Elgar Encyclopedia of Corruption and Society


Elgar Encyclopedia of Corruption and Society

9781803925790 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Luís de Sousa, Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal and Susana Coroado, Faculty of Law and Department of Politics and Public Governance, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 579 0 Extent: 386 pp
Delving into the phenomenology of corruption and its impacts on the governance of societies, this cutting edge Encyclopedia considers what makes corruption such a resilient, complex, and global priority for study.

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Critical Acclaim
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Delving into the phenomenology of corruption and its impacts on the governance of societies, this cutting edge Encyclopedia considers what makes corruption such a resilient, complex, and global priority for study.

Entries cover diverse topics concerning corruption, looking at their definitions and variations, prevalence, causal factors, governance impacts, and control policies, as well as emerging issues and new challenges such as the strategic use of corruption and the role of technology in fighting it. With coverage ranging from classic corruption themes to high-profile cases and up-and-coming topics, entries explore anti-corruption agencies, ethics committees and management, gender and corruption, gift giving, organized crime, police corruption, sextortion, tax evasion, whistleblowing, and white-collar crime. Combining different methodological approaches, this Encyclopedia delineates corruption as a powerful means of influencing public policy.

Interdisciplinary and international in scope, this Encyclopedia will be an indispensable reference work for students and scholars of regulation and governance, public policy and administration, economic crime and corruption, the sociology of corruption, and terrorism and security studies. It will also benefit policymakers and specialized anti-corruption bodies looking to refresh their knowledge.

Key Features:

• 79 wide-ranging entries organized alphabetically for accessibility and ease of navigation
• Written by 92 esteemed scholars and practitioners from around the world
• Includes relevant bibliographic references supporting conceptual, theoretical, and analytical arguments
Critical Acclaim
‘The Elgar Encyclopedia of Corruption and Society enables the reader to steer through a multifaceted, often baffling subject matter. Luís de Sousa and Susana Coroado pooled renowned experts to produce short, clear, and useful entries on the various aspects of corruption as is employed nowadays and is likely to become prominent in the immediate future, as well as less known forms it may take in specific systems and relatively new arenas that ensued from globalization. The result is a remarkable volume that is an essential tool not only to students of the various disciplines that study corruption, but to readers interested in what has become a central concern in the world we live in.’
– Jonathan Mendilow, Rider University, US
Contributors include: Tamer Ajaj, Frank Anechiarico, António Argandoña, Robert Barrington, Agnes Batory, Monika Bauhr, Mike Beke, Clara Bersch, A. J. Brown, Enrico Carloni, Indira Carr, Fernando Casal-Bértoa, Emanuela Ceva, Felippe Clemente, Cristina Corduneanu-Huci, Susana Coroado, Edson Cortez, Elizabeth Chrun, Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett, Luís de Sousa, Gillian Dell, Fabrizio Di Mascio, Oguzhan Dincer, Andrew Dornbierer, Rebecca Dobson Phillips, Chloe Ducluzeau, Vanessa Oliveira, Sarah Engler, Laarni Escresa, Mihály Fazekas, Gerry Ferguson, Nuno F. da Cruz, Maria Paola Ferretti, Nuno Garoupa, Marco Garrido, Robert Gillanders, Gustavo Gouvêa Maciel, Adam Graycar, Catharina Groop, Tina Hilgers, Oksana Huss, David Jancsics, Matthew Jenkins, Fernando Jiménez Sánchez, Michael Johnston, Oleksandra Keudel, Marko Klašnja, Robert Klitgaard, Nils Koebis, Bertram Lang, Donald Lange, Melea Lewis, Sergiu Lipcean, Viviani Lírio, Jeroen Maesschalck, Juan Marín-Albaladejo, Yves Mény, Ortrun Merkle, Oliver Meza,) Seumas Miller, Ajit Mishra, Marcelo Moriconi, Jennifer Noble, Elizabeth Pérez-Chiqués, Lucio Picci, Maria Popova, Donatella della Porta, Joseph Pozsgai-Alvarez, Kerem Öge, Aslak Orre, Jon S.T. Quah, Jeannine E. Relly, Isabel R. Pinto, Gonçalo Rosete,Denis Saint-Martin, Charles Sampford, Salvatore Sberna, Leslie Schwindt-Bayer, Tom Shipley, Patricia Silva, Willeke Slingerland, Jorge Tavares, Irene Tello Arista, Davide Torsello, Šimon Trlifaj, Maria Eugénia Trombini, Alberto Vannucci, Manuel Villoria, Mark E. Warren, Sofia Wickberg, Nicholas Wilson, Jan Wynarski, Marina Zaloznaya

