Cases on Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Unexplored Topics and Contexts

9781802204520 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jana Schmutzler, Assistant Professor, Delft Centre of Entrepreneurship, TU Delft, the Netherlands, Affiliated Associate Professor, Business School, Universidad del Norte, Colombia and Affiliated Researcher, Jackstädt Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany, Lorena A. Palacios-Chacón, Professor of International Business, Department of International Business and Logistics, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico, Samantha Burvill, Associate Professor, School of Management, Swansea University, UK and Veneta Andonova, Dean and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, School of Management, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
Publication Date: July 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 452 0 Extent: 282 pp
Cases on Entrepreneurship and Innovation bridges the gap between the real-world complexities of diverse innovative and entrepreneurial endeavours in challenging environments and the academic classroom setting. It serves as an essential toolkit for academics and instructors, providing clear teaching guidance and tailoring real-world scenarios to be more relatable and context-relevant for students across the globe.

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Cases on Entrepreneurship and Innovation bridges the gap between the real-world complexities of diverse innovative and entrepreneurial endeavours in challenging environments and the academic classroom setting. It serves as an essential toolkit for academics and instructors, providing clear teaching guidance and tailoring real-world scenarios to be more relatable and context-relevant for students across the globe.

Key Features:

• Balanced perspective: Provides a harmonious blend of narratives detailing both entrepreneurial triumph and trials in diverse environments around the globe
• Wide thematic spectrum: Spans a broad thematic spectrum of industries, from cutting-edge digital industries to fashion enterprises, enabling lessons for various entrepreneurial environments
• In-depth exploration of emerging and peripheral regions: Takes a deep dive into the evolving landscape of emerging and growing markets and peripheral regions where challenging contexts create unique business scenarios, offering nuanced insights about less explored regions

Ideal for university professors, instructors, and students specializing in disciplines such as entrepreneurship, innovation, management, marketing, and finance, this prescient casebook encourages a deep dissection, understanding, and reassessment of multifaceted situations. It is also a perfect resource for professionals in start-ups looking to hone skills like critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Find inspiration, reference experiences, and role models to guide your entrepreneurial journey.
Critical Acclaim
‘Embracing the untapped reservoir of ingenuity and resilience around the globe, this book on entrepreneurship and innovation is a compelling journey through transformative case studies of organizations ranging from vibrant startups to social enterprises. The case studies reflect the dynamic spirit and diverse strategies shaping a new era of business in emerging markets.’
– Soumitra Dutta, University of Oxford, UK

‘This compelling collection of case studies provide unequivocal evidence of how and why context matters for entrepreneurship and innovation. The beauty and power of the book lie in the breadth and diversity in unraveling the promise of entrepreneurship to drive innovation across a broad spectrum of very different institutional and developmental contexts. As this book makes clear, the promise of entrepreneurship and innovation is inclusive and attainable across the globe.’
– David Audretsch, Indiana University, US
Contributors include: Rick Aalbers, Zainab Almukhtar, Helena Brito de Freitas, Laura Sofia Buitrago Vidal, Jurgita Butkevičienė, Marcia Carvalho de Azevedo, Lourdes Casanova, Susanna Chui, Cinzia Colapinto, Luis Hernan Contreras Pinochet, Beth Cummings, Claudia De Fuentes, Zulima Fernández, Vladi Finotto, Jonas Geisen, Isabella Gomati de la Vega, Georgina M. Gómez, Vanessa Itacaramby Pardim, Kenneth K. Kwong, Mario A. Manzi-Puertas, Luis Martínez-Cháfer, Killian J. McCarthy, Alan Mella, Anne Miroux, F. Xavier Molina-Morales, Nicolas Moncaut, Cynthia O’Driscoll, Frédéric Ooms, Jahan Ara Peerally, Jesús Peiró-Palomino, Fabrice Pirnay, Antonio Revilla, Ben Reynolds, Jason Rhinelander, Veronica Robert, Alicia Rodríguez, Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal, Francisco Sánchez, Sebastian Schäfer, Francine Schlosser, Aušrinė Šilenskytė, Marte C.W. Solheim, Juan Pablo Soto, Mary Suen, Julio Cesar Zuluaga
Supplementary materials xix
1 Teaching cases in unexplored topics and contexts: why do we need
such a book? 1
Jana Schmutzler, Lorena A. Palacios-Chacón, Veneta Andonova,
and Samantha Burvill

2 Open Hands For You: empowering immigrants through social
entrepreneurship in Norway 24
Marte C.W. Solheim
3 Comproagro: transforming small farming in Colombia with an app 33
Laura Sofía Buitrago Vidal, Georgina M. Gómez, and Lorena A.
4 Brazil’s rising social enterprise star Ribon: the challenge of
quantifying social impact 42
Marcia Carvalho de Azevedo, Francine Schlosser, Luis Hernan
Contreras Pinochet, Vanessa Itacaramby Pardim, and Helena Brito de Freitas
5 Urban Foundry: a purposeful business model 52
Beth Cummings, Samantha Burvill, and Ben Reynolds
6 Sustainable innovation and 3D printing: Comme des Machines’
digital craftsmanship in Spain 61
Zulima Fernández, Antonio Revilla, and Alicia Rodríguez

7 Three Colombian entrepreneurs in search of the next great
business opportunity 73
Mario A. Manzi-Puertas and Isabella Gomati de la Vega
8 Playground energy: fun, health, and education on the playground 85
Veneta Andonova, Juan Pablo Soto, and Jana Schmutzler
9 Jumia, the Amazon of Africa: its quest for combining growth and
profitability 103
Lourdes Casanova and Anne Miroux
10 Social capital and corporate growth strategies in the Spanish
ceramic cluster 117
Luis Martínez-Cháfer, F. Xavier Molina-Morales, and Jesús Peiró-Palomino
11 POKEMON: Ethias’ corporate entrepreneurship initiative 135
Frédéric Ooms and Fabrice Pirnay
12 Corporate intrapreneurship through start-ups: Atos’ innovation
ecosystem 148
Jonas Geisen, Rick Aalbers, Killian McCarthy, and Sebastian Schäfer
13 Reversing Nova Scotia’s declining rural agri-food sector 162
Jahan Ara Peerally, Claudia de Fuentes, and Zainab Almukhtar
14 A pioneer without followers: a case of productive diversification
from rice to aquaculture in Chaco, Argentina 176
Verónica Robert and Nicolás Moncaut

15 Pivoting to face COVID-19 in the mobility industry: the BusForFun case 189
Cinzia Colapinto and Vladi Finotto
16 Feeding with love: Frisby’s quest for a successor to preserve its
legacy in times of sudden change 199
Julio Cesar Zuluaga and Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal
17 Sustainable talent development at Gray Global: deployment of
corporate entrepreneurship for developing employee well-being in China 212
Susanna Chui, Kenneth K. Kwong, and Mary Suen
18 Yogome’s dramatic fall for alleged fraud 227
Francisco Sánchez and Alan Mella
19 Clearview AI: ethics and artificial intelligence technology 238
Jason Rhinelander, Claudia De Fuentes, and Cynthia O’Driscoll
20 Bridging cryptocurrency and traditional finance businesses: the
case of SpectroCoin–Pervesk 248
Jurgita Butkevičienė and Aušrinė Šilenskytė
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