Handbook of Research on Strategy Process


Handbook of Research on Strategy Process

9780857933324 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Pietro Mazzola, Professor of Management, IULM University, Milan, Italy and Franz W. Kellermanns, Addison H. & Gertrude C. Reese Endowed Chair in International Business and Professor of Management, Belk College of Business, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US
Publication Date: 2012 ISBN: 978 0 85793 332 4 Extent: 624 pp
The Handbook of Research on Strategy Process reveals the current state of the art of strategy process research as a whole as well as emerging research initiatives. It also discusses managerial and organizational factors affecting strategy implementation.

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The Handbook of Research on Strategy Process reveals the current state of the art of strategy process research as a whole as well as emerging research initiatives. It also discusses managerial and organizational factors affecting strategy implementation.

Written by a blend of both leading researchers in the field and younger, emerging scholars, this insightful Handbook explores new directions in strategy process research. The authors examine family businesses, non-family firms, educational institutions, and government organizations and provide contextualized accounts of strategy process in specific organizational settings.

Created to provide comprehensive coverage of strategy process, this book will prove inspirational to academics, students and researchers of entrepreneurship and strategic management. Practitioners and consultants will also find this volume thought-provoking.
Critical Acclaim
‘Strategy-making processes matter a great deal. They determine the content, scope and quality of a firm’s strategic choices as well as their implementation. Mazzola and Kellermanns rejuvenate research on strategy-making processes by bringing an important set of perspectives together, providing an innovative view of the actors and processes involved in strategy-making processes in diverse settings. The volume highlights the role of imaginative strategy in altering competitive dynamics and creating value. It is an important contribution to the field.’
– Shaker A. Zahra, University of Minnesota, US
Contributors: J.H. Astrachan, O.H. Azar, O.M. Bjelland, M.R. Braun, D.M. Brock, F.C. Butler, J.I. Canales, E.P.C. Chang, J.J. Chrisman, V. Coda, A. Cuervo-Cazurra, G.G. Dess, M.J. Eppler, S.W. Floyd, P.N. Friga, T. Hutzschenreuter, P.D. Jennings, F.W. Kellermanns, I. Kleindienst, M. Kreutzer, S.F. Latham, C. Lechner, G.T. Lumpkin, G.E. Manners, G.G. Marchisio, M.L. Martens, P. Mazzola, A. Melander, L. Melin, E. Memili, M. Minoja, E. Mollona, M. Nordqvist, A. Patel, T.B. Porter, A.L. Ranft, P. Regnér, C.W. Richards, A. Sasson, T. Schmid, J.C. Sexton, G.-h. Sun, M. Venzin, A. Verbeke, J. Walter, D. Windsor, R.C. Wood, B. Wooldridge, L. Yang, P.A. Zandbergen

Pietro Mazzola and Franz W. Kellermanns

1. The Development of Strategy Process Research and the Most Influential Articles and Authors
Ofer H. Azar and David M. Brock

2. Shifting Focus from the Determinants to the Origin: The Foundations of a Dynamic View of Managerial Discretion
Ingo Kleindienst and Thomas Hutzschenreuter

3. The Politics of Strategy Process
Duane Windsor

4. The Strategic Arena Approach to Strategy Process Research
Anders Melander, Leif Melin and Mattias Nordqvist

5. Strategy Process Research and the RBV: Social Barriers to Imitation
Patrick Regnér

6. The Feedback Structure of the Strategy Process and Top Management’s Role in Shaping Emerging Strategic Behavior
Vittorio Coda and Edoardo Mollona

7. Putting the Manager Back into the Picture: The Value of a Strategy Process Perspective
Torsten Schmid, Steven W. Floyd and Bill Wooldridge

8. Making Strategy Work: A Literature Review on the Factors Influencing Strategy Implementation
Li Yang, Guo-hui Sun and Martin J. Eppler

9. Five Alternative Approaches to the Strategic Reorientation Process
Robert Chapman Wood and Osvald M. Bjelland

10. Managerial Interplay: Linking Intent to Realized Strategy
Bill Wooldridge and J. Ignacio Canales

11. Banking on Ambidexterity: A Longitudinal Study of Ambidexterity, Volatility and Performance
Amir Sasson and Mario Minoja

12. From Theory to Action: The Story of One Strategy
Paul N. Friga

13. Strategic Initiatives: Past, Present and Future
Christoph Lechner and Markus Kreutzer

14. The Risky Prospects of Entrepreneurial Initiatives: Bias Duality and Bias Reversal in Established Firms
James J. Chrisman, Alain Verbeke and Erick P.C. Chang

15. Entrepreneurial Orientation: The Driving Force for Corporate Entrepreneurship
Esra Memili, G.T. Lumpkin and Gregory G. Dess

16. A Complexity Perspective on Strategic Process Research
Terry B. Porter

17. Strategic Decision Processes in the Realm of Strategic Alliances
Jorge Walter

18. A Review of Research Progress in Understanding the Acquisition Integration Process: Building Directions for Future Research
Annette L. Ranft, Frank C. Butler and Jennifer C. Sexton

19. Internationalization Process
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra

20. Constructing Power to Drive Strategy Processes in Multinational Firms
Markus Venzin

21. Perceptions, Processes and Performance During Organizational Decline
Michael R. Braun and Scott F. Latham

22. An Institutional View of Process Strategy in the Public Sector
P. Devereaux Jennings, Paul A. Zandbergen and Martin L. Martens

23. Public Sector and Strategic Management: The Case Study at the US Army Corps of Engineers
Anil Patel

24. The OODA Loop: A New Strategic Management Approach for Family Business
Joseph H. Astrachan, Chester W. Richards, Gaia G. Marchisio and George E. Manners

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