Research Handbook on Flood Risk Management


Research Handbook on Flood Risk Management

9781839102974 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jessica Lamond, Dean of Research and Enterprise and Professor of Real Estate and Climate Risk, College of Arts, Technology and Environment, University of the West of England, David Proverbs, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor Enterprise and Business Innovation, De Montfort University and Namrata Bhattacharya Mis, Senior Lecturer in Geography and Natural Hazard Management, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Chester, UK
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 83910 297 4 Extent: 396 pp
Pushing the boundaries of flood risk management research, this comprehensive Research Handbook presents pragmatic insights into all areas relating to flood risk. Through its use of dynamic and people-centred paradigms, it explores urban flood management within localities, properties, neighbourhoods and cities.

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Pushing the boundaries of flood risk management research, this comprehensive Research Handbook presents pragmatic insights into all areas relating to flood risk. Through its use of dynamic and people-centred paradigms, it explores urban flood management within localities, properties, neighbourhoods and cities.

Structured around the flood risk management cycle, chapters explore the critical importance of managing the consequences of flooding whilst examining key concepts such as mitigation, preparedness, emergency management and recovery. An international range of expert contributors from an array of disciplines recognize the inadequacies of existing governance approaches and mechanisms when it comes to addressing urban flooding, and identify the ways in which these can be strengthened in order to create an integrated flood and water management framework. Adopting a forward-thinking approach, the Research Handbook also investigates future directions of flood risk management research.

The Research Handbook on Flood Risk Management will be an indispensable resource for academics, researchers and students interested in environmental geography, environmental governance and regulation, urban studies, politics and public policy, and the management of natural resources.

1 Innovation in urban flood risk management research 2
Jessica Lamond, David Proverbs and Namrata Bhattacharya Mis

2 The evolution of the disaster risk management cycle and its continuing
applicability to an evolving flood threat 9
Daniel Jones, Namrata Bhattacharya Mis and Fiona Williams
3 A review of research towards the assessment and measurement of flood
resilience 25
Wenping Xu, Jinting Cong and David Proverbs
4 Understanding physical and mental health impacts of flooding: flood
risk perception and communication 38
Ghasem (Sam) Toloo, Stacey Pizzino, Jo Durham and Gerry FitzGerald
5 Evolution of social engagement in flood risk assessment: new
approaches and emerging concerns using case studies from Brazil 52
Felipe Augusto Arguello Souza, Namrata Bhattacharya Mis, Ana Carolina
Sarmento Buarque, Bruno José de Oliveira Sousa, Hailton César Pimentel
Fialho, Fernanto Girardi Abreu, Maria Clara Fava, Camilo Restrepo-Estrada, Paulo Tarso Sanches de
Oliveira and Eduardo Mario Mendiondo

6 Land use planning and management for flood risk management 71
Besmira Dyca, Thomas Hartmann and Barbara Tempels
7 The effects of urban planning and urbanization on flood vulnerability in
coastal cities: evidence from a case study of Ho Chi Minh City 86
Phan Nhut Duy
8 Managing flood risk in Blue-Green Cities 97
Emily O’Donnell, Nanco Dolman, Glyn Everett, Leon Kapetas, Sikhululekile
Ncube and Colin Thorne
9 More than just sandbags: a review of temporary and demountable flood
barrier choices and complications 112
Colin A. Booth and Fiona M. Gleed
10 The evolution of flood risk management strategies and the role of
property flood resilience: current research trends and directions 132
Taiwo Adedeji, David Proverbs, Hong Xiao and Victor Oluwasina Oladokun

11 Potential of flood modelling for forecasting of floods in data-poor
environments: case studies from Jamaica 144
Melissa Curtis, Anuradha Maharaj-Jagdip, Arpita Mandal and Amitabh Sharma
12 Flood emergency planning – planning and capability requirements 165
Andrew Gissing
13 Directions in flood risk perception and risk communication 181
Carly Rose
14 From warning to land use management: practices, partnerships, and
preparedness fostering community resilience 194
Burrell E. Montz

15 Toward safe responses to flood early warning systems 209
Neil Dufty
16 Planning for flood evacuation: analysis, modeling and management 226
Michael K. Lindell
17 Search and rescue – optimizing emergency response through the
allocation of critical services 239
Li Huang and Wei Wang
18 Social capital and social networks in flood recovery 259
Eric C. Jones, Earthea Nance and Sheryl A. McCurdy
19 Post-Disaster Needs Assessment as a strategic recovery planning process 275
Olalekan Adekola and Josephine Adekola

20 Strategic governance – the challenges of integrated flood risk management 291
Mikio Ishiwatari
21 How can flood insurance support holistic flood risk management?
A reflection on recent developments and future research needs 306
Swenja Surminski
22 Co-production and the role of lay knowledge in community resilience:
learnings for local flood risk management 322
Lindsey McEwen
23 New social directions in risk management: citizen involvement and
collaborative governance 341
Clare Twigger-Ross and Paula Orr

24 Future research directions for flood risk management 363
David Proverbs, Jessica Lamond, Namrata Bhattacharya Mis and Carly Rose
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