Foreword xii
Robert Klitgaard
Introduction to the Elgar
Encyclopedia of Corruption and Society xiii
Luís de Sousa and Susana Coroado
1 Accountability and corruption 1
Catharina Groop
2 Anti-corruption agencies 5
Jon S.T. Quah
3 Anti-corruption civil
society organizations 9
Elizabeth Chrun
4 Anti-corruption courts 13
Nuno Garoupa
5 Artificial intelligence (AI)
(and anti-corruption) 17
Clara Bersch and Nils Koebis
6 Business politicians 23
Donatella della Porta
7 Clientelism 26
Tina Hilgers
8 Codes of ethics (codes of conduct) 32
Manuel Villoria
9 Compliance 39
Agnes Batory
10 Conflict of interest 43
Enrico Carloni and Fabrizio Di
11 Corruption 47
Michael Johnston
12 Corruption control 53
Luís de Sousa
13 Corruption offences 60
Gerry Ferguson and Chloe
14 Democratic values and corruption 67
Mark E. Warren
15 Development and corruption 74
Robert Gillanders
16 Deviance and corruption 78
Isabel R. Pinto
17 Economics of corruption 82
Ajit Mishra
18 Electoral punishment of
corruption 86
Marko Klašnja
19 Ethics committees 90
Rebecca Dobson Phillips
20 Ethics management 92
Jeroen Maesschalck
21 EU anti-corruption report 99
Mike Beke and Jan Wynarski
22 Extractive industries
transparency initiative (EITI) 104
Kerem Öge
23 FIFAGate 107
Marcelo Moriconi
24 Foreign Corrupt Practices
Act (FCPA) 110
Jennifer Noble
25 Freedom of information
acts (FOIAs) and
government accountability 115
Cristina Corduneanu-Huci and
Šimon Trlifaj
26 Fujimori, Alberto and
corruption in Peru 120
Joseph Pozsgai-Alvarez
27 Gender, women’s
representation and corruption 122
Monika Bauhr and Leslie
28 Gift giving and corruption 126
David Jancsics and Adam Graycar
29 Good governance 129
Nuno F. da Cruz
30 Grand corruption 134
Joseph Pozsgai-Alvarez
31 Gürtel case (Spain, 2009 –
not ended yet) 138
Fernando Jiménez-Sánchez and
Juan Marín-Albaladejo
32 Hidden debt case 140
Edson Cortez and Aslak Orre
33 Illicit enrichment 146
Andrew Dornbierer
34 Institutional corruption 149
Maria Paola Ferretti and
Emanuela Ceva
35 Integrity (public) 154
Frank Anechiarico
36 International conventions
on corruption 157
Gillian Dell
37 Implementation review
mechanisms 164
Tom Shipley and Rebecca
Dobson Phillips
38 Judicialization of corruption 169
Maria Popova
39 Lobbying and corruption 174
Susana Coroado
40 Mani pulite (“clean hands”) 176
Alberto Vannucci
41 Manipulation in sports
competitions 180
Marcelo Moriconi
42 Measurement of corruption 185
Laarni Escresa and Lucio Picci
43 Money laundering and corruption 190
Seumas Miller
44 National integrity systems 195
Charles Sampford and Melea Lewis
45 Network corruption 203
Willeke Slingerland
46 Noble cause corruption 206
Seumas Miller
47 Odebrecht case 210
Vanessa Oliveira and Maria
Eugenia Trombini
48 OECD anti-bribery convention 214
Indira Carr
49 Open government 219
Oksana Huss and Oleksandra Keudel
50 Organizational corruption control 225
Donald Lange
51 Organized crime and corruption 229
Salvatore Sberna and Alberto
52 Pantouflage 235
Yves Mény
53 Parliamentary ethics regulation 239
Denis Saint-Martin
54 Patronage 245
Patrícia Silva
55 Petty corruption 251
Davide Torsello
56 Police corruption 255
Seumas Miller
57 Political corruption 259
Sofia Wickberg
58 Political culture and corruption 263
Oguzhan Dincer
59 Political financing and
political corruption 267
Sergiu Lipcean and Fernando
Casal Bértoa
60 Populism and corruption 273
Sarah Engler
61 Private-to-private corruption 276
Antonio Argandoña
62 Public procurement corruption 281
Irene Tello Arista and Mihály
63 Revolving doors 286
Susana Coroado
64 Scandal (political) 288
Juan Marín-Albaladejo and
Fernando Jiménez-Sánchez
65 Sustainable Development
Goal 16 (SDG 16) 293
Matthew Jenkins
66 Sextortion 300
Ortrun Merkle
67 Sociology of corruption 303
Marco Garrido, Marina
Zaloznaya, and Nicholas Wilson
68 State capture 309
Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett
69 Strategic corruption 313
Bertram Lang
70 Tax evasion 318
Felippe Clemente and Viviani Lírio
71 Tolerance towards corruption 323
Gustavo Gouvêa Maciel
72 Transparency 328
Jeannine E. Relly
73 Trust and corruption 332
Elizabeth Pérez-Chiqués and
Oliver Meza
74 UK Bribery Act 337
Robert Barrington
75 Virtue ethics 340
Gonçalo Rosete
76 Whistleblowing 345
AJ Brown
77 White-collar crime 350
Jennifer Noble
78 Xi Jinping anti-corruption
campaign 359
Jorge Tavares da Silva
79 Yanukovych, Viktor
(corruption in Ukraine) 364
Oksana Huss
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