Social Marketing and Advertising in the Age of Social Media


Social Marketing and Advertising in the Age of Social Media

9781786434661 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Lukas Parker, School of Media and Communication and Linda Brennan, Professor of Advertising, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University, Australia
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78643 466 1 Extent: 192 pp
This book provides much-needed insight into current social marketing and advertising practices. The authors offer a framework for social marketing, before exploring the mechanics of social media and present marketing strategy. Chapters cover the use of both positive and negative emotions in social marketing and advertising, and explore the ethical challenges associated with the practice in the age of social media.

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Reviewing and analysing the most relevant concepts, theories and strategies related to the field, this timely book reveals what makes for strong social marketing and social advertising campaigns. With a comprehensive understanding of social advertising models and their applications, chapters present original case studies and scenarios from international researchers to illustrate strategies and concepts in practice.

Exploring the mechanics of social media, contributors highlight what makes a successful campaign. They evaluate the use and impact of emotions in social power, exploring the power of storytelling, whilst weighing ethical implications. The book covers important and upcoming areas of interest in the field including the rise of social media influencers, the use of memes, the functionality of social media, and the use of fear, guilt and shame in communications campaigns as well as positive emotions.

This book will assist marketing academics and practitioners in the development of successful campaigns as it highlights not only what these campaigns look like, but also why they achieve success. It will also prove an excellent guide for government organisations and public policy makers interested in using social marketing for health promotion and social change.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is something that is long overdue – a full reference work offering contemporary insight into a confusing relationship between social marketing and social media marketing. Where other publications provide only basic practical “how-to” guides on social media, this both scholarly and extremely readable book is a “must read” for social marketers wanting to include social media in their behaviour change communication toolkit and communication practitioners trying to harness the power of social media for the social good.’
– Krzysztof Kubacki, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

‘If you want people to change you need to give them a reason why. Telling stories and use of humour are powerful mechanisms that connect people. This book delivers tools and frameworks you can apply to bring people with you.’
– Sharyn Rundle-Thiele, Griffith University, Australia

‘There are three important contributions this book can make to enhancing the practice of social marketing: it stresses the impact of a systems approach to behaviour change; it advocates for consideration of upstream and midstream audience strategies; and it makes a strong case for social and cultural change to support individual behaviour change.’
– Nancy R. Lee, Social Marketing Services, Inc., US
Contributors: L. Brennan, E. Chorazy, J. Dingeldei, M. Jackson, P. Morgan, D. Nguyen, L. Parker, N.T. Phan-Le, T. Pochun, L. Poole, J. Prasch

1 Reinforcing the ‘social’ in social marketing 1
Lukas Parker and Linda Brennan

So what is social marketing? 1
What social marketing is not 3
Book structure 4
References 6

2 Social marketing frameworks 8
Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker and Ella Chorazy

Approaches to social marketing 8
Social marketing frameworks 9
Social marketing and de-marketing strategies 13
Systems thinking and behavioural ecological systems 15
A targeted social marketing toolkit 19
The types of social marketing activities undertaken at each level 22
Conclusion 24
References 25

3 Social media mechanics and marketing strategy 27
Dang Nguyen, Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker, Nhat-Tram Phan-Le and Ella Chorazy

Getting started: from social network sites to social media 27
People power: how information spreads on social networks 28
Experience and engagement: how social media function 34
Conclusion 43
References 44

4 The Four Es: ingredients for successful social advertising 47
Linda Brennan, Lynn Poole, Phillip Morgan, Lukas Parker and Johanna Prasch

Introduction 47
Developing the Four Es of a social advertising toolkit 48
Case 1: NSW Health – ‘Safe Sex. No Regrets’ campaign 52
Case 2: Cancer Institute NSW – ‘Breast Cancer: Early Detection is Vital’ 58
Case 3: Sydney Water – voluntary water saving: every drop counts 60
Conclusion 62
References 63

5 The use of emotions in social marketing and social advertising 69
Tej Pochun, Linda Brennan and Lukas Parker

Introduction 69
Definitions 69
Types of affect 74
Affect and its use in social marketing 78
Negative emotions and social marketing 81
Positive emotions and social marketing 82
Conclusion 82
References 82

6 Social marketing with fear, guilt and shame 86
Linda Brennan, Tej Pochun and Lukas Parker

Introduction 86
Fear appeals in social marketing 87
Guilt appeals in social marketing 91
Shame appeals in social marketing 94
Conclusion 96
References 96

7 Positive emotions in social marketing and social advertising using humour 102
Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker, Dang Nguyen and Tej Pochun

Positive emotions in advertising 102
Humour appeals and social advertising 105
Conclusion 115
References 116

8 Telling stories: the science of social media content 120
John Dingeldei, Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker, Dang Nguyen and Ella Chorazy

Introduction 120
Storytelling is the foundation of a shared humanity 120
Principles of storytelling 123
Social media connects people to both a real and virtual world 125
Social media is driven by content creation 127
Social media storytelling techniques connect and persuade 128
Social marketing and digital storytelling 130
Conclusion 132
References 132

9 Ethical challenges associated with social marketing communication 137
Michaela Jackson

Introduction: why a chapter on ethics and social marketing? 137
That’s immoral! Criticising marketing communication practices 139
Using marketing communication for good: the utilitarian defence 144
Do the ends justify the means used in these campaigns? 145
Duty, behaviour, and codes of ethics 147
Social media: opportunities and challenges for social marketers 148
Examples highlighting the challenges and opportunities of social media for social marketers 149
A timely opportunity for reflection 151
Concluding remarks 151
References 152
Glossary 157

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