Teaching Urban and Regional Planning


Teaching Urban and Regional Planning

Innovative Pedagogies in Practice

9781035301805 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Andrea I. Frank, PhD, Teaching Fellow in Urban Planning, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK and Artur da Rosa Pires, Professor of Spatial Planning, Innovation and Development Policy, Department of Social, Political and Territorial Sciences, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 03530 180 5 Extent: 320 pp
This innovative book makes the case for training future planners in new and creative ways as coordinators, enablers and facilitators. An international range of teaching case studies offer distinctive ideas for the future of planning education along with practical tips to assist in adapting pedagogical approaches to various institutional settings. Unique contributions from educational scholars contextualise the emergent planning education approaches in contemporary pedagogical debates.

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Arguing that traditional approaches to planning are insufficient to address the complexities of transforming cities and regions in contemporary society, this innovative book makes the case for training planners in new and creative ways as coordinators, enablers and facilitators.

An international range of teaching case studies offer a wide and distinctive set of ideas for the future of planning education along with practical tips to assist in adapting pedagogical approaches to various institutional settings. Additionally, the book promotes a stimulating interdisciplinary dialogue with contributions by leading educational specialists that situate the new and emergent approaches in planning education within the context of urban and regional challenges and the broader framework of contemporary pedagogical debates.

This original book will be a valuable resource for academic scholars in urban, regional and spatial planning, and all those concerned with the future of higher education in relevant subjects. Chapters provide food for thought on making responsible choices while training planning professionals to act in a socially responsible manner and to support communities to think, design and deliver change in qualified ways.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is a well-written international engagement with pedagogical innovation and change in planning education. I agree with the authors that right now, spatial planning is crucial to planetary survival but that there are profound challenges to overcome. The book provides a range of case studies that will provide the planning educator, or any other reader, an opportunity to examine how context interfaces with pedagogical approaches, and ultimately to learn from them.’
– Nancy Odendaal, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Contributors: N. Alaily-Mattar, I. Barba Lata, R. Barnett, A. Brück, M. Buizer, T. Calix, D. Cihanger Ribeiro, G. Concilio, C. D’Ottaviano, P. Custódio de Oliveira, A. da Rosa Pires, A.I. Frank, L. Gilliard, A. Grams, R. Kallus, T. Lamb, A. Million, J.C. Mota, M. Narciso, F. Nogueira, L. O’Kane, J.C. Osorio, E. Puerari, G. Rafferty, M.L. Refinetti Martins, J.F. Rovati, A. Sheppard, A. Thierstein, E. Vivant, G. Vodicka, A. Yonder

Foreword xv
Daniel Galland

1 Introduction: transformational change in planning
education pedagogy? 1
Andrea I. Frank and Artur da Rosa Pires

2 Education for 21st century urban and spatial planning:
critical postmodern pedagogies 20
Terry Lamb and Goran Vodicka
3 Planning education and planning the university:
a becoming-symbiosis 39
Ronald Barnett

4 Pedagogy built on working with communities: a first
semester core course 57
Ayse Yonder, Mercedes Narciso and Juan Camilo Osorio
5 Planning with the community: engaged professional
education in ethno-nationally contested city 74
Rachel Kallus
6 Challenges in education of participatory planning:
collaborating with patients and physicians to plan mental
health facilities 94
Elsa Vivant
7 Beyond the classroom: new skills through community–
university outreach 108
Camila D’Ottaviano and João Farias Rovati
8 Collaborative and innovative participatory planning
pedagogies: reflections from the Community Participation
in Planning project 125
Gavan Rafferty, Grazia Concilio, José Carlos Mota,
Fernando Nogueira, Emma
Puerari and Louise O’Kane

9 Urban design studio as a critical learning space within
the architecture curriculum: the evolving pedagogical
approach to “PROJECTO 5” 142
Teresa Calix
10 Addressing the interplay of design-based disciplines and
social sciences in urban development education 157
Lukas Gilliard, Nadia Alaily-Mattar and Alain Thierstein
11 Using theatre and performance for greater reflexivity in
planning and design education 174
Marleen Buizer and Iulian Barba Lata
12 MIKROAKADEMIE: peer learning to enrich the
curriculum and enhance participation and self-reflection 188
Andreas Brück and Angela Million

13 Online, but not isolated: addressing a key challenge of
digital distance learning 204
Adam Sheppard
14 A problem-based and process-oriented curriculum in
continuing education 221
Anita Grams
15 Professional training for social responsibility:
fundamentals and practice of a residency programme in
architecture and urbanism 236
Maria L. Refinetti Martins and Paula Custódio de Oliveira
16 A student workshop on tactical urbanism: one day to
change the 100th year neighbourhood? 251
Duygu Cihanger Ribeiro
17 Conclusion: nurturing new learning landscapes and pedagogies 267
Artur da Rosa Pires and Andrea I. Frank

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