Research Handbook on Organisational Integrity


Research Handbook on Organisational Integrity

9781803927923 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Muel Kaptein, Professor of Business Ethics and Organisational Integrity, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 792 3 Extent: 646 pp
This ground-breaking Research Handbook showcases the value, uniqueness, versatility, and holistic character of organisational integrity. Bringing together diverse perspectives from a wide range of expert contributors, it not only provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the field, but also charts exciting new directions for future research.

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This ground-breaking Research Handbook showcases the value, uniqueness, versatility, and holistic character of organisational integrity. Bringing together diverse perspectives from a wide range of expert contributors, it not only provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of the field, but also charts exciting new directions for future research.

Chapters explore the many dimensions and characteristics of organisational integrity, analysing the varied ways in which it can be defined, operationalised, and organised. They cover key topics including organisational hypocrisy, integrity in the supply chain, accountability, and integrity management systems. Combining the approaches of business ethics and public administration ethics, contributors examine both public and private organisations to present novel insights into organisational integrity. Ultimately, this Research Handbook highlights the richness of organisational integrity as a concept, and the importance of nurturing and unlocking it in scholarship and in practice.

Providing a unique understanding of organisational integrity, this Research Handbook will be an invaluable resource for students and scholars of business ethics, public administration ethics, public integrity, management, and organisation. It will also be an essential guide for professionals seeking to protect and improve the integrity of their organisations.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Research Handbook is extremely practical and amazingly comprehensive. Organisational integrity is one of the most important issues facing every corporation as we move to a more challenging world of stakeholder capitalism. It is chock full of innovative ideas, best practices, and common sense.’
– R. Edward Freeman, University of Virginia, US
Contributors include: Miguel Alzola, Maria Clara Ames, Brett Beasley, Marcel Becker, Michael Behnam, Martin de Bree, Marvin T. Brown, Natasha V. Christie, Mihaela Constantinescu, Thomas Donaldson, Craig Dunn, Michel Ehrenhard, Ignacio Ferrero, Timo Fiorito, Jonathan M. Fisk, Madeleine J. Fuerst, Mary Gentile, Dirk Ulrich Gilbert, Kelly Gillerlain, Courtney N. Haun, Colin Higgins, Alain Hoekstra, Leo Huberts, Carole L. Jurkiewicz, Muel Kaptein, Edgar Karssing, Derya Kılıçoğlu, Gökhan Kılıçoğlu, Jennifer Kish-Gephart, Linda Klebe Treviño, Marieke Kluin, Christoph Luetge, Thomas Maak, Jeroen Maesschalck, Louise Manning, Roger C. Mayer, Nicholas Messina, Marco Meyer, Anthony D. Molina, André van Montfort, Yannik Morbach, Paul Mulvey, Niki A. den Nieuwenboer, Marc Orlitzky, Abidoun Owoloja, Nicola M. Pless, Tracy H. Porter, Jacob Dahl Rendtorff, Benjamin van Rooij, Max Schormair, Lynn Sharp Paine, Mauricio C. Serafim, Geoffrey A. Silvera, Carsten Stark, Annemiek Stoopendaal, Samuel Tang, Nina Tobsch, Peter Verhezen, Wim Vandekerckhove, Ben Wempe, Johan Wempe, Duane Windsor
List of contributors viii
1 Introduction to Research Handbook on Organisational Integrity 1
Muel Kaptein
2 Managing for organisational integrity 8
Lynn Sharp Paine
3 Contemporary research into organisational integrity 24
Carole L. Jurkiewicz
4 Concepts closely related to organisational integrity 36
Duane Windsor
5 Integrity, integrity violations and integritism 54
Leo Huberts
6 A nature perspective on organisational integrity 70
Craig Dunn
7 An evolutionary perspective on individual integrity in organisations 83
Marc Orlitzky
8 A spiritual perspective on organisational integrity 97
Tracy H. Porter, Kelly Gillerlain, and Nicholas Messina
9 A criminological perspective on organisational integrity 111
Nina Tobsch, Benjamin van Rooij, and Marieke Kluin
10 A positive behavioural ethics perspective on organisational integrity 129
Linda Klebe Treviño, Niki A. den Nieuwenboer, and Jennifer Kish-Gephart
11 An intersubjective perspective on organisational integrity 162
Wim Vandekerckhove
12 A practical reasoning perspective on corporate integrity 175
Thomas Donaldson
13 A discursive justification perspective on organisational integrity 190
Dirk Ulrich Gilbert, Michael Behnam, and Max Schormair
14 A virtue ethics perspective on organisational integrity 210
Ignacio Ferrero, Maria Clara Ames, and Mauricio C. Serafim
15 A contractual perspective on organisational integrity 226
Ben Wempe and Johan Wempe
16 A regulatory perspective on organisational integrity 243
Martin de Bree and Annemiek Stoopendaal
17 An institutional perspective on organisational integrity 257
Timo Fiorito and Michel Ehrenhard
18 A corporate governance perspective on organisational integrity 280
Peter Verhezen
19 A critical perspective on organisational integrity 301
Marcel Becker and Edgar Karssing
20 Organisational integrity as social coherence 319
Marvin T. Brown
21 Organisational integrity as congruence 335
Anthony D. Molina
22 Organisational integrity as wholeness 352
Thomas Maak and Nicola M. Pless
23 Organisational integrity as a virtue 363
Miguel Alzola
24 Organisational integrity as an epistemic virtue 377
Marco Meyer
25 Organisational integrity and responsibility 393
Mihaela Constantinescu
26 Organisational integrity and accountability 413
Natasha V. Christie
27 Organisational integrity and voice 428
Brett Beasley with Mary Gentile
28 Organisational integrity and inclusion 446
Geoffrey A. Silvera, Jonathan M. Fisk, and Courtney N. Haun
29 Organisational integrity and transparency 468
Colin Higgins and Samuel Tang
30 Organisational integrity and hypocrisy
Gökhan Kılıçoğlu and Derya Kılıçoğlu
31 Organisational integrity, citizenship, and legitimacy 495
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff
32 Organisational integrity, trust, dissociative identity, and HR 508
Roger C. Mayer and Paul Mulvey
33 Organisational integrity and success 522
Madeleine J. Fuerst and Christoph Luetge
34 Integrity management systems 539
Jeroen Maesschalck, Alain Hoekstra and André van Montfort
35 The weak point analysis as a method for measuring and improving
organisational integrity 555
Carsten Stark and Yannik Morbach
36 Organisational integrity, culture, and performance 574
Abidoun Owoloja and Louise Manning
37 Operationalising integrity within supply chains 588
Louise Manning
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