Handbook of Security and the Environment


Handbook of Security and the Environment

9781789900651 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ashok Swain, Professor of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Joakim Öjendal, Professor of Peace and Development Research, Gothenburg University, Sweden and Anders Jägerskog, Senior Water Resources Management Specialist, The World Bank, Washington DC, US
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78990 065 1 Extent: 368 pp
This comprehensive Handbook tackles the increasingly urgent problem of the impact of climate change on conflict and human security. It analyses the ways in which scarcity of resources leads to food, water and health insecurities, resulting in population migration. Featuring contributions from leading international scholars, chapters cover how these contribute globally to societal insecurity and violent conflict in a growing number of regions.

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This comprehensive Handbook tackles the increasingly urgent problem of the impact of climate change on conflict and human security. It analyses the ways in which scarcity of resources leads to food, water and health insecurities, resulting in population migration. Chapters cover how these contribute globally to societal insecurity and violent conflict in a growing number of regions.

Featuring contributions from leading international scholars, the Handbook is divided into thematic sections, examining first the effects of environmental scarcity on security at a macro level before delving into region-specific issues and challenges. The final section investigates the actors, institutions and processes engaged with environmental security, discussing the shifting international political discourse and how this is challenging the conservative military security paradigm.

The combination of comparative global analysis alongside regionally focused studies makes this Handbook an invaluable resource for all scholars and students of environment and climate security. It will also be of interest to policy professionals working on issues of environmental scarcity and new security challenges.
Critical Acclaim
‘The contributors to this edited volume seek to fill the gaps in existing knowledge on these topics, and do so in a creative and well-researched manner, making the book a reliable reference source for further studies in this field.’
– Fatemeh Shayan, International Affairs

‘Swain, Öjendal and Jägerskog’s important Handbook brings new debates, new voices and new cases to the growing research literature on environment and security links and threats to human security at local, national, regional and global scale.’
– Stacy D. VanDeveer, University of Massachusetts, US

''The editors rightly shine a spotlight on the human security dimensions of environment and security links in this Handbook. This more inclusive approach provides a more complete picture of the multi-layered complexity of connections, avoiding the reductionism that afflicts some treatments of these topics. This Handbook reaches beyond the usual suspects to provide in-depth analysis in a wide range of country level and issue specific chapters.''
– Geoffrey Dabelko, Ohio University, US

‘The Handbook of Security and the Environment offers a unique perspective on the intersection between the traditional notions of security and emerging concepts of environmental security. It effectively captures the contemporary knowledge base on environmental security and advances it considerably by exploring pragmatic and actionable steps that can enhance the prospects of enduring global peace. The nuanced analysis captures different geographical contexts and international actors, and unpacks innovations in securing environmental resources – notably food, water and energy – against global impacts of climate change, excessive resource exploitation, mass migration, volatility in food prices, and spiking water scarcity.’
– Zafar Adeel, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Contributors: D. Aben, E. Brennan, M. Caballero-Anthony, C. Cedillo, H. Chen, E. Choudhury, S. Dalby, E. Dib, M. Eriksson, N. Farajalla, M. Hårsmar, S. Islam, A. Jägerskog, E. Kaston, M. Klimes, J.A. Le Clercq, J.R. Lee, O. Macharis, B. Magalhaes Teixeira, S. Matebesi, D. Michel, M. Nuttall, J. Öjendal, M. Sembiring. S. Smith, J. Srivastava, A.E. Suazo, V. Sümer, A. Swain, L.A. Swatuk, E. Tebaldi, B.R. Upreti, D. Verner, J. Vivekananda, M. Wall, Z. Wang, Z. Zhanaltay

Preface and acknowledgements xiv
1 Introduction: security and the environment – the link 2
Ashok Swain, Joakim Öjendal and Anders Jägerskog

2 Scarcity, abundance and migration: the future of environmental security 14
James R. Lee
3 Global climate change and security threats 26
Simon Dalby
4 Global water crises and challenges for water security 40
Larry A. Swatuk
5 Climate change and (in)security in transboundary river basins 62
David Michel, Mats Eriksson and Martina Klimes
6 Revisiting freshwater abundance within the peace and conflict discourse 76
Adan E. Suazo

7 Environment and security in West Africa: response of the international
community and the complexity on the ground 88
Mats Hårsmar
8 Mining, environmental changes and human security in South Africa 103
Sethulego Matebesi
9 Green impunity: measuring ecojustice, institutional capacities and
policy design as an approach to environmental security 115
Celeste Cedillo and Juan Antonio Le Clercq
10 Climate change and security threats in Southeast Asia 132
Elliot Brennan
11 Cases and implications of environmental insecurity in Southeast Asia 149
Mely Caballero-Anthony and Margareth Sembiring
12 Environment and energy in Central Asia: challenges and prospects 162
Vakur Sümer, Dauren Aben and Zhengizkhan Zhanaltay
13 Water and environmental security in China 176
Zhijian Wang and Samuel Smith
14 Environment and security in India: a hyphenated discourse 192
Jayati Srivastava
15 Nepal: reflections on the environmental and human security debate 212
Bishnu Raj Upreti
16 Security and environment in the Middle East 228
Nadim Farajalla, Elie Dib, Olivia Macharis and Emil Kaston

17 Climate change and the environment at the UN Security Council:
towards a comprehensive approach 241
Martin Wall and Janani Vivekananda
18 Understanding and framing scarcity, sustainability and security: why
and how to use the complexity lens 257
Shafiqul Islam and Enamul Choudhury
19 The environment of lasting peace: natural resources and climate change
in peace negotiations 273
Barbara Magalhaes Teixeira
20 Bribery, corruption, geopolitics and investigation 290
Mark Nuttall
21 Renewable energy, security and environment 307
Huiyi Chen
22 Displaced populations, food security and frontier agriculture 320
Dorte Verner and Edinaldo Tebaldi

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