The Artisan Brand

Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Contemporary Craft Economies

9781839106125 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jon Mulholland, Associate Professor, University of the West of England, UK, Alessandra Ricci, Post Doctoral research fellow, Department of Business, Law, Economics and Consumer Behavior, IULM University, Milan, Italy and Marta Massi, Assistant Professor, Trent University, Canada
Publication Date: October 2022 ISBN: 978 1 83910 612 5 Extent: c 272 pp
Investigating the changing forms and dynamics of the artisanal and craft sector, this timely book considers the opportunities, challenges and uncertainties associated with artisanal businesses in new economic times. An international range of case studies is used to demonstrate that the sector must harness the transformational opportunities of technological innovation to ensure future viability and vitality.

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Investigating the changing forms, dynamics and trajectories of the artisan and craft sector, this timely book considers the opportunities, challenges and uncertainties associated with artisanal businesses in new economic times.

Exploring how artisanal and craft products remain vibrant embodiments of tradition, heritage, authenticity and creativity, the book explores how these qualities are being harnessed and transformed to enable artisanal businesses to exploit the opportunities presented by technological innovation and evolving consumption patterns for their future viability and vitality. Revolutionary advancement in digital technologies offer ‘game-changing’ possibilities for artisanship and craft, across a spectrum ranging from production practices to e-commerce. But such technological advancements also present challenges to how artisanship sustains its important ‘traditional’ associations, and how it builds on its relationship with the ethical, the sustainable and the local. Featuring an international range of case studies, chapters exemplify how artisanal organisations can revitalise their business models, using innovative branding and marketing strategies, and entrepreneurship, to utilise the best of both the past and the future.

This cutting-edge book will prove invaluable to students and scholars of marketing, business studies and sociology who are interested in contemporary innovation in artisanship and craft. With practical advice from industry experts, it also serves as a useful resource for practitioners and stakeholders within the artisanal and craft sector who might be concerned with the impact of digitalisation on the field.
Critical Acclaim
‘In this excellent book, the editors have mustered a diverse collection of scholars and practitioners to examine both long-running and cutting-edge trends in the production and promotion of craft and artisanal products. Necessarily international, interdisciplinary and richly evidenced with intriguing case studies, the collection makes an important and timely contribution to understanding how notions of skill, passion and authenticity are central to the aesthetics, morals and economics of the craft and artisan sectors.’
– Thomas Thurnell-Read, Loughborough University, UK

‘With rich case studies and empirical analysis by multidisciplinary scholars and practicing artisans, The Artisan Brand offers unparalleled insight into contemporary artisan entrepreneurship. Each chapter invites readers into the “why” and “how” of the current cultural and market renaissance of artisan goods, while revealing future possibilities for artisanship itself.’
– Kristy Leissle, University of Washington Bothell, US and Cocoapreneurship Institute of Ghana

‘The Artisan Brand guides us through a fascinating journey of discovery about the complex challenges artisans and craft firms face in a twenty-first century marketplace flooded with products and services often branded as “artisanal”. The contributors to this book use theory, research, and case studies to rigorously examine how innovation and tradition are combining to transform the artisan economy.’
– William J. Byrnes, Professor Emeritus of Arts Administration, Southern Utah University, US

‘The Artisan Brand: Entrepreneurship and Marketing in Contemporary Craft Economies will resonate with anyone interested in appealing to consumers seeking enchantment or authenticity via the artisanal, crafted, handmade, or skilled production of goods and services that celebrate provenance, diversity, localism, and makers. For researchers, this is a powerful volume that expands one’s perspective, which is exactly what a book on the craft brand should do!
– Michael Beverland, University of Sussex Business School, UK
Contributors include: Ginevra Addis, Victoria Bell, Julia Bennett, Laura Bresolin, Daniela Corsaro, Alessandro Gerosa, Isabella Maggioni, Giacomo Magnani, Marta Massi, Jon Mulholland, Richard Ocejo, Mirko Olivieri, Chiara Piancatelli, Laura Quinn, Alessandra Ricci, Alisa Sydow, Pete Webb
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