Handbook of Research on European Business and Entrepreneurship


Handbook of Research on European Business and Entrepreneurship

Towards a Theory of Internationalization

9781845425012 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Léo-Paul Dana, Professor, Dalhousie University, Canada and Montpellier Business School, France, Isabell M. Welpe, Professor and Chair, Technische Universität München, Germany, Mary Han, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada and Vanessa Ratten, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Department of Management, Sport and Tourism, La Trobe University, Australia
Publication Date: 2008 ISBN: 978 1 84542 501 2 Extent: 800 pp
This unique Handbook illustrates how entrepreneurs across Europe tackle internationalization. This timely and important book identifies patterns and builds a theory of international entrepreneurship in Europe.

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This unique Handbook illustrates how entrepreneurs across Europe tackle internationalization. This timely and important book identifies patterns and builds a theory of international entrepreneurship in Europe.

The contributors discuss the performances of SMEs on the road to internationalization. Each chapter emphasizes how the process of internationalization of SMEs operates, the challenges and opportunities that arise due to each country’s specific political and economic situation, and their subsequent internationalization performance. These processes, challenges and performances can be understood through theories of international business and entrepreneurship. Although at times these theories cannot fully explain certain phenomena, nevertheless they help to derive new extensions of thought. Together, they constitute a foundation for a new way of thinking about and understanding the importance and effect of internationalization of SMEs to country-level competitiveness in Europe.

The role of theoretically important issues such as cooperation and trust, venture capital, research and development, learning, networks and government policy is also explored and analysed, and will be of great interest to researchers, academics and graduates interested in international business and entrepreneurship.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book is an important contribution to the field of international entrepreneurship. . . it provides a comprehensive account of internationalization strategies adopted by SMEs in a wide range of European countries, and by drawing on a number of empirical studies, it enriches the theory of SME internationalization with a new theoretical framework that can be useful for understanding the complexity of SME internationalization processes in Europe.’
– Julia Korosteleva, Thunderbird International Business Review

‘From Andorra to Wales with stops in more than 35 other European countries along the way, this comprehensive collection of articles is required reading for scholars interested in international entrepreneurship. It provides information on how entrepreneurs and their firms go international from virtually every country in Europe. This unique volume permits researchers to compare how the process of entrepreneurial internationalization is affected by differences in culture, location, technology, and other influences within Europe. Furthermore, the various authors consider a range of theoretically important issues, such as cooperation and trust, venture capital, research and development, learning, networks, and government policy. This book serves as an essential departure point from which scholars can embark on their study of international entrepreneurship in Europe.’
– Benjamin M. Oviatt, Georgia State University, US

‘This is a timely and interesting book that brings together some of the most insightful contributions on the internationalization of new ventures, with an emphasis on the European experiences. Assembling some of the best scholars, the book offers a distinctively European perspective – one that deserves recognition, analysis, and discussion. I applaud the editors for doing such a masterful job in bringing a great group of researchers and ideas together. I highly recommend this book for any serious researcher and scholar.’
– Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, US

‘This remarkable book provides valuable contributions on how the process of SMEs’ internationalization is operating in 37 different European countries. Researchers in international entrepreneurship will find new materials for theorization. Numerous facets of international business are carefully documented by a great many well-known scholars. Also, given the variety of situations typical of the European small business sector, the book may prove to be helpful to small-scale entrepreneurs wishing to take steps towards internationalization. Overall, this coordinate work makes you realize why Europe is so fascinating.’
– Jean-Jacques Obrecht, University Robert Schuman, Strasbourg, France

‘This unique comparative study of the internationalization of small firms is a milestone in international business research. It compares the internationalization strategies of fast-growing firms across nearly forty different European countries. It shows that the growth trajectories of firms reflect the investing country’s geographical location, natural resource endowments, legal and financial institutions and local culture. There are many important new insights to be gained from a careful study of this important new research resource.’
– Mark Casson, University of Reading, UK
Contributors: T. Almor, G. Baldacchino, B. Bogunović, A. Brige, D. Brooksbank, H. Bruining, A. Coduras, I. Correia, C. Cruz, L.-P. Dana, M. Danson, Z. Daskalovski, J. Degadt, I. de la Vega, W. De Maeseneire, P. Dimitratos, A. Dubouskaya, T. Elenurm, M. Fink, N. Goldmann, R.T. Hamilton, M. Han, C.B. Hegarty, E. Helinska-Hughes, J.A. Hessels, U. Hommel, M. Hughes, J. Johanson, D. Jones-Evans, R. Justo, L. Kállay, S. Karabati, H.-R. Kaufmann, S. Kinkel, R. Klapper, K. Kolarov, H. Landström, G. Lay, I. Lengyel, A. Lockett, A. Löfgren, T.K. Madsen, Y. Makogon, S. Maloca, M. Mandić, S. Manigart, E. Masurel, A. Mattiacci, H. Mesure, A. Miettinen, A.I. Mockaitis, S.L. Moskowitz, B.B. Nielsen, T. Orekhova, M. Pasic, W.R. Pendergast, O. Petiz, B. Piasecki, D. Pickernell, M. Proença, S. Pruthi, K. Pusnik, E.S. Rasmussen, V. Ratten, M. Rebernik, M. Risteska, A. Rogut, L. Sear, P. Servais, D.D. Sharma, V. Shein, C. Simoni, S. Slava, M. Slonimska, A. Slonimski, D. Smallbone, H. Snee, M. Spence, G. Sperling, A. Sunje, S. Teodorowicz, A. Thrassou, K. Todorov, D. Tolstoy, F. Ullah, D. Vianelli, T. Volery, T. Volkova, I. Voudouris, T. Vranesević, D. Vrontis, I.M. Welpe, F. Welter, G. Whittam, M. Wright, L. Zanni, A. Zhuplev

