Research Handbook on the Politics of EU Law


Research Handbook on the Politics of EU Law

9781788971270 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Paul James Cardwell, Professor of Law, The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London, UK and Marie-Pierre Granger, Associate Professor, Central European University, Austria
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78897 127 0 Extent: 424 pp
Offering a wealth of thought-provoking insights, this topical Research Handbook analyses the interplay between the law and politics of the EU and examines the role of law and legal actors in European integration.

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Offering a wealth of thought-provoking insights, this topical Research Handbook analyses the interplay between the law and politics of the EU and examines the role of law and legal actors in European integration.

Expert contributors from international and interdisciplinary backgrounds set the politics of EU law in both a historical and contemporary context, exploring the relations between different EU institutions across a variety of substantive policy areas. Identifying the main sites of interaction between law and politics, chapters highlight key theoretical insights providing an in-depth understanding of the field. With up-to-date coverage of the latest developments, this Research Handbook analyses the impact of Brexit, economic and financial crises, migration crises and important trends for law and governance.

Discerning and forward-thinking, this Research Handbook will be key reading for students and scholars of European law, European politics, and those with an interest in exploring the interface between the two. Its accessible approach will also engage practitioners in EU law and politics, including lawyers and national government and EU institution officials.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Research Handbook on the Politics of EU Law makes a significant contribution to European Integration literature. Covering a range of topics from EU institutional order, to EU system of governance, as well as substantive areas of EU policy where law and politics meet, complement and, sometimes, conflict. This is a multi-dimensional book and a useful reference guide for both legal academics, political scientists, and scholars from other disciplines who have a strong interest in the EU’s political integration through law.’
– Feyza Basar, Journal of Contemporary European Research

‘Situated in the “law in context” scholarship, the interdisciplinary contributors to this important volume analyse inter-institutional conflict as well as major policy fields. Next to “usual suspects”, like non-discrimination law, there are contributions on more rarely treated topics, such as the common agricultural policy, and company law. The 20 chapters significantly advance our knowledge on the politics of EU law and underline the central position that the European Court of Justice can assume in the politics and policymaking of the EU.’
– Susanne K. Schmidt, University of Bremen, Germany

‘This book is an essential tool to help us to understand how EU law operates in its wider political and social context. Gathering together excellent contributors including well known names and fresh faces, the editors offer us important signposts to broaden and deepen our understanding of law as a political system.’
– Jo Shaw, University of Edinburgh, UK
Contributors: A.S. Aldrich, K. Alexandris Polomarkakis, S. Bekker, M. Blauberger, J. Borg-Barthet, P.J. Cardwell, W.T. Daniel, R. Dickson, M. Everson, E. Fahey, A. Frese, M. Gaglia Bareli, M. Geelhoed, M.-P. Granger, A. Heindlmaier, E. Herlin-Karnell, F. Mendez, M. Mendez, E. Morgera, L. Parks, N. Pérez-Solórzano Borragán, M. Sánchez Barrueco, S. Saurugger, S. Smismans, F. Terpan, A. Tryfonidou, E. Tsioumani, R. Zahn

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Politics of EU Law
Marie-Pierre Granger and Paul James Cardwell

Chapter 2: Governance as the meeting place of EU Law and Politics?
Paul James Cardwell

Chapter 3: The Politics of the Court of Justice of the European Union
Fabien Terpan and Sabine Saurugger

Chapter 4: Litigation as a means to solve conflicts between the European Parliament and the Council: one size does not fit all
María-Luisa Sánchez-Barrueco

Chapter 5: The European Semester: Understanding an innovative governance model
Sonja Bekker

Chapter 6: The Law and Politics of Direct Democracy in the EU
Fernando Mendez and Mario Mendez

Chapter 7: The Law and Politics of Exit from the EU
Nieves Pérez-Solórzano Borragán and Stijn Smismans

Chapter 8: Locating Gendered Representation in European Union Member States
Andrea S Aldrich and William T Daniel

Chapter 9: Politicising Europe: Liberating the Technocratic?
Michelle Everson

Chapter 10: Free Movement of EU Citizens between Law and Politics
Anita Heindlmaier and Michael Blauberger

Chapter 11: Everyone is equal, but some more than others: Judicial governance of EU antidiscrimination law
Amalie Frese

Chapter 12: Law and Sexual Minority Rights in the EU: Navigating a Political Minefield
Alina Tryfonidou

Chapter 13: Social Europe: A Midsummer Night’s Dream?
Konstantinos Alexandris Polomarkakis

Chapter 14: The Political Dynamics of EU Human Rights Law: Scratching Beneath the Surface
Marie-Pierre Granger

Chapter 15: The Politics of European Labour Law
Rebecca Zahn

Chapter 16: Mutual Recognition of Companies as an Agency Problem
Justin Borg-Barthet

Chapter 17: The Politics of EU Law and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Ester Herlin-Karnell

Chapter 18: The unintended consequences of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy for local communities
Maria Gaglia Bareli, Miranda Geelhoed, Louisa Parks, Elisa Morgera, Elsa Tsioumani

Chapter 19: The Politics of EU Migration Law
Rachael Dickson

Chapter 20: Critical EU International Relations Law: a Research Agenda
Elaine Fahey

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