Unraveling the Mysteries of Case Study Research


Unraveling the Mysteries of Case Study Research

A Guide for Business and Management Students

9781786437211 Edward Elgar Publishing
Marilyn L. Taylor, Arvin Gottlieb/Missouri Chair in Strategic Management, Henry W. Bloch School of Management, University of Missouri – Kansas City, US and Mikael Søndergaard, Associate Professor, Department of Management, School of Business and Social Sciences, Tuborg Research Centre for Globalisation and Firms, Aarhus University, Denmark
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78643 721 1 Extent: 160 pp
An accessible and current yet in depth introduction to conducting a case study or a project focusing on a company or business situation.

This textbook provides an introduction to identifying the motivation and objectives for a project, defining and designing a research question, guiding a research plan, conducting the research, gathering and interpreting data and understanding the context of your research. It is suitable for undergraduates undertaking a research project for the first time and for those with more experience who want to make the process ‘fun’.

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Accessible, current and in-depth, this textbook provides investigative insights into the steps involved in the case study research process. It is an essential resource for both graduate students wanting a novel, yet comprehensive guide to case study research, and for undergraduate students tasked with projects in business and management.

Unravelling the Mysteries of Case Study Research helps students to develop a deeper understanding of cases within their contexts by presenting them from the perspective of the individuals involved. The authors discuss the stages of case study research including the role of personal motivation, objectives, research design, data collection and analysis as elements of the investigation.

Key features:

• Demonstrates best practices for research with examples from expert case researchers

• Provides questions to form and guide the individual’s research plans

• Reviews current and classic practices in case study research from North American and European perspectives

• Helps to identify what a case is

• Discusses motivation, purpose and unit of analysis issues

• Explains the design of a project, identification of sites, data and information

• Encourages analysis, curiosity, and creativity in case research.

Critical Acclaim
‘The book Unraveling the Mysteries of Case Study Research offers readers very practical advice on taking up case study-based research whether as a class project, thesis, dissertation and research project or action research program in a company. The authors suggest a rational approach to case research and share in great detail the thought process that goes into taking up case study research.’
– Jitesh Nair, The IUP Journal of Management Case Studies

‘This book is a must-have reference for students or any aspiring case author. It is a thorough guide as the authors, Drs. Taylor and Sondergaard, take you through the process of writing cases from start to finish. The exhaustive list of references and exhibits elevate the importance of this well-written book and will make doctoral students feel at home. It does indeed unravel the mysteries of case research!’
– Vijaya Narapareddy, University of Denver, US
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