australia, Joanne Mutter, Department of Management and International Business, University of Auckland Business School and Heidi Collins, School of Graduate Studies, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 78811 286 4 Extent: 426 pp
With research into the lives of global families becoming an increasing focus worldwide, this Research Handbook is a timely compendium of contemporary scholarship. It aptly describes the work-family interface, delving into the unique dimensions of global family life.

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Critical Acclaim
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With research into the lives of global families becoming an increasing focus worldwide, this Research Handbook is a timely compendium of contemporary scholarship. It aptly describes the work-family interface, delving into the unique dimensions of global family life.

This carefully designed Research Handbook offers a resource of nuanced discussions on some familiar topics as well as often-overlooked topics including global rainbow families, expatriate children and FIFO family life. While providing an essential theoretical understanding, each chapter also offers clear agendas for future research with theoretical insight. With a focus on insider perspectives, it successfully frames today’s family challenges in a clear and concise way.

The Research Handbook of Global Families will be useful for students and academics of such disciplines as global politics, human resource management, migration theory and sociology. It will also be an important reference point for researchers seeking up-to-date information about the nature of global family life.
Critical Acclaim
‘This excellent book illustrates the value of bridging disciplinary boundaries when it comes to studying global families. Including chapters that describe the full gamut of diverse global family experiences, and covering both traditional (e.g., expatriate family adjustment) and emerging (e.g., migrant and transnational families) topics, it highlights rigorous academic research with very real implications for individuals, families, and organizations. The volume is a must read to everyone interested in global mobility.’
– Mila Lazarova, Simon Fraser University, Canada

‘Enacting family life across two or more countries? If this question gives you pause, put this must-read Handbook on your list. Edited by Yvonne Kallane, Joanne Mutter and Heidi Collins, the Research Handbook is a rich and timely resource for anyone interested in researching the experiences of families where one or more members relocated abroad for work.’
– Maike Andresen, coordinator of the Horizon 2020 project GLOMO on global mobility of employees, University of Bamberg, Germany

‘Integrating global mobility and the work-family interface, this Research Handbook brings to life the diversity, complexities, and realities of global families. It is a compelling, thought-provoking, and interdisciplinary collection of chapters by leading scholars, and it is a valuable resource for anyone doing research on this important topic.’
– Margaret Shaffer, University of Oklahoma, US
Contributors: Chris Brewster, Libby Brook, Jean-Luc Cerdin, Heidi Collins, Graeme Ditchburn, Cheryl Doss, Arno Haslberger, Thomas Hippler, Kate Hutchings, Yvonne Kallane, Allane Madanamoothoo, Mark E. Mendenhall, Varina Michaels, Joanne Mutter, Braam Oberholster, Betty Jane Punnett, Lovanirina Ramboarison-Lalao, Jan Selmer, Sebastian Stoermer, Georg Tamm, Jodie Trembath, Roberto Rodolfo Georg Uebel, Charles M. Vance, Fred E. Woods

Foreword xvii
Ruth Van Reken
1 Global families: an evolving concept 1
Yvonne Kallane, Joanne Mutter and Heidi Collins

2 Expatriate families: historic development of the research field
and future outlook 29
Jan Selmer and Sebastian Stoermer
3 Adjustment of expatriate families: a holistic approach 46
Arno Haslberger and Thomas Hippler
4 The trailing spouse: an evolving global phenomenon 72
Yvonne Kallane and Betty Jane Punnett
5 Dual-career expatriation: definitions and concepts 126
Joanne Mutter and Yvonne Kallane

6 African female migrants, family-planning decision-making
and work–family balance: the influence of culture and religion 162
Lovanirina Ramboarison-Lalao, Allane Madanamoothoo, Jean-Luc
Cerdin and Chris Brewster
7 Migrants and transnational family life in South America:
between new families and old practices 183
Roberto Rodolfo Georg Uebel

8 Missionary families: a case study of expatriation in the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 204
Charles Vance, Mark E. Mendenhall and Fred E. Woods
9 Expatriate children: lessons learned from missionary kids (MKs) 232
Cheryl Doss and Braam Oberholster
10 Global families in transnational education 260
Jodie Trembath
11 Global families in sport: the case of the international yachting
fraternity 281
Joanne Mutter

12 Global rainbow families 304
Varina Michaels and Georg Tamm
13 Split family expatriation: perspectives from expatriates and
their career spouses 329
Kate Hutchings and Yvonne Kallane
14 Long-distance commuting ‘FIFO’ families: the work–family interface 358
Libby Brook and Graeme Ditchburn

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