Field Guide to Family Business Research


Field Guide to Family Business Research

9781800884137 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Keith H. Brigham, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Director, Tom Love Division of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma and G. Tyge Payne, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems, Louisiana State University, US
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 413 7 Extent: 264 pp
The Field Guide to Family Business Research is a concise and accessible guidebook that addresses the unique challenges associated with conducting high-quality family business research. Intended for both new and more experienced scholars, experts provide essential guidelines and insightful ‘best practices’ for overcoming these challenges.

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The Field Guide to Family Business Research is a concise and accessible guidebook that addresses the unique challenges associated with conducting high-quality family business research. Intended for both new and more experienced scholars, experts provide essential guidelines and insightful best practices for overcoming these challenges.

Comprehensive in scope and split into three key parts, the book addresses general, qualitative and quantitative challenges and their various solutions. Chapters examine three primary research challenges: failure to demonstrate a clear and unique contribution to the extant literature; failure to properly frame and align an argument’s theory and hypothesis; and finally, failure to measure and conduct appropriate methodological and empirical approaches to a study. Ultimately, the solutions presented offer a better understanding of the unique aspects of conducting research in the family business domain.

With a wealth of expertise and practical information, this guide will be of great benefit to anyone conducting research in family business. It will be especially helpful to researchers and students of business management, law, public policy and social policy as well as consultants and practitioners in the field of family business.
Critical Acclaim
‘This field guide will prove invaluable to all researchers in the family business field. As an editor and reviewer, I finally have a single source which I can recommend to authors to improve their manuscripts and the quality of their research. Brigham and Payne have masterfully assembled an indispensable resource for qualitative and quantitative researchers alike.’
– Donald Neubaum, Florida Atlantic University, US

‘The Field Guide to Family Business Research explores important topics related to “why” and “how to” study family business. It offers advice for making a theoretical contribution along with practical guidelines for making a manuscript publishable. A timely reflection on where the field of family business research has been, as well as where it might go.’
– Lloyd Steier, University of Alberta School of Business, Canada

‘The Field Guide to Family Business Research is a must-read for scholars interested in the conduct and publication of impactful research aimed to understand the complex dynamics in family enterprises! Experienced editors and researchers, Keith Brigham and Tyge Payne, collaborate with leading family business scholars to provide practical guidance on how to conduct and publish insightful research in top journals. The breadth and depth of topical coverage in the eighteen chapters of this compendium makes it a required reading for thesis students and educators, approaching family business research from varied theoretical and methodological perspectives. An important addition to the field of family business studies!’
– Pramodita Sharma, University of Vermont, US
Contributors include: Triss Ashton, Mohamed Mazen M. Batterjee, Danuse Bement, Isabel C. Botero, Keith H. Brigham, Jon C. Carr, James J. Chrisman, Guido Corbetta, Justin B. Craig, Cristina Cruz, Joshua J. Daspit, Sara Davis, Alfredo De Massis, Vanessa Diaz-Moriana, Clay Dibrell, Tomasz A. Fediuk, Xin Gao (Joy), Nadine Kammerlander, Franz W. Kellermanns, G.T. Lumpkin, Evelyn Micelotta, Curt B. Moore, Karen Nicholas, G. Tyge Payne, Ludo Peeters, Duygu Phillips, J. Kirk Ring, Emanuela Rondi, Paola Rovelli, Matthew Rutherford, Carlo Salvato, Valeriano Sanchez-Famoso, Chelsea Sherlock, Jeremy C. Short, Vitaliy Skorodziyevskiy, Laura Stanley, Lori Tribble Trudell, Alana Vandebeek, Wim Voordeckers, Theodore Waldron, James Wetherbe


1 Introduction to the Field Guide to Family Business Research 1
Keith H. Brigham and G. Tyge Payne

2 Planning your contribution and paths to publication in
family business research 7
Evelyn Micelotta
3 Unlocking the power of the three-circles paradigm 20
Justin B. Craig and G. T. Lumpkin
4 The important role of family business practice and its
influence on family business research 33
J. Kirk Ring, Jon C. Carr, and Nadine Kammerlander
5 Researching family-firm heterogeneity: a guide to
identifying firm-level categorical and variational differences 46
Joshua J. Daspit, James J. Chrisman, Vitaliy
Skorodziyevskiy, Sara Davis, and Triss Ashton
6 A methodological guide to advance family business
innovation research 61
Alfredo De Massis, Emanuela Rondi, and Paola Rovelli
7 What does the literature say? Performing a systematic
literature review in family business research 79
Chelsea Sherlock and Clay Dibrell

8 Making the case for single-case research on family business 95
Lori Tribble Trudell, Theodore Waldron, and James Wetherbe
9 The multicase study approach in family businesses:
opportunities and challenges 108
Nadine Kammerlander and Vanessa Diaz-Moriana
10 Qualitative research interviewing in family firms 125
Carlo Salvato and Guido Corbetta
11 Computer-aided text analysis in family business research:
guidelines and considerations 144
Danuse Bement and Jeremy C. Short

12 Advancing the study of family firms through the use of
experimental designs 160
Isabel C. Botero and Tomasz A. Fediuk
13 Enhancing the validity of socio-emotional wealth:
a context-focused approach 173
Cristina Cruz, Mohamed Mazen M. Batterjee, and
Valeriano Sanchez-Famoso
14 Nonresponse bias in family business research 188
Matthew Rutherford and Duygu Phillips
15 Latent profile analysis: a focus on applications for family firms 200
Xin Gao (Joy), Laura Stanley and Franz W. Kellermanns
16 An introduction to the use of social network analysis in
family business research 214
Curt B. Moore and Karen Nicholas
17 Endogeneity and the family involvement–firm
performance relationship: on the daunting search for
instrumental variables 229
Wim Voordeckers, Alana Vandebeek and Ludo Peeters

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