Foreword: A Theory of Internationalization for European Entrepreneurship
David Storey

1. Introduction
Léo-Paul Dana, Isabell M. Welpe, Mary Han and Vanessa Rutten

2. How International are European Venture Capital Firms?
Sophie Manigart, Wouter De Maeseneire, Mike Wright, Sarika Pruthi, Andy Lockett, Hans Bruining, Ulrich Hommel and Hans Landström

3. Internationalization of Small and Medium-sized Firms (SMEs) in a Western European Service Economy: The Case of Andorra
Sanford L. Moskowitz

4. Trust-based Cooperation as Driver for the Internationalization of SMEs: Empirical Evidence from Austria
Matthias Fink and Slawomir Teodorowicz

5. Internationalization of SMEs in Belarus
Friederike Welter, David Smallbone, Anton Slonimski and Marina Slonimska

6. Internationalization of SMEs in Belgium
Jan Degadt

7. Internationalization of SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina
William R. Pendergast, Mugdim Pasic and Aziz Sunje

8. Internationalization of Bulgarian SMEs
Kiril Todorov and Kostadin Kolarov

9. Internationalization of SMEs in Croatia
Tihomir Vranešević, Branko Bogunović and Miroslav Mandić

10. Internationalization of SMEs in Cyprus
Demetris Vrontis and Alkis Thrassou

11. Internationalization of Danish SMEs
Per Servais, Erik S. Rasmussen, Bo B. Nielsen and Tage Koed Madsen

12. Internationalization of Enterprises in Estonia
Tiit Elenurm

13. Internationalization of SMEs: The Case of Finland
Asko Miettinen

14. Internationalization of SMEs: The Case of The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Marija Risteska and Zhidas Daskalovski

15. Internationalization of French SMEs
Hervé Mesure and Rita Klapper

16. Patterns of Internationalization of German SMEs: Surveying Manufacturing Offshoring
Steffen Kinkel, Gunter Lay and Spomenka Maloca

17. Growth of Archetypon S.A.: Exploitation of Opportunities in Greek and European Marketplaces
Irini Voudouris and Pavlos Dimitratos

18. The Internationalization of Hungarian SMEs
László Kállay and Imre Lengyel

19. Irish Perspectives of International Entrepreneurship
Cecilia B. Hegarty

20. Israeli, Born Global, Knowledge-intensive Firms: An Empirical Inquiry
Tamar Almor and Gilad Sperling

21. Italian SME International Strategies: State of the Art and Some Empirical Evidences
Alberto Mattiacci, Christian Simoni and Lorenzo Zanni

22. Analysis of the Environment for Small and Medium-size Enterprises in Latvia for Further Internationalization Development
Tatjana Volkova and Andra Brige

23. Internationalization of SMEs in Liechtenstein
Hans-Rüdiger Kaufmann

24. The Path to the Internationalization of Lithuanian Manufacturing SMEs
Audra I. Mockaitis

25. The Internationalization of SMEs in Malta: A Critical Assessment in the Context of Five European Island Regions
Godfrey Baldacchino

26. Issues on the Internationalization of SMEs in Eastern Europe: The Case of Moldova
Sanford L. Moskowitz

27. Monaco’s Forgotten Glitter: Industrial SMEs and their Worldwide Appeal
Martine Spence

28. Internationalization of Dutch SMEs
Jolanda A. Hessels

29. The Impact of the Single Market Programme on the Internationalization of Polish SMEs
Anna Rogut and Bogdan Piasecki

30. Export Performance and Productivity in Portuguese Manufacturing SMEs
Margarida Proença, Isabel Correia and Orlando Petiz

31. Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Russia
Anatoly Zhuplev and Vladimir Shein

32. The Internationalization of Small and Medium Companies in San Marino
Donata Vianelli

33. Internationalization of Slovenian SMEs as a Learning and Unlearning Process
Miroslav Rebernik and Ksenja Pušnik

34. The Internationalization of Small and Medium Firms in Spain
Alicia Coduras, Cristina Cruz, Ignacio de la Vega and Rachida Justo

35. Network Coordination as a Key to External Resources: A Study of an Internationalizing Biotech SME
Angelika Löfgren, Daniel Tolstoy, D. Deo Sharma and Jan Johanson

36. Managing the Challenges of Globalization: Evidence from Swiss Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Thierry Volery

37. Outward Internationalization of Turkish SMEs
Serdar Karabati

38. Internationalization of SMEs in Ukraine
Nahum Goldmann, Svitlana Slava, Yuriy Makogon, Tetyana Orekhova and Alena Dubouskaya

39. Business Support for Internationalization in England
Leigh Sear and Robert T. Hamilton

40. Supporting SMEs in Scotland: Strategies for Internationalizing
Mike Danson, Ewa Helinska-Hughes, Michael Hughes and Geoff Whittam

41. Internationalization of Welsh SMEs: The Role of Wales Trade International
David Pickernell, David Brooksbank, Helena Snee, Farid Ullah and Dylan Jones-Evans

41. Toward a Theory of Internationalization for European Entrrepreneurship
Léo-Paul Dana, Mary Han, Vanessa Rutten and Isabell M. Welpe

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