Handbook on Digital Platforms and Ecosystems in Manufacturing


Handbook on Digital Platforms and Business Ecosystems in Manufacturing

9781035300990 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Sabine Baumann, Professor of Digital Business, Berlin School of Economics and Law, and Scientific Director, OFFIS Institute for Information Technology, Germany
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03530 099 0 Extent: 438 pp
This timely Handbook examines the rapidly expanding research area of digital platforms and business ecosystems in the context of manufacturing industries. Chapters analyze core topics such as business model transformation, ecosystem design, and governance, offering an up-to-date overview of crucial research.

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This timely Handbook examines the rapidly expanding research area of digital platforms and business ecosystems in the context of manufacturing industries. Chapters analyze core topics such as business model transformation, ecosystem design, and governance, offering an up-to-date overview of crucial research.

Multidisciplinary in scope, the Handbook includes rigorously researched contributions from over 60 global experts from a variety of areas including management, computer science, and industrial engineering. Chapters explore a wealth of industry applications, bridging the previous research gap between the study of digital platforms and other prominent disciplines by proposing an integrated approach to manufacturing. Ultimately, this erudite Handbook emphasizes the superior resilience of ecosystem-based platforms in addressing any potential supply chain disruption.

Scholars and students of business administration, economics and computer science will find this book to be of great benefit. Due to its practical scope, it will also be valuable for practitioners in management fields.
Critical Acclaim
‘Digitalisation is affecting the way organisations design, produce and deliver both products and services. This timely Handbook examines the phenomenon of Digital Business Ecosystems in the manufacturing world, examining how digitalization is transforming business models, supporting sustainability and circularity, as well as wider issues around designing and governing emerging digital ecosystems. Contributors working at the leading edge of digital business and manufacturing systems provide up to date studies with many contemporary examples, cases and applications throughout. It is highly recommended for those working in the digital transformation field.’
– Bart L. MacCarthy, University of Nottingham, UK

''The Handbook on Digital Platforms and Business Ecosystems in Manufacturing is timely, relevant, and interesting. The topics and chapters in this Handbook are excellent for supply chain and information systems graduate courses. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the intersection of technology and manufacturing.’
– Kevin Scheibe, Iowa State University, US

‘Frenetic developments in digital technologies are rapidly disrupting industry and manufacturing. Traditional business practices are being rendered obsolete, organizational and geographical boundaries have become porous, and hierarchical value chains are giving way to collaborative, sustainable networks. This Handbook will enable researchers and practitioners to assess the states of the art and practice, identify opportunities for extending them, and exploit best practices for navigating the transformation of the manufacturing ecosystem.’
– Tariq Samad, University of Minnesota, US

Contributors include: Ivo Adan, Alp Akcay, Alessandro Ancarani, Andrea Appolloni, Francesco Arcidiacono, Verena Luisa Aufderheide, Sabine Baumann, Nicolas Böhm, Marc Brechtel, Christoph Buck, Lukas Budde, Wenjuan Cheng, Ashley Church, Quang-Vinh Dang, Nicola Del Sarto, Carmela Di Mauro, Alberto Di Minin, Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich, Christoph Ertl, Sebastian Floerecke, Claudia Franzè, Paweł Głodek, Susanne Gretzinger, Giulio Ferrigno, Thomas Friedli, Roman Hänggi, Alexander Herzfeldt, Simon Hiller, Jonas Kallisch, Julius Kirschbaum, Leonardo Laglia, Marcel Leerhoff, Birgit Leick, Alisa Lorenz, Nils Madeja, Asia Mariuzzo, Kathrin M. Möslein, Laura Montag, Dominik Morar, Günter Müller-Stewens, Jonathan Natzel, Daniel O''Brien, Danilo Pesce, Dimitri Petrik, Tom Pettau, Tim Posselt, Seth Powless, Paavo Ritala, Susanne Royer, Philip T. Roundy, Mika Ruokonen, Torsten Schmid, Florian Schupp, Nitish Singh, Joachim Stonig, Victoria Konovalenko Slettli, Ennio Thijssen, Luke Treves, Laura Marie-Luise Watkowski, Christian Zabel

1 Introduction to the Handbook on Digital Platforms and Business
Ecosystems in Manufacturing 1
Sabine Baumann

2 Revolutionizing Manufacturing: How Digital Technologies and Digital
Industrial Platforms Drive Business Model Transformation 10
Claudia Franzè and Danilo Pesce
3 Converging Challenges: Industrial Data Ecosystems and a Vital
Business Model 26
Marc Brechtel and Dimitri Petrik
4 Ecosystem Emergence in the Manufacturing Sector: Exploring
Transformation Processes of Product-Focused Firms 42
Joachim Stonig, Torsten Schmid and Günter Müller-Stewens
5 Social Exchange- versus Economic Exchange-Driven Processes: The
Emergence of Peer-to-Peer Start-Up Business Models in Denmark 55
Susanne Gretzinger, Birgit Leick and Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich
6 It’s All Connected: IoT-Affordances and Connectivity-Based Business
Model Innovation 71
Luke Treves, Mika Ruokonen and Paavo Ritala

7 Fishing For Complements: Partnership Scouting Routines of Non-Focal
B2B Firms in Emerging-Technology Digital Business Ecosystems 88
Christian Zabel, Jonathan Natzel and Daniel O’Brien
8 Designing Innovation Ecosystems with Functional Roles – The Case of
Industrial, Intelligent Manufacturing 106
Julius Kirschbaum, Tim Posselt and Kathrin M. Möslein
9 Changing the Role of a Focal Firm: The Transition of a B2B SME to
Ecosystem Leadership in Manufacturing Industry 126
Lukas Budde, Leonardo Laglia, Thomas Friedli and Roman Hänggi
10 Establishing Platform-Based Ecosystems – How Automotive
Manufacturers Adapt Their Value Creation to a Digital End 146
Nicolas Böhm, Laura Marie-Luise Watkowski and Christoph Buck
11 Connecting the Ecosystem – Enabling Interaction between
Manufacturing Companies 163
Jonas Kallisch
12 Relevance of Technology and Focal Product for Collaboration –
Exploring Additive Manufacturing Ecosystems 176
Dominik Morar, Simon Hiller and Dimitri Petrik
13 Enabling Digital Business Ecosystems: An Empirical Analysis of the
Impact of Smart Manufacturing Technologies on Firms’ Financial Performance 192
Francesco Arcidiacono, Alessandro Ancarani, Carmela Di Mauro and Florian Schupp

14 Profitable Sustainability: The Tribrid Business Model for
Environmental, Social and Economic Value Creation in Digital Platforms 204
Susanne Royer, Sabine Baumann and Paweł Głodek
15 Design Thinking in the Circular Economy: Augmenting Digital
Ecosystems and Platforms with Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystems 220
Philip T. Roundy
16 Evaluation of Sustainability of Smart-Circular
Product-Service-Ecosystems Using the Example of 3D Printing 238
Verena Luisa Aufderheide
17 The Role of Digital Platforms as Circularity Broker – An Updated
SCOR Perspective on Circular Supply Chain Performance 256
Tom Pettau and Laura Montag
18 New Work in Manufacturing: Current and Future Implications to the
Paradigm Shift in Global Manufacturing Work 277
Seth Powless and Ashley Church

19 Digital Business Ecosystems for Digital Spare Parts 294
Sabine Baumann and Marcel Leerhoff
20 Space Digital Platforms: Empirical Evidence from a Case Study 310
Daniele Binci, Andrea Appolloni and Wenjuan Cheng
21 Maintenance 4.0 – Applying IoT Technologies to Increase Uptime and
Efficiency of Critical Infrastructures 327
Alexander Herzfeldt, Christoph Ertl and Sebastian Floerecke
22 A Digital Platform for Heterogeneous Fleet Management in
Manufacturing Intralogistics 343
Nitish Singh, Alp Akçay, Quang-Vinh Dang, Ivo Adan and E. A. Thijssen
23 Data-Driven Traffic Management on the Last Mile: Understanding
Manufacturing Industry in Smart City Ecosystems 356
Alisa Lorenz and Nils Madeja
24 Digital Transformation and the Role of Platforms in Fostering
Co-Creation: The Case of the Open Italy Program by ELIS Consortium 375
Nicola Del Sarto, Alberto Di Minin, Giulio Ferrigno and Asia Mariuzzo
25 Digital Platforms in the Norwegian Food Industry: An Ecosystem
Perspective on the Nation’s Dairy and Beef Production 389
Victoria Slettli